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July 19, 2014

I interrupt the sharing of all the Boston trip photos to bring some very exciting news. This week Cullen had been making a few solid stabs at sitting up by himself, but today he finally nailed it. Hoorray for our sitting man.

You can tell by his face that it was a lot of hard work that he took very seriously. But he finally go there.

And did it all while rocking himself a cheeky little baby-crack.

The Ever Physical

July 17, 2014

I don’t have girls, so I’m not sure if mothers of little girls love the playgrounds as much as mothers of little boys. Little boys are so physical. Always wanting to climb, swing, run, jump and explore. They are full-on and completely non-stop, and like it or not, being the mother of little boys means you too get dragged along on this ever physical roller-coaster. So there’s nothing like a trip to the park to burn up some of the endless physical energy these little men appear to have stored up.

Not 100% sure of the conversation that went down between Keane and this little girl.

But it left him looking a little surprised and confused.

Like a bunch of tree monkeys.

James doin some tunneling.

Paul captured in a tire moment.

I love this tire shot of the 3 boys.

A climbing frame more suited to the bigger boys.

Everyboedy loved the monkey bars.

Tales in Berry Pickin

July 15, 2014

The day we went strawberry picking was hot, hot, hot. Our plan was to leave the house somewhere between 7.30am and 8am, that way we could arrive early, execute our strawberry picking with military efficiency and be back home before lunch and before the torturous afternoon heat. Well, we ended up leaving the house around 8.20am, which with 2 kids, 1 toddler and 1 baby to corral, I considered it a very successful, more or less on-time departure. We arrived at the farm only to discover we were not the only smart little piggies planning to do our strawberry picking early. The place was already jammers, the sun was already eagerly high and over enthusiastically hot. The line for the tractor ride to take us to the strawberry fields wasn’t too long, but it felt endless in the heat. The tractor ride itself was only 7 minutes, but with zero shade it may as well have been 7 hot and sweaty hours. The picking of the strawberries was the equivalent of fruit picking in Hades. We were hot, sweaty, stressed and borderline emotional, but that was just the mothers, the kids? they were completely unfazed and totally in the moment. Yes, the only whiny bitches on this field trip were us momma’s. The children were heat enduring saints.

The fruit farm had a small collection of goats and chickens that the kids were allowed to feed and pet.

Paul and Keane offer this billy goat a little breakfast.

And of course Cullen was curious to make their introduction.

Staring competition in 3-2-1-Go!

Well hello you chicken you.

“Can I help you?”

James doin some goat spotting.

My child the climber.

Horaay! Hot and sweaty tractor ride to the strawberry fields.

Now what kind of mother puts a white t-shirt on their toddler to go pick strawberries?? Mmmmm, that would be me (said in sheepish tone).

As you can see, there was plenty of taste testing going on.

Paul was on the hunt for the big and juicy kind.

James believed in tasting most of his pickings.

“Look momma, is lickul”

Awaiting our transportation back.

Oh the faces tell the story of our struggle with the heat.

And of course once we got home there was only one way for everyone to cool off. Hose!

Park Life

July 13, 2014

Unfortunately Dada was only able to stay for the first 5 days of our trip, so the evening before his departure we took the boys for a little family time to Vesper County Club, where the brother-in-law just happens to be the head golf pro (mad props to Stephen Doyle). There Keane and Cullen ran a muck in the very cedar playground.

A small wave to the crowd.

Cullen taking his first sliding plunge.

Keane: “my side down wih Cu’en momma?. So we went about meeting his demands as safely as possible.

Keane was over sliding with his brother very quickly, solo runs are much faster.

Cullen loved watching his big brother slide.

My doe on the big boy swing momma?


Boat watching.

Beach Boys

July 11, 2014

During our trip to Massachusetts we were invited to spend the day with our relatives Uncle Jack and Aunt Anne, who just so happen to have a fabulous house right across the street from the beach on Cape Cod. And you don’t turn down an invitation like that, cos if there’s one thing thats says “VACATION”, its a trip to the beach.

This was Keane’s third trip to a beach. The first was Brighton Beach in England when we was just 9 weeks old and the second was last year when we took a trip to Panama City Beach in Florida. And each time his initially reaction has been one of utter dislike. He hates the sand and the ocean with all its noisy waves is a little intimidating. But give him half an hour and boom! he acclimatizes and becomes a very happy little beach boy.

This is Keane’s “I hate the beach” strut.

And this is his “rescue me momma” stance.

James found himself the perfect shell for some ocean listening.

That he happily shared with his brother Paul…

…and with Keane.

Keane looking more like he’s taking a call from the ocean.

Of course this was baby Cullen’s very first beach trip.

And he couldn’t have loved it more. Especially when we set him up in a cozy little lounge chair.

Keane taking himself a moment to adjust to his new environment.

Then just like that he was out digging happily with James in the sand he initially despised.

Then it was time to take Cullen for his first dip in the Atlantic.

Keane ready to take his turn.

Paul in a hurry to get buckets down to shore where James and him were working on a special project.

Trench digging.

A little Riverdance sand style.

Yes, this is the guy who wanted nothing to do with the beach 2 hours prior.

Now they’re ankle deep in the stuff.

After a long hot day on the beach, it was back to Jack & Anne’s house to freshen up and unwind.

Cullen does his unwinding with Pa.

Big hugs.

And of course a group shot of 4 very handsome men.