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Splash Splash

July 31, 2014

An evening spent cooling off in the fountains of downtown Centennial Olympic Park.

Keane, his friend Emma and Spiderman get ready to take on the Centennial fountains.

Complete soakage here.

Emma does a solo breakthrough.

Cullen and Momma get ready to take on the fountains.

Giving Cullen the Lion King view.

Here we go.

Big”Thank You” to my friend Angie for grabbing these precious pics of Cullen and I.

The gang, Sarah, Cullen, Keane and Emma.

Down on the Farm

July 29, 2014

The nice thing about having a 2 year old and a 5 month old, is that they are so easy to entertain. Everything you do with them is a whole new experience. Going to the shop is like going to Las Vegas. The pure excitement and curiosity of grazing the aisles touching and pointing to product after product asking over and over again “Momma, whats that”, is just as thrilling as going to the park. Whats even better is getting to experience all of these things with friends. This summer Keane and Cullen have been lucky enough to spend lots of time with their cousins and friends (both old and new), and the summer is not over yet. Last week we took the boys to Yellow River Ranch with 3 very special people we have gotten to know well this summer, my friend Angie and her 2 fabulous daughters Sarah and Emma. These girls are amazing and Keane and Cullen love when they come over or when we go off and do things together.

Sarah, Keane and Emma peering in to the Bear pit.

The Big Black Bears.

Cute cute little reindeers.

Lunch time.

Emma looks like she is being very particular about who gets her carrot.

A fabulous peacock struts around like she own the ranch.

Billy goats and baby goats.

Not exactly sure what caught everyones attention here.

Keane feeding a baby goat.

Baby Cullen making friends.

I promise Angie and Cullen’s colour co-ordinated outfits were not planned.

We teamed up to spend the morning doing some house work. Me doing all of the actual physical work and Cullen fulfilling the role of chief observer and manger of cuteness. The bed making was as far as I got before I had to stop, grab my camera and capture Cullen in all of his half naked, happy, newly sitting up self.

Cullen gets very hot watching momma work so hard, hence the topless look.

Is it just me or is Cullen giving us a very mature look here?

We’ve recently discovered our feet.

Plenty of hair now to rock the faux hawk.

The image of his big brother in these last few photos.

The Final Day

July 23, 2014

The final day of our trip and the boys got to do something very cool. They got to compete at Patriot Stadium. A big deal if your a New England Patriots fan, which thanks to their dad’s, all our boys are, and once a year the stadium runs a series of kids races inside the actual stadium. Such a cool idea. However, just like our adventures in strawberry picking, it was a hotter then hades day, and zero shade meant nowhere to hide from the baking sun and sweatifying heat. But the event was so well organized and all of the kids races went off smoothly and rapidly, which helped keep the potential for heatstroke to a minimum and made for a happier stadium experience.

Inside the stadium, with the finish set up right on the 50 yard line.

Challenging Detail No.1: The races happened to be scheduled right in the middle of Keane’s afternoon nap, and I knew him not getting his middle of the day rest was a risky business that could leave me struggling with a very tired and emotional toddler. And I was correct, it did.

Here is said tired and emotional toddler.

Challenging Detail No. 2: The minimum age to compete was 3 yrs old, but when registering the boys, my sister-in-law Dinara, skillfully danced around the minor detail of Keane only being 2. So when they called all 3 and 4 year olds to the line, Keane took his place, albeit emotionally, next to his cousin James. James gives the thumbs up that he is ready to race, while Keane does his best to process what is actually happening.

The gun goes off and James it out.

At one point I was sure Keane was going to refuse to participate, but the little guy took it on, at his own pace.

James was the winner (Go James!) and after he crossed the line he waited to cheer Keane on and give him a big post-race high five.

A local photographer takes a photo of the 3 boys. James and Keane proudly wear their medals as Paul awaits his own race.

Paul competed in the 6 and 7 year old age group and here he is, storming his way to victory.

Patriot team mascot (Pat the Patriot) with our 2 champions.

And with momma and Keane.

The brother-in-law (Uncle Mookie) with all of our little competitors.

Even though he was way to young to compete, Cullen played an amazing supportive role.

Now that is a lot of Doyle boys right there.

Paul & Keane

Dinara and Cullen.

The boys, chillin in the stands.

Keane gets his second wind just in time for us to leave.

Back at the house Paul and James play a little baseball with Pa.

While Keane has a blast in a post rain puddle.

Nothing but joy on the face of this baby as he watches his brother River Dance in the puddle.

Paul, James & Keane, all rocking their team jerseys.

All the boys, together on the last evening of our trip.

Pool Party

July 21, 2014

Towards the end of our stay, one of The Husband’s friends from childhood (S’up Miller Family!) invited us over for a pool party. Since The Husband had already left us to get back to work, I thought it might be a tad rude to crash the pool party without the actual known and invited guest. But the hot Massachusetts summer, coupled with the information that I did in fact meet said childhood friends before at a family wedding (lets just say there was a free bar, I was a thirsty girl, so the details of that initial meeting are a little hazy), helped liberate me of my party crashing concerns. So off we went for a fabulous evening of swim, food, football (the world cup was still on) and the re-making of new friends.

Paul, James and Keane get ready to take the plunge.

The eldest first.

Love James’s flying bird, into chair dive.

Last but no least, my big man Keane.

I really wanted to get a photo of Keane and Cullen enjoying their pool time together, but as you can see, Keane hated the idea and just wanted to get back to his diving. So I let him off but had secret plans to try again later.

No to be left out, Cullen gets a little diving in too.

Paul progresses to a legit dive, off a f’real board.

A relaxing float for baby Cullen.

Now Keane is happy to get his photo taken with his brother, but now I can’t get Cullen to take his eyes off whatever it is that has his attention on the floaty.

A rare shot of me with my boys. Thanks Dinara : )

Mean Keane & Happy Keane.

Paul & Cullen, just chillin.