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Tapped Out’ness

June 1, 2014

There are some moments on some days when you are absolutely tapped out from being a mother. Your tired and drained. You have nothing else to give. You can’t build one more tower. Sit under one more tent or crawl through one more tunnel.  You couldn’t go another round of racing, chasing or jumping if your life depended on it. You need break. An opportunity to recharge. However, with The Husband in the thick of his travel season, there are very little opportunities for this mother to check-out and pass along the torch of child entertainment. So you find a way to give yourself some kind of mental break, while still being physically present to ensure 1. the house remains standing and 2. injuries are of the “shake it off, kiss it better or lets get a band-aid” kind.

After a particularly rough night, compliments of baby Cullen, I entered into a morning of complete tapped out’ness. Keane was his usual, up at the crack of dawn, happy and high energy self, but I was a shell of a person, with absolutely nothing to offer. So I let him off to do whatever it was that Keane wanted to do. He started off being very helpful. “Momma, Teen seed Cuen”. Oh, you want to feed Cullen? No problem, here you go.

Sleeping baby.

Momma, Teen bid a side” Yes, go for it, tear the place up, build all the slides you want, Momma will be right over here with her cup of tea.


Momma, my side down on b’yee” Of course you can slide down on your belly.

Teen’s trucks side now”

Once Keane was done trashing the house and wearing himself out, it was nap time, but not for baby Cullen. Nope, this guy was having a very moody day and nothing I did was giving him any kind of joy. He hated his activity mats and his mirror toys, so I decided to use some of his bricks for a little build and knock down action. And he was even into it for almost a full minute.

But then the stressed out look came.

Followed very quickly by the tears, and that was the end of that.