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All Things Reptile

May 28, 2014

Its absolutely fair to say I am not a fan of anything reptile, lizard or snake related. I didn’t grow up in a country where creatures from the slithering family existed, well, outside of the earthworm of course. But really, our biggest threat from natures crawling world, had to be the ant, with its nasty non-discrimative bite that left you sore, itchy and irritated for days. But as a mother I’m trying really hard not to let my likes, dislikes and fears influence any opportunities for discovery my children may have. So when Keane’s new friend Emma popped over with some funky looking lizard and iguana thing for him to play with and explore, I did my best not to squeal like the girl that I am and jump up on highest surface available. No, I got down on the ground and spoke in a very positive and encouraging manner so as not to influence Keane’s curiosity one way or the other.

Now I know Emma shared with us exactly what each creature was, but honestly I wasn’t really listening cos I was so busy fighting the urge to run away while also trying to gauge the launch range and face eating potential of this iguana dragon thing.

Keane on the other hand was straight in with the poking and touching.

The fearless Emma.

Now this guy peaked my curiosity for some reason, and yes, he felt as squishy and velvety as he looks.

Getting down on his level.

Spontaneous Walk

May 26, 2014

There will always be dirty dishes and chores, endless chore. There will always be “To-Do” lists” and work demands, e-mails to be sent, phone calls to be made. But they won’t always be this small, or this happy to spend a warm and sunny evening, walking and splashing in a river.

Musical Babies

May 24, 2014

At music class this week, Cullen was wide awake and ready to follow his big brothers lead and participate in all of the musical fun. Right off the bat Ms. Jennifer busted out the parachute and the kids went buck wild.

My friend Rachel brought baby Maya to her very first class.

And she was definitely listening to all of the musical sounds and kiddy noises.

Keane gives Cullen a lesson in how to use his sticks.

Baby Maya didn’t know the words to the song, so she screamed along instead.

At the end of class we tried to take a group shot of the kids, but Keane had hit the wall and all he wanted was to eat and nap.

The nasty Georgia heat is creeping up on us fast. So we’ll be spending a lot of our upcoming playtime looking for ways to stay cool. Enter the kiddy padding pool. Keane and Cullen take their wee pool for a test dive (test dive, get it? Dive?) this evening. Yes, even baby Cullen got in on the paddling pool action.

Keane is such a good share’er.

Of course Cullen couldn’t resist a taste test, and that random finger on the right, is Keane yelling at Cullen not to eat the ball. “No Cullen, not eat ball”

I distract Keane from yelling a Cullen by setting up a game of toss the ball in the bucket.

And its in!

YAY Keane!

Squeezes his big self into Cullen’s Bumbo.

This is Keane taking a dive.

Or should we say, flop.

And when it was time to get out, I wrapped Cullen up nice and cozy……………

……….while I chased this little streaker.


May 21, 2014

With each passing week he gains more control of his limbs. He’s keeping this head up and steady more often then not and he continues to work intensely on his reach and grab techniques. Also this week Cullen got his first non-hand-me-down toy. Yes, a toy of his very own. Being not only the 2nd born, but the 2nd born boy, means poor Cullen will for the most part rock clothes and play with toys that were once his brothers, but not today. Today he gets to bounce, swing and play in a toy of his very own, well, that was until his big brother popped up and demanded “Teen’s turn“.

Lookin good in his shiny new bouncy thing.

Intense investigation and curiosity.

And of course Keane wasn’t letting this toy go without a toddler test drive.