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Happy Easter 2014

April 20, 2014

The house has been taken over by Doyle boys and it will remain in their full control for the next 5 days. Keane and Cullen’s cousins, Paul and James came all the way from Boston to meet the newest addition to the clan, Cullen, and to spend some quality fun time with Keane.

They were up before the sun even rose this morning, excited and eager to get the fun times started. Still in their pajamas and ignoring the mothers demands that they eat breakfast before they start their busy day of crazy, the boys were out and ready for The Husband to take them 4-wheeling around the property. 4-wheeling group shot.

Keane was a little nervous to take his turn, so Paul ran alongside him for some moral support.

And then he continued to followed them down the driveway.

Not far behind James is also in hot pursuit.

Now Keane is into it.

Eventually we got the boys in for some breakfast, but then it was back outside again where Paul got stuck into helping The Husband with our never ending fence project.

While the “men” were busy with the manual labor, the smaller boys entertained themselves with some ball tossing up into the trees.

James and Keane have become thick as thieves and are getting up to all kinds of mischief together.

The boys brought Keane a rocket launcher and here they are about to take it for a test launch.

Keane reminds Daddy that the rocket must go up.

Paul ready to catch it on landing, but it just slipped through his fingers.

After lunch and a power nap it was time for some Easter egg hunting.

James and Keane team up on the search.

Oh the challenges of nailing the group shot.

Back to the house to see what treats are inside their eggs.

The littlest Doyle boy and his first Easter experience.

Keane kicked off his Easter weekend with a school day filled with fun. A parade of little bunnies, a party and an Easter Egg hunt. Here Keane spotted me in the crowd of parents and immediately became emotional.

So momma had to jump in and walk with him for a while, which helped turn the mood around and brought a smidgen of joy to his parade experience.

Rocking the Irish bunny ears.

Inside for party time.

Refuses to take off his ears.

Not sure what the conversation is between Keane and his friend David here, but it looks serious.

Outside for to hunt some eggs.

Found one!

Little Cookie Monsters

April 13, 2014

It was Playdate Sunday again for our little boys and this week we opted for some inside fun, the boys got busy and messy with some cookie decorating.

Keane took a very careful and particular approach to his decorating.

Cannon was straight in with the fingers.

Gavin wasn’t really bothered with the decorating and was more about the eating.

Cannon’s mom brought the cookies while I supplied the colorful and edible art supplies, and she was awesome enough to do a letter cookie for each of the boys names.

Keane looks very suspicious about this weirdly colorful and sugary food we presented him with and eats it very cautiously.

Cannon was partial to the tiny bunny rabbit toppers.

Gavin attacked it all Cookie Monsater style.

Cullen muscles his way into the action.

Alli and Gavin team up for some cookie creativity.

Group Shot! Our happy little Sunday Morning Playdate Group.

His Style, Her Style

April 10, 2014

When you leave the responsibility of dressing the baby to The Husband, this is what you come home to. Baby squeezed into a figure hugging version of The Husband’s team jersey. Never mind that its currently the off season.

When you leave the responsibility of dressing the baby to The Wife, this is what you get. Cutie baby, wearing cutie bear whose wearing flying goggles.

Keane, never one to miss a photo bombing opportunity.

Row The Boat

April 7, 2014

This past weekends playdate saw Keane, Cannon & Gavin readying themselves to sail off on a their own little adventure.

It takes teamwork to get a boat like that water bound.

But Cannon thought the best way to free the boat, was to bite through the support rope.