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Growing Up American

March 19, 2014

Last week Keane and Cullen’s Grandpa and Grandma Doyle came to visit. While they were here Grandpa bought Keane his first baseball set and gave him his first batting lesson. As I stood there watching the boys, capturing it all on camera of course, I had a sudden realization, both my boys are American. For some reason I always think of them as Irish and when I picture them going to school and playing sport, I picture them doing it in a very Irish way. But standing there watching Keane learning to swing his bat and suddenly I became very aware that he will not grow up cycling to school every morning dodging rain puddles in an effort to keep his uniform dry. He won’t know a system where all the boys go the one school and girls another, and he won’t race from school to the pitches for Gaelic football or rugby practice. Instead he will have a school experience that involves yellow buses, no school uniforms and dare I say it, girls. The sports available to him will be mostly baseball and American football, both of which I have a very basic knowledge about. The whole idea is very weird to me and very foreign and when the time comes for him to board his yellow bus and head off to his co-ed, non-uniform wearing school, with baseball bat, helmet and shoulder pads in tow, am sure out of the 2 of us, I’m going to be the one feeling the most intimidated, scared and nervous. But thankfully, thats all years from now so I have plenty of time to watch all of the high school based movies and TV shows to give myself a well rounded knowledge of what its like to be educated the American way.

But back to Keane and his very first time playing baseball. “Bat her up” or something to that effect.

Grandpa gives Keane a quick lesson in swing technique.

Daddy steps in to offer Keane a little help.

As you can see, Keane was not happy with the assistance offered, he wanted to do it “all by himself”.

So Daddy set it up so he could do it by himself.

Very proud.

Getting ready to bat to Grandpa.

We have bat and ball contact, yay!

St. Patricks Day 2014

March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day from the Shinkins-Doyle boys! This year Keane was proud to sham-rock (get it??) some very Irish head gear, made by his own little hands under the close supervision of his teachers at school.

Because Cullen is too young to really have a choice, he was voted this years house Leprechaun. You can tell he loved it.

Shake every shamrock you have.

Keane lovingly holds up his little brother, who has clearly had way too much to drink.

The Irish Mammies Day

March 15, 2014

Happy Irish Mother’s Day to my ma. She has sent the last 3 weeks with her sleeves well and truly pulled up, digging in as we run around under a cloud of sleep deprivation and confusion in our efforts to figure out the new family operating system with 2 kids in the house. Its been really hard, I’m not going to lie, but it was so good to have her here, picking up the pieces and diving in everywhere it was necessary. And even though I show up empty handed on this particular occasion (I promise ma, I’ll mail you something this week) it doesn’t for a second mean that we are not in the least bit grateful for all you did. We all miss you and want you to hurry back.  X

Random Rant

March 11, 2014

I know its been a good week or so since my last blog. But outside of the daily grind of motherhood, there really hasn’t been anything glamorous or adventurous to report. And trust me when I say NOTHING glamorous. I’m now your typical yoga pants and t-shirt wearing mom, who drags her unwashed hair back into a ponytail cos she would rather use her 10 allotted shower minutes to steal a quick power nap instead of a power shower. And thank god for tinted moisturizer and the speed and efficiency at which it can be applied, cos it really is this mothers only hope of leaving the house with a face less likely to traumatize small children. Yes, these days I’m rocking a style that could only be described as homeless chic, and I’m not saying this with any great pride, but for now, it is what it is.

And in the spirit of my random rant, here are some random photos of Keane enjoying a little mom & Keane walk while Cullen slept and was watched over by all of his visiting grandparents.

Our kitty cat, Fintan joins us for our lesuirely stroll & a little stick throwing fun.


March 6, 2014

Someone is starting to become very alert and readying himself to take on the world of dangly toys.

An almost smile.