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Keane had his little friends Cannon and Gavin come over for some Saturday morning fun. As luck would have it, it rained hard the night before, so there was plenty of dirty wet puddles for the boys to get down and dirty in.

Cannon does a puddle jig.

Gavin is not quite sure what to do. “To get in or not to get in, that is the question?”

Then Keane goes ahead and demonstrates exactly what he should do.

So Gavin dips his toe in, just to test the waters.

Seconds later and he’s all in.

Love the little heart shaped wet stain on Cannon’s butt.

River dancing.

A rock!

Off to Keane’s little bridge for some stick throwing.

We had one casualty from the morning, poor little Gavin fell into the lake. Fortunately when I saw it happen my first instinct was to save him, unfortunately I missed capturing the moment. Gavin’s mom Alli was there to comfort, but as it turns out Gavin didn’t need comforting, cos all he kept saying was “more”.

Wet and nasty but wanting to get back in the water.

After all of the fun, it was into the tub for all 3 of them.

Bath Time Shananigans

March 26, 2014

He use to hate baths. We are talking full on newborn meltdown, screaming bloody murder for the entire bath duration. Fast forward 6 weeks, and baby Cullen is singing a completely different story. Thank god. Now he loves it, especially when he gets to bath with his big brother.

Not a tear in sight. Just chllin.

I usually have some music playing while the boys bath. Sometimes its nursery rhythms, sometimes we go a little classical, or if momma has had a particularly rough day, we go all out gangsta (no judging, everyone needs to blow off steam). Here Keane is showing Cullen how to move his hands to the music.

Cullen loves to just stare at his brother. Looking and listening intently to everything he is saying and doing.

Look who suddenly popped up outside the window, Fintan. And may I just add, our bathroom is on the 2nd floor of the house. This kitty can really climb. Oh, and I was so busy capturing the photo of Fintan, that I failed in my mom duty of telling Keane to please NOT draw on the window, ooopsie.

Family Walk

March 24, 2014

A Sunday morning family walk and Daddy is loaded up with kids.

The eldest gets the best seat with panoramic views.

The youngest gets the coziest seat, but with limited views.

Mr. Independent

The boys.

Momma and Keane partake in a little stepping stone action.

Pause for a mom & baby shot.

Aqua Tots

March 22, 2014

We’ve been taking him to the pool since he was 3 months old, (click here for a flash back to Keane’s first trip to the pool) just for a little splash around fun and to get him use to and comfortable with water. Then we joined a mom & baby group, again to increase his water confidence and to get him socializing with other water babies. Now however, Keane has reached a point and an age where he is ready for some f’real swim lessons. He and his little friend Bryson have been doing swim lessons together for just over a month now and they are absolutely loving it. Last week I took my camera along and crept around the pool while Ms. Jackie put the boys through their aquatic paces.

The boys gather poolside and wait for Ms. Jackie’s directions.

Keane was excited to get this lesson started.

Off for a dip.

Some floating practice.

In the next series of photos its looks very much like Ms. Jackie is trying to drown my child, thankfully she wasn’t, but even if she was, Keane was more than happy to go along with the plan.

Someone is very happy and proud of his underwater crawl.

Ms Jackie gives the boys a small egg, which they will eventually dive for, with a tiny surprise inside.

Bryson wanted to see what Keane got in his egg.

But Keane was not sharing this prize.

Bryson’s turn to float and perfect his underwater crawl.

The boys celebrate their progress with a high-five.

Cullen is One Month

March 21, 2014

Last week Cullen hit the one month mark, and I can’t hardly believe its been a month already. This little guy is such a trooper. So far he’s been so low maintenance and completely chilled, a disposition both The Husband and I greatly appreciate as we have been struggling to find the right balance for our new life with 2 kids. We haven’t been able to nail down a workable schedule as yet, not sure if we ever will, but we have become accustomed to being in a permanent state of readiness, ready for anything and everything these 2 boys have to throw at us. We’ve mastered the art of functioning in an almost human way with little to no sleep, but we look like complete sh*t doing it. But hey, its all part of the gig right? Someday it will all get easier, at least thats what other parents are telling us. And I want to believe them, so I power on latched onto the notion that someday, it will all get better.

But back to baby Cullen, in the past month he has

- eaten loads, and loads. This guy is a horse for the food.

- gained almost 3lbs from his birth weight (told you, a horse for the food).

- learned to smile, mostly in his sleep but I have managed to force a few almost smiles out of him during his awake moments.

- has the gas producing abilities of a grown man, no joke.

- has met all 4 of his grandparents.

- gets lovingly mauled by his older brother repeatedly throughout the day.

And here is baby Cullen, captured last week to mark his one month milestone.

Believe me when I tell you I worked my ass off from behind the camera, trying to get him to smile for these photos, but Cullen was having none of it.