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The Good & Bad News

February 14, 2014

I know all has been quiet on the blog front. But let me assure you, life this week has been anything but quiet. This has to be hands down one of the toughest weeks I’ve been through in a very, very long time.

It all started on Monday night with the arrival of our 2nd little boy, Cullen Joseph Doyle who bounced into the world at 9.56pm, February 10th. Weighting in at 7lbs 6oz and 20.25 inches long. Very exciting time for our family. However, the night before I was discharged from the hospital, Atlanta was hit with a humongous snow and ice storm. So when we finally got ourselves home, driving approximately 5 miles per hour in horrible road conditions, we discovered we had no electricity, no heat, no cable and no internet. Fabulous. Thankfully we got the electricity and heat back on within 3 hours, but we went a further 3 days without cable and internet. Then, out of nowhere Keane picked up a vicious stomach virus that had him unable to keep down any kind of food or liquid for 3 days. And just for an extra bit of bad luck, The Husband also picked up the same virus.

So to recap, this week I had a baby, came home to a house with no electricity, heat, cable or internet. Had a projectile vomiting, very sick toddler and eventually husband on my hands. All that on top of the obvious sleep deprivation that goes along with having a newborn and somehow, miraculously, I only managed to have one and a half emotional breakdowns. See, even the nastiest of clouds has a silver lining. Things can surly only get better from here. Anyway, since I now have access to the world wide web again, here is a little visual look back at the happier moments in the week that was.

Welcome Cullen Joseph Doyle.

Who hates baths even more than he hates getting his nappy/diaper changed.

Daddy & baby.

Big Thanks go to my good friend Rachel who captured this photo of Cullen and I, and also the next few photos of Keane meeting his little brother for the first time.

Big brother & little brother.

Lots of hugs..

..and kisses.

The boys were wore out by all of the excitement, so they took over momma’s hospital bed for their first nap together.

Time for Keane and Dada to go home, but not before he gives Cullen a few more hugs and kisses.

A little photo to document the nasty snow and ice that blew into town the day we brought Cullen home.

Cullen is not impressed.

Like most newborns, my little fella has a touch of jaundice, so he spends a good part of the day half naked in front of the window soaking up some natural sunlight.

Which can be exhausting.

That random hand on the right, is Keane’s. He just loves touching Cullen’s hair.

Big stretch.

The Perkins Family

February 5, 2014

This past Monday I got to spend the morning with my good friend Alli, capturing photos of her adorable little family. Alli and her husband Tyler are the proud parents of little Gavin, the sweetest, blondest, most adorable, not to mention high energy 16 month old ever. Over the past year and a half, (since the arrival of my own wee man) I have come to really enjoy capturing families, especially the babies and toddlers. They are so honest and in-the-moment, you just never know what direction the shoot will go, which makes for a fun, interesting and completely spontaneous session.

For the Perkins family shoot, since the weather was a bit nasty and unpredictable, we decided to do it at their fabulous new home. How cute is this family?? Seriously.

Gavin gave us about 2 minutes of posing time, then like any 16 month old, he wanted to be set free to run and explore. I was so glad I opted not to wear heels this day, cos he sure kept me moving.

At every opportunity Gavin was ready to break free and go about doing his own thing.

I love how kids can find so much joy in the simplest of things. Pushing the doorbell is hands down one of Gavin’s favorite things to do.

Finding random pieces of wood chips, is like striking gold.

Again, flexing his independent muscles. Did not want to hold Mommy & Daddy’s hand while we went for a walk.

But loved a little swing time with Daddy.

A true boy, digging in the leaves and dirt.

Half way through the shoot it started to rain again, so we headed back to the house, and I just love all of these special little moments I was able to capture of this amazing family in their own home.

Finding an alternative use for Daddy’s chess set.

Ah-dorbale Mom & Baby moments.

A little chill time with Daddy.


Gavin’s special chair.

One last snap of this cuter than cute family.