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Don’t Forget Baby 2

February 28, 2014

We got to talking in the waiting room of my doctors office. She was the mother of 3 boys and at the time I was the mother of 1 boy with a 2nd on the way. She asked me if I took many photos of my son, I laughed and said “yes, billions“. She smiled approvingly. “Photos are important”, she said “but you must remember when you have your 2nd child, to take photos of him too. By himself. Not always with his brother.” Apparently this is something she became aware of recently as she thumbed through old albums of her now grown sons. Understandably she had plenty of photos of her first born by himself, showcasing all of his milestones and highlighting small elements of his individual personality. However, as baby no.2 and eventually no. 3 arrived, it became easier and quicker for her to capture photos with all of the boys together. As a result, she has very few photos of her second 2 boys showcasing their own milestones and individuality. And now that I have a baby no. 2 myself, I completely understand where this lady was coming from. My days are busier now than they’ve ever been. Finding a second, never mind a minute to pause and capture anything with my camera has become a major challenge. Yet, this woman’s advice has stuck with me and this week I worked hard to create a window in one of my days to stop and capture some photos of Cullen and all of his newbornness. True we may have gone hungry that day, as the window I created would usually have been spent preparing dinner. But this was something that I didn’t want to look back on and regret. So cereal for dinner it was : )

I waited until Keane was down for his nap, then it became a race against the clock. Now that Keane is getting older, the naps are getting shorter, so I needed to shoot fast.

Wide awake and chillin.

In true newborn style, one minute awake, the next, asleep.

I actually never heard him come in, but next thing I know, Keane is up and about and photobombing Cullen’s shoot, insisting on giving him some “gentle” hugs.

Cozy Cozy

February 23, 2014

This dude has to be the most chilled out little fella I have ever met. Keep him full, keep him warm and this is what he will spend most of his day doing. Sleeping. The only time he loses his newborn mind is during bath time and nappy/diaper changing time. The slightest exposure to possible chilly temperatures and he screams bloody murder. I’m afraid this guy favors the Lebanese side of his Daddy’s genetic make-up more than his Irish side. He’s all about the warm and toasty.

Sleeping Babies

February 21, 2014

Posing Disaster

February 19, 2014

Usually when I shoot kids the best advice I give myself heading into the shoot is to KEEP POSING TO A MINIMUM. They absolutely hate it. Thats not to say I won’t try, I’ll always try, but as soon as I see those little bodies go ridged with resistance, or the squirming to escape, or hear the flat out “NO!”, I stop. The only way to get truly natural, happy shots of any child being themselves, is to let them be themselves. Then put your running shoes on, strap your camera on nice and tight and learn to shoot fast. Cos one thing is for sure, kids move fast, which means moments are happening quickly. Having said all that, today I didn’t take my own advice. Instead I tried to pose my boys and lets just say, it did not go well. But in my defense, with Cullen being a newborn, propping and placing him in certain positions is the only real option at this point. But here’s how it went.

Even though Cullen is clearly miserable and hating every minute of being propped up against his brother, this is probably the best shot. At least Keane is looking my way and obviously happy. But getting this shot wasn’t easy.

Since the day he was born Keane has had a camera pointed in his face, so now he remains completely unfazed and the challenge for me has become one of trying to get him to look at the camera.

Nope, still won’t look and Cullen is starting to lose it.

Cullen is in full on meltdown and Keane has just noticed the little balls on Cullen’s socks.

Just look at the misery on those pouty little faces. You’d think I’d just taken away their favorite toy or something.

The Transition Process

February 17, 2014

With the addition of Cullen to the family things have been a little tough for Keane. He loves the baby and still insists on trying to wake him you with lots of sloppy kisses and hugs, but life as he’s known it is different and because he’s still so young too, he doesn’t fully understand why. His limited vocabulary means he has no way of expressing his frustration and confusion, so he is starting to find other, lets just say “creative” ways of letting us know he is not fully happy with the new situation. The Husband and I are pulling out all the tricks and following the advice of others who have walked this stressful path before us, in our efforts to help him through this transistion phase. But its hard and wow does it require A LOT of patience.

This past weekend the weather finally started to take a turn for the better. Temperatures are warming up, the snow and ice has all but melted leaving nothing but a muddy wet mess in its wake, but regardless we decided to take advantage and spent most of our Sunday outside lavishing lots of attention on Keane as a way of reminding him that he is still very important. We kicked the morning off at the playground.

So that random hand trying to grab my child is not some weird playground creeper, it belongs to The Husband.

Keane has a little fun with a tiny resilient snow patch.

Some of the other kids put The Husband to work pushing the round-about.

Keane wanted to try the big slide by himself. He was a little nervous, but a little boy who was at the park told Keane he would catch him at the bottom. Too cute.

This is 3 year old Jack, in position to make sure Keane arrives safely at the bottom.

Once he made it to the bottom, Jack rewarded Keane’s bravery with a big hug.

Time to harass the local geese.

Duck feeding time.

If your wondering where Cullen was during the playground excursion, he was chillin, in his buggy.

We are currently building an enclosed area at the house for the doggies, so in the afternoon Keane got stuck into helping Daddy drill some post holes for the fence.

Observing the process.

Getting a closer look.

Helping Daddy with post alignment.

While Daddy paused to take a phone call or 2, Keane decided to steal some of hole markers and hide them where Daddy couldn’t find them.

Keane is over the hole digging, now he wants to go play in some mud.


Very proud of himself.

Now things are about to get really messy.

Why do boys love mud and dirty so much??