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Struck Down, Yet Again

January 13, 2014

Its been a really shitty week at chez Shinkins-Doyle I have to say. We’ve been stuck in a world of illness yet again. Whatever viruses and sick particles are bouncing around the chilly air these days, appear to be surviving and thriving within our household. For the past 5 days Keane has been suffering from a relentless cough, snotty nose and overall physical misery. As a result nobody has gotten a nights sleep in what feels like FOREVER. Said cough and snotty misery saw to it that we spent our nights pacing the floors, sitting over humidifiers, sucking on inhalers and counting the hours to the next dosage of medicine in our efforts to provide our little fella with some relief from the viral misery. Thankfully, yesterday we saw some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Keane managed to put together a solid few hours of sleep without any cough interruptions. The constant nasal drainage began to slow down. His energy and mood were showing signs of bouncing back to their normal happy selves and his appetite was back on track. Today things appear to be even better, but we continued to proceed with caution and opted not to send him to baby school this morning, just to make sure this sick beast was well and truly gone. But wanting to give him a little taste of freedom from his 5 days of house arrest, Keane spent some time working with Daddy at the gym today as he prepares some of the countries top graduating college football players for their NFL tryouts in March.

Keane front and centre ready to get this workout started.

Squat jumps.

Observing everyones techniques in the wall-sprints drill.

Before jumping in to show them exactly how it should be done.

Coach Robby helps Keane perfect his block starts.

Helping Daddy demonstrate shuttle runs.

Proving that there is always an alternative to running over hurdles. Around them works just as well.

Looking for the Positive

January 8, 2014

Its the home stretch. If everything goes as scheduled, in 5 short weeks baby 2 will be here. And as of today I can say with great confidence, WE ARE NOT READY. But thats how we roll. In this house, we are all about the last type of approach to life. We have however been talking to Keane a lot about baby 2. Trying to get him mentally ready for the shift in family life as he knows it. Am not sure how much of an understanding he actually has around the situation, but he does talk about the the baba’s bed, and shows me the baba’s clothes and where the baba will bath when I ask, which is all very positive, right?? And just to further drive home the message, over the weekend when we bought Keane his very own lounge chair to enjoy his favorite TV show, Curious George in comfort, we got a second chair for baby 2. We explained who the chair was for, so now whenever anyone else tries to sit in the second chair, he  say’s “no, baba” and we basically have 1.5 seconds to get our butts out before he makes us. Again, all very positive, right??

It didn’t take him long to figure out how to enjoy TV like a man.

Its been a low-key, slow paced and snotty start to our 2014. Illness has been bouncing around the house a bit. Keane seems to have passed his Irish cold on to me and as a result I rang in the first few days of the New Year from my bed. Thankfully am now back on my feet and we are returning to life as usual after all of the Christmas festivities. Some pretty heinous weather has kept Keane and I inside for most of the week, but with a little break in temperatures today we were able to venture out for a nice little forresty walk complete with some stone and stick throwing action.