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Saturday Night Fun

December 8, 2013

Saturday nights use to be filled with more adult like social events. Now, as a mother, they are filled with social events or a different kind. Like paying an evening visit to Santa at the Global Winter Wonderland in downtown Atlanta. Playing in the fake snow while cruising the fake streets and enjoying the lights of fake Paris, Italy and London.

Keane with Santa and my good friend Mike.

Seeing how excited Keane was by the fake snow, made me wish it was really snowing.

Keane and Mike enjoy the lights of fake Italy & Paris.

Christmas Tree Gettin Time

December 3, 2013

Monday evening we got down to the business of picking out the family tree. I say “we”, but really it was all Keane and Daddy’s decision. That was until I noticed both men in my life were cruising the 10ft plus section of the tree lot. A wave of panic rushed over me and I immediately sprang into intervening action. Knowing that the decorating responsibilities for said humongous tree was primarily going to fall into my festive job description, there was no way I was allowing a Christmas decor situation that required my abseiling from the rafters, just to get a damn star on top. In the end the boys relented and we all compromised on a 9ft tree, with the star placing responsibilities now falling into the creative hands of Daddy and Keane.

Off to do some tree exploring. One must check out all available trees to ensure one makes the right tree choice.

Wow, can’t quite believe the size of this tree beast.

Decision made, this is our tree.

Keane got a little impatient waiting for someone to come help release our tree, so he took matters into his own hands.

Sometimes getting a job done, means doing it yourself.

Getting the tree home and into position was definitely a 2 man job.