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It was a recurring theme throughout their wedding weekend. Everyone who spoke of them all said the same thing: Emily and Cameron invest in relationships. With their families, their friends, even people they have just met. Together they make anyone who crosses their paths feel like the single most important person in the world. Its a gift they share.

Emily and Cameron, we spent most of the year looking forward to your special day. I was so very honored to be chosen as your wedding photographer. You are 2 of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out and I am so happy I get to call you friends. I also want to mention both of your families, who were so so thoughtful, generous, warm and embracing. Within minutes of meeting everyone I was made feel like I was part of the crew. Like we all had a history of Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas gift exchanges. Its easy to see now where you both get your giving, generous spirits. To adequately sum up everything you are, the beauty of your day and the fun of your wedding would be impossible, but I hope these photos manage to document all that you remember of your special day.

Gotta love a picturesque plantation wedding in the midst of a perfect Fall day.

The blushing bride gets her finishing touches.

Loved this. The ladies catch a glimpse of the groom’s on site arrival.

Proud mother of the bride watches her daughter get into her perfect dress.

The grooms gift.

To my utter joy, Emily and Cameron decided to do a First Look. I love when couples do this, its such a special and private moment for any couple away from the craziness of the day. Not to mention a perfect opportunity to capture some stunning photos of a truly fabulous bride and groom. Here the bride makes her way to the awaiting groom, helped by her maid-of-honor and sister.

Look at how nervous and excited Emily is.

Cameron anxiously awaits his bride.

Gift exchange.

Emily can’t believe how stunning her new diamond and pearl earrings are.

And Cameron loves his new cufflinks.

Time for a little bride and groom fierceness.

The lads.

The little flower girl was so excited when she saw the stunning bride.

The ladies.

Emily’s adorable 3 year old nephew and ring bearer extrodinare, Stewart.

Almost game time.

The flower girl watches on as she awaits her moment to walk down the aisle.

Getting into position.

Tired of the slow walk, the ring bearer makes a break for it.

Officially husband and wife.

Clearly the groom had worked himself up a bit of a thirst.

The doors to the bathrooms were decorated with childhood photos of the bride and groom.

Bling! Bling!

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Published in the Homeland

November 13, 2013

You may remember back in September I flew to Ireland to shoot the wedding of my bestie, Derval O’Rourke. Actually, not only was I her photographer, but I was also one of her bridesmaids. If your wondering how we managed to pull off that little feat, don’t worry, your not alone. Lets just say I was a potential nominee for the worst bridesmaid award, but favorite to take home the David Copperfield award for most magical photographer. After the wedding, much and all as I would have liked to share tons of images from my friends special day, I had to respect the fact that Derval and her new husband, Peter wanted to keep much of the details and memories of their day private. However, being that Derval and Peter are 2 of Ireland’s top Olympians, Derval for track & field and Peter for sailing, the Irish media was not going to let this sporting couple away with sharing none of the images. So last Saturday my bestfriend and her new husband were the feature of the Irish Examiner’s Weekend Magazine.

I have admit, I completely geeked out when Derval sent me a shot of the magazine cover. There is nothing cooler than seeing an image that you shot appear in a publication, let alone the cover.

The shot as I captured it.

And I believe this shot of a very happy/nervous/excited bride arriving at the church is the photo that accompanied the article within the magazine.

Homegrown, Kinda

November 5, 2013

Last week I picked my son up from school and as I entered his little classroom he raced towards me with the raw honest excitement only a toddler can display. He was waving a tiny pumpkin and with his limited vocabulary was trying desperately to tell me something. Immediately I understood. Like every mother out there, I’ve developed a fluency in toddler mumbo-jumbo, at least my toddlers mumbo-jumbo. He had grown a pumpkin, all by himself. The previous Friday each child planted their own pumpkin seeds and when they showed up to school Monday morning, those seeds had grown into tiny pumpkins. Magic! He beamed with pride as I held the fruits of his farming labor and reciprocated the same surprised and excited tones in an abundance of compliments.

Of course once we got home we made sure to visually document this, his first farming fete.

Every good farmer should taste and enjoy the results of his labor.