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Thanksgiving Gobble Jog 2013

November 29, 2013

This year Thanksgiving 2013 was slightly different than previous Thanksgivings. Every year I start the day off by competing in the annual Gobble Jog 5k, and while this year I continued to partake, I wasn’t a running competitor, I was one of the walking competitors. Being an explosive 7 months pregnant meant my participation in the yearly event would have to be downgraded to a stroll. And while it stung a little not to be amongst the running elite, walking meant I got to slow down and enjoy the event alongside The Husband and Keane. Yep, Keane participated in his first ever Gobble Jog 5k and of course he did amazing.

While I wasn’t one of the runners, I was there at the start line to cheer on my 2 friends, Mike and Rachel who were running.

The Gobble Jog Turkey in the pace car.

The Husband and Keane also offering our friends a little sideline support. Can you tell it was cold?

And the 2013 Gobble Joggers are off.

Once the elite group had passed, it was time for the recreational participants to head off.

Keane was happy to sit in the stroller for the first mile or so, but eventually he wanted to be out running alongside everyone else.

And for some reason he was all about following the yellow lines.

My little athlete was easily distracted by his surroundings, first there was the crunchy leaves.

Then there was the sewer caps.

We got into a nice running rythme next to Daddy,

but then we came across some big orange road cones.

So of course they needed a thorough inspection.

The little legs started to get tired.

So we bummed a ride off Daddy for a while.

Then it was back to racing.

An hour in and we finally have the finish line in sight.

My little Gobble Jogger approaches the finish.

Just as Keane was about to cross the line, the crowd started clapping and cheering for him, which made him stop for a few minutes so he could look around and figure what was going on.

Eventually he took the final steps to cross the finish.

Family shot.

We appear to making it a bit of a tradition, as in, this will be our 2nd year to part-take in the Atlanta Botanical’s Festival of Lights. So in my mind, that makes it a tradition. Last night donning our wooliest jumpers and puffa-jackets, and armed with cups of hot chocolate, we braved the dropping temperatures to take a fabulous evening stroll through the gardens of magical lights.

Talk about over-stimualted, Keane struggles to take in all of the glittery wonderment.

Welcome Baby Wyatt

November 24, 2013

There is definitely something in the water at the doctors office I use to work at. While I was pregnant and still working there, 2 of my co-workers were also pregnant, and all 3 of us had boys. This year 3 more of my former co-workers added tiny little bundles of joy to their families and wouldn’t you know, again, they all had boys. Thats 6 babies, in 2 years, all boys. Am sure that has to be some kind of record. The most recent little nugget to join this all man crew was baby Wyatt. He came bouncing into the world 10 days ago and has completely turned my friend Kristen and her husband Ben’s world on its head, in the best possible way of course. Last Friday I finally got to meet the little guy as I spent some time snapping some adorable newborn photos and catching up with my friend and new mom.

Baby Wyatts crib, literally.

The wee man himself.

If your wondering where he got that fabulous head of black hair from, he got it from his momma.


So baby Wyatt did A LOT of yawning throughout our shoot, but when we needed him to sleep, he absolutely, under no circumstances was willing to shut it down. This baby is clever, make no mistake about it. He knew something was going down and he wasn’t going to miss a second of it, whatever it was.

Love this Father and Son shot.

More adorable baby yawns.

Cute cute cute little family.

Baby feet.

Finally, after many attempts and lots of feeding, Wyatt closed his heavy little eyes.

One of my favorites from the session.

Ending with some more cute momma and baby shots.

They were attracted to each other right from the start, but both Rebekah and Drew spent several months playing the game. That game you play when your extremely attracted to someone but your not 100% sure the attraction is reciprocated. The cautious flirting, the jokes that somehow morph their way into private jokes. The smiles the giggles, the fun. To complicate things a little bit, both Rebekah and Drew worked together in a popular Southern restaurant, he was her manager, as a result neither was willing to be the one to put their true feelings out there. What if they had both misread the signs? Life at work could suddenly become very awkward and a good friendship ruined. However, one night Drew found the courage to call Rebekah and during their conversation he came clean about his feelings for her. This was music to Rebekah’s ears. And even though she had her doubts due to their working situation, her gut was telling her that this guy, this relationship was different. Thankfully she listened to her gut and now,  3 years later, Rebekah and Drew are in the midst of planning their wedding.

Rebekah and Drew have an adorable little dog called Puffin. Puffin was actually a big part of Drew’s proposal to Rebekah and will also be playing a very important role in their wedding as “dog of honor”. So it only made sense that we include little Puffin in some of the engagement photos.

Puffin will be helping to get the word out for Rebekah and Drew’s “Save the Date” cards.

The UGA campus where Rebekah is still studying was bursting with fabulous fall colors.

Not sure if it was myself or Drew that said something to prompt this reaction from Rebekah. I’m gonna say it was Drew.

Such a fierce looking couple.


Drew has an amazing way of making Rebekah laugh big, I love it.

To see even more of Rebekah & Drew’s engagement photos, CLICK HERE for slideshow!

Break Out the Puddle Suit

November 17, 2013

While we were in Ireland last September I bought Keane this little puddle suit. Now I’m fully aware that the place we currently live, does not experience the huge amounts of rainfall we Irish are accustom to, but my son is very much the outdoorsie type, so really I was anticipating the day it would rain and my having to try and explain to a possibly hysterical toddler that going outside, was not an option. In my mind having a puddle suit (just in case), was going to save us both from a world of overly heightened emotion and frustration.

Well as luck would have it, today was in fact that “just in case” day. Not only was it raining, but Daddy had rented himself a little bob-cat to do some tree removing and brush clearing, and without the puddle suit, I would have stood absolutely zero chance of convincing my son that no, he could not go out to help and watch Daddy play with his new borrowed toy. Instead, due to excessive precipitation, he would have to remain inside, watching all of the manly fun go down through watery, distressed eyes. You can just imagine how well that conversation would not have went. So today I am not too modest to call myself a good mother for my boy scout like skills in “Being Prepardness” (there maybe a little word embellishment going on here to support my argument).

Fully suited up and ready to help Daddy.

Real men get their hands dirty when they work.

Even Crooked was ready and willing to be of assistance.

YAY! Water!

Keane, watched closely by Dexter and Crooked, helps by dragging some tree debris to the discarded tree pile.

Baby pride.