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Vacation Kick Off

October 3, 2013

On our return from Ireland we brought a little something back with us, well, 2 little somethings, Keane’s Granny and Granddad Shinkins. They are here to enjoy a wee break and to spend plenty of time spoiling their grandson. This past weekend we kicked their vacation off with a nice civilized brunch up in the Georgia Mountains, then followed it with a 425 step hike up to the top of Amicalola Waterfalls. Once everyone was nicely wore out, we stopped by a local pumpkin farm so Keane could choose a few pumpkins to decorate our house in preparation for Halloween.

Keane and Granddad take a moment to enjoy the falls before we begin our hike to the top.

Group shot, Granny, Keane & Granddad.

Always time for a little splash around.

Up we go.

A break at the halfway point.

Onwards to the top.

Time to hit the pumpkin farm.

And this year Keane is able to carry his own pumpkins.

Granddad helps with the final lift into the wheelbarrow.

Then it was time to hitch a ride back to the car.

Done Roaming

October 1, 2013

We’re finally home from our just over 2 week international road trip and it feels so good to be back. In our absence the hot summer temperatures have finally cooled to bearable and the first colors and smells of Fall are filling the air. Now the focus is all about catching up on work, readjusting into our regular daily lives and getting Keane’s schedule back on track, which currently feels a little insurmountable while operating under the haze of horrible jet-lag. But while I nagivate my way through the haze, I thought I’d share a little behind-the-scenes look at me, pulling double duty of bridesmaid and photographer at my bestfriend’s wedding in Ireland last week.

On the left you’ll notice I’m arriving at the church not carrying my bouquet like a good bridesmaid should, but instead I’m carrying my camera. Big Shout Out to 2nd bridesmaid Martina for double bouqueting the entire day. On the right I’m clearly ankle deep in the very chilly Atlantic Ocean, doing what I have to do to get the best shot of my bride and groom.

And here is one of those shots, captured from my prime position in the chilly Atlantic Ocean.