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Labor Day: 2013

September 2, 2013

Its Labor Day weekend here in the US. Traditionally a long weekend for the family to spend some quality time together, enjoying the last couple of weeks of the summer heat and sunshine. Unfortunately thats not happening this Labor Day. Today we are spending our last couple of weeks of summer running the Action Hero 5k in the rain, thunder and even the odd flash of lightening. Crazy? Almost definitely, but as an Irish person you learn never to let weather stop you from ploughing on with all of your well intended plans. Otherwise you’d never ever get to leave your house. Cos if there’s one thing us Irish know, its rain. So this morning me, Keane and my friend Mike powered on with our plans to compete in the annual Action Dash 5k.

In this race participants are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite superhero. Keane came rocking the Superman look.

And Superman is off.

Gone are the days when Keane was happy to sit and observe the world from the comfort of his buggy/stroller. Now he wants to be out, fully participating and exploring everything thats happening around him.

Trying to outrun the buggy/stroller.

It was a real challenge and my little Superman put up a decent fight, but eventually we got him strapped into his buggy and in position for the start of the race.

Lately Superman has discovered his nose and the act of picking it. He thinks its funny when I tell him to stop.

Quick mom and baby shot before the gun goes.