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Keane Meets the Sheep

September 25, 2013

Yesterday we took Keane out onto the Curragh Plains in my home county of Kildare to meet the local sheep. He’s been learning all his animal sounds recently so the opportunity to get a little up close and personal with the animal responsible for giving us the “baaa” sound was very exciting.

Keane can hardly believe his eyes, sheep everywhere.

It took him a few minutes to fully absorb his new environment, but once he did, he was off, chasing sheep all over the place.

A little eyeballing going on here.

“Look momma, more sheep”

And even more chasing.

Irish Vacation Catch Up

September 23, 2013

Its time to get caught up. We’ve been in Ireland for 6 days now and have spent most of it in the fabulous coastal county of Kerry. My bestfriend got married here over the weekend in the remote but picturesque Parknasilla hotel which sits right on top of the cliffs edge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The day of her wedding I was proud to stand next to her as one of her bridesmaids, but was even more honored that she also asked me to photograph her special day. If your wondering how I pulled off both jobs at once, your not alone. Lets just say it was crazy, but fun and I honestly could not have done it without the help of my good friend Nicola Coffey. I look forward be blogging a little about the wedding next week.

During our time at Parknasilla we had little to no Wifi access which took a good day or so to adjust too, but in the end it gave us the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy and explore everything this little corner of the country had to offer.

A view of the Kerry Mountains on our way to Parknasilla.

The fabulous Parknasilla Hotel.

Keane became immediate friends with the hotel kitty cat.

Kitty even joined us for a portion of our morning walk.

Daddy and Keane enjoy the coastal view.

A little stone throwing into the Atlantic.

A big hike for a wee man.

So eventually we bummed a ride off Daddy.

Being in the land of Leprechauns and Fairies it would be wrong not to spend an afternoon on the Fairy Trail hunting for fairies.

Keane thinks he found one.

And he was right.

He knocked, but nobody answered, so Keane just let himself right in.

The first of the fallen leaves.

The coastal sunset.

As enjoyed by my wee man.

For 2 days prior, the air was thick with signs of Fall. Chilly, overcast with a slight blustery winds blowing up and down the streets of Columbus. However, the morning of Molly and Reed’s wedding, the sun burned through like it was still the tail end of summer. Surrounded by close friends who truly honor who they are and everything they aspire to become, Molly and Reed celebrated a wedding day filled with love from college buddies and long embraces from family members.

Molly and Reed, as a friend I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am for you both, but as a photographer, I was honored to capture such an amazing day. From start to end your day was the embodiment of your care and devotion to each other, but more so, to those around you. I wishes you both many years of happiness.

Proud and beaming mother of the bride.

Love this moment of the bride helping her mom into her amazing dress.


Loved ALL of Molly’s bridesmaids. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better team of girls to have your back on your wedding day.

Molly reading a sweet letter from her future husband.

Some pretty cool transportation.

The ladies, rocking the fierce.


The groom reads a letter from his future wife.

Cigars, very manly.

Reed, the ever dashing groom.

Molly’s dad couldn’t hold back his emotions when he saw his daughter as a bride for the first time.

How cute is this little flower girl? At just 11 months old, baby Tess did an amazing job waddling up the aisle.

Mr & Mrs, finally!

The ladies represent Ohio State.

While shooting out on the Columbus streets, we bumped into another bride and groom who were very much in the party mood and ready to share a shot.

A little veil straightening assistance from a local police man.

The happy couple make their grand entrance.

Father-daughter dance.

Time to party.

Click HERE for more Molly & Reed slideshow

Turnaround Trip

September 15, 2013

We are back from our Columbus, Ohio trip and I’m excited to share some of the amazing wedding photos I captured of Molly and Reed later in the week. Now however the focus has to be on our unpacking, then repacking as we get ready to cross the pond to Ireland. Why is there never enough hours in the day and why do humans need sleep anyway? Those are the 2 stand out questions I’ll be asking myself over and over again until I’m sitting on the plane bound for the homeland. But while I busy myself culling and editing some of my favorite images from Molly & Reed’s wedding, I’d like you to enjoy some photos of our weekend trip to Columbus from Keane’s perspective.

Not being from the city of Columbus, I took some time the day before the wedding to check out the Church where the ceremony was to be held, as well as the reception location. Keane recommend I shoot from on top of the Church wall, much better angle.

Because he was so patient with our location scouting, Keane got to check out a local park we stumbled across.

Its hard to know who really enjoys our time at the park more, Daddy or Keane?

Wedding day, and as I dashed around capturing all the pivotal moments of the day, I had to pause and make sure I got some of my handsome man rocking his big boy attire and adorable shoes.

One thing I discovered at the reception, my son knows how to party and he has an eye for the ladies. Putting the moves on the flower girl.

Things didn’t really work out between Keane and the flower girl, so he decided to switch his attention to the bride herself.

One beer too many.

The Game of Travel

September 10, 2013

Its gearing up to be a busy September. We hit the road this week for a little wedding world touring. First stop Columbus, Ohio for our friends Molly and Reed’s wedding. Then next week we are Ireland bound for my bestfriend Derval’s wedding. I’m both excited and anxious. Keane is older now and constantly on the move, so he is for sure past the stage where sitting on my lap and observing his fellow passengers is all the fun he needs. Nope, now its all about investigation, exploration and crawling under and over everything. And, least we forget his recent dislike and stubborn physical protests to hearing the word “No”. This is definitely going to make for some very interesting plane rides. Wish us/me luck.

However, until our departure we will continue to focus on the things that make us happy, like checking out the ducks at our local park, and of course running. Running everywhere.