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Jarett is 1 Year Old

July 16, 2013

Sweet baby Jarett is turing 1 year old this week. And last Sunday I was honored to capture some adorable photos involving a little red wagon, a little red car and a big old teddy bear to mark this, his first major milestone. Happy Birthday Jarett!

Jarett and his humongous friend.

Even Jarett can’t quite believe the size of this bear.

Playing a little peek-a-boo with the camera.

Sock puppets rock! And taste amazing.

Jarett gave us this mean face when he heard mention that we might take his sock puppet away.

When mom shouts “Touch Down” Jarett knows exactly what to do.

And then gives himself a big clap for being so clever.

Hmmm, not sure about this water stuff.

Love the way he crosses his fat little feet.

Drivin solo.

27 lbs of pure muscle, no wonder Jarett’s mom is in such great shape.

Mmmm, shoes.

Superman pose.

Park Life

July 13, 2013

Nothing like a casual Saturday morning hanging with one’s friend at the park.

Chillin in their sweet ride.

Not sure why, but standing while driving became the thing to do. Cannon first.

Then Keane.

Cannon had more pressing things to do, so Keane drove on solo for a while.

Can almost see over the steering.

Cannon was eventually found rocking his “moves like Jagger” to some park music.

This next series of photos is for Keane’s granddad Shinkins. We know he’s gonna be well impressed by Keane’s early display of mad soccer skills.

From the time we arrived Keane was desperate to get his hands on a ballon. We eventually did, or maybe we “borrowed” Cannon’s ballon???

Am sure what your about to see is the epitome of bad parenting, letting your child splash around in a pool of stagnant dirty water. Well, after a solid week of rain and lots of time spent indoors, a mother can run out of creative ways and ideas to entertain her toddler and as result, is very much inclined to say “eff it, let him off”. And so I did.

For some reason Keane loves to walk around dragging the dogs leashes. And as you can see, they get dragged everywhere and into everything.

Couldn’t be happier splashing around in his dirty little puddle.

Another thing we’ve been working on the past few weeks, is feeding ourselves. As you can see, its going really well, not!

I have no idea how one yogurt came to be all over his face.

“You know what momma? I feel sorry for you”. I swear thats exactly what he’s thinking here. I’m feeling mocked by my own child.

This is Keane’s “Uh-Oh” face. He just started saying it the past week and now uses it all the time in perfect context.

Its 4th of July

July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day from my little “mudblood” American boy.

They met by way of some friends, kinda sorta. They were both dating other people and even though they shared some mutual friends in their Panama City friendship circle, Emily and Cameron had never met. After breaking up with his then girlfriend, for some reason this girl Emily, who Cameron had heard a couple of his friend mention, popped into his mind. He decided to do a little homework (via Facebook) and after viewing pictures and checking out their mutual cyber friends, Cameron sent Emily an e-mail.

The timing of Cameron’s e-mail could not have been more perfect. Emily was no longer seeing her boyfriend and by her own admission, was in a bit of a life rut. She was new to Panama City having just enrolled in nurse anesthesia college. She didn’t have a a lot of friends and had broken up with her boyfriend. After long days at the hospital, Emily would walk the beach each evening pondering her life, the direction it was headed and wonder if she was ever going to find that special someone to share the journey with. Thats when she received an e-mail that changed everything.

In the weeks that followed there were dates, lots and lots of dates. The attraction for both Emily and Cameron was instantaneous and the relationship was easy, comfortable and lots of fun. Emily’s smile, her laugh and her huge passion for life complimented Cameron’s charming, vivacious and often downright inappropriate sense of humor perfectly.

Emily and Cameron, I am incredibly honored and so excited to shoot your wedding this November. Having been in your company the entire weekend, I know this wedding will be every bit as fantastically fabulous as you both, with a large focus on the celebration.

The location for Emily and Cameron’s engagement shoot was Panama City Beach. Perfect, until the thunder storms began to roll in the night before and remained the following day, the day we’d planned to shoot. A quick online weather check showed nothing but thunderstorms for not just that day but for the next week. A little deflated we began talking about a plan B, which involved looking a other possible dates, weeks from now. Then all of a sudden there was a break, a small window of a couple of hours where the weather did a bipolar u-turn and without hesitation, with hair and make-up done in record time, we were out on the golden sands capturing some engagement fierceness.

One thing I love about Emily and Cameron, is their ability to laugh and have fun.

Die! for the how stunning this shot is.

Emily, I can’t tell you enough how fabulous you are, hopefully now you see it.

And how can anyone not be thinking J Crew model when they see Cameron here?

I see gorgeous babies in their future.

Gotta showcase those sexy legs Em.

Emily laughing in the background, just cracked me up. Its just so her.

Hello fabulous diamond!

A couple straight out of the pages of a magazine.

I loved this little gem of a neighborhood Emily found, so much character and cuteness.

I’m not saying the photographer had to wade her way into the canal to capture these next couple of shots, but I’m not saying she didn’t either. Absolutely worth it I’d say.

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