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12 Months Later

June 13, 2013

My baby boy turned 1 year old while we were on our trip to Oregon, so I made sure to capture photos of him exactly one year to the day since his arrival. But here is a quick flash back to Keane and what he looked like 12 months ago.

And here he is today. What a difference a year makes.

Keane is carrying a special birthday flag Daddy had made for him.

By Bike and By Foot

June 12, 2013

Bikes are a must in Oregon, I swear, even the homeless people have bikes, so when in Rome….. But before we were able to head off on our biking adventure, a little manly DIY was needed to get Keane’s infant seat set up on the back of Daddy’s bike. Lucky for Daddy, Keane is of the age where all he wants to do is help, with everything.

Seat attached and we are off.

So I know this image is out of focus, but it was quite the challenge trying to put some cycle distance between me and the boys, thus giving myself enough opportunity to continue steering with one hand, while flipping around with the other in an attempt to capture them both head on, preferably without the end result being me wrapped around a tree or cascading down a nearby ravine  .

It took about 8 trys but I eventually nailed it.

It was a pretty tight squeeze there behind Daddy.

But that wasn’t gonna stop any of us enjoying the lovely fresh breeze blowing through our hair.

The next morning we joined friends Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen on the track for some hard core sprints. Ashton runs hard off the turn while Keane does his thing on the outside lanes.

Chillin after a tough session.

Hydration is very important to Keane.

Keane had a soft spot of Brianne and was constantly putting himself in a position of right next to her.

New friends playing a little ball.

Now that Keane is walking unaided, we figured it was about time, to retime him over the 40 yard dash.

On your marks, get set and go!

Keane was loving his new ball so we cleverly utilized it as the bait necessary to keep him moving towards the finish line.

Brianne was in charge of capturing it all on video.

Almost there.

Boom! He made it. In a new PB of 1 minute and 28 seconds. Go Keane!

Click below to see the video version.

Immerse Yourself

June 11, 2013

If there was one word to describe the state of Oregon, its hippy. To the core. There is absolutely no shortage of long haired, tie-dyed, free loving, free spirited, sit under a tree and play a medieval style instrument type people living out there. And nothing says hippy quite like a naked dip in natures hot springs. As a former resident of the state of Oregon, our friend and The Husband’s business partner, Piotrek decided this would be the right way for us to immerse ourselves in the local culture. Honestly I could easily have settled for a lovely hike through some rolling forests and hills, oh wait, thats exactly what we did to get to the hot springs.

Keane looks understandably terrified as he tries to take in his new and questionable surroundings.

This was the only smile we got out of him the entire time .

Piotrek looking way to happy with himself and his “awesome” naked hot springs idea. Rachel is clearly questioning her choice of husband.

As you can tell from the photos so far, all of us, except for Keane, opted out of the “naked” element of the hot spring experience. However, the same cannot be said for our fellow bathers. If you look closely at some of the background details in these photos, you will see an example of what I’m talking about. I chose the angle at which I shoot these wisely, just to make sure I cropped our new friend at just the right place.

Here we’re all trying to get ourselves into position for a self-timed group shot.

I wonder what Keane thinks of us in this moment? I have to say, it doesn’t look positive.

The best we could manage amongst the wet and slippy rockery.

“The family that baths in the naked hot springs together……..

Oh yes he did, those little bubbles on the water surface in front Keane, were compliments of Keane.

My baby is so over it.

But a warm towel and a cracker makes everything ok again.

Home At Last

June 10, 2013

We’re finally back home from our 10 day stint to the great state of Oregon and this week I’ll be getting to work sharing some of the photos from our trip. Its was a trip with plenty of first’s, involving some naked hot-springs action, a bicycle and least we forget, Keane’s birthday. Keane officially turned 1 while we were away and this Saturday we plan to celebrate with family and some of his wee friends, but we couldn’t let the day itself slip past without some kind of mini acknowledgement.

But for now, because I’m tired from travel and just want to put my head down on a pillow for some much needed sleep, I’ll kick off with some Prefonatine Classic images, mostly of Keane of course.

Fans of the women’s heptathlon might recognize the cute blond on Keane’s right, its Brianne Theisen 2012 London Olympian and winner of this years Hypo Meet in Gotzis, Austria. The other cute lady is our friend Rachel who also just so happens to be a London 2012 Olympian in the javelin.

Mom and Keane.

Keane overseeing some of the Kenyan athletes in the warm-up area.

Looks to me like someone might be flirting with the idea of joining them for a lap.

Excellent spectating spot right at the finish line.

Clapping along with the crowd was actually the highlight of the whole Pre experience for Keane.

Winner of the men’s 400m, LaShawn Merritt.

Back to the warm-up zone to run amuck and deliver half empty bottles of water to the hot and thirsty athletes. My boy is so helpful.

Daddy and Keane.

Later that evening we headed over to the home of the soon to be married Ashton Eaton (Olympic Champ & World Record Holder in Decathlon) & Brianne Theisen for some barbecued meats and beverages. We were also celebrating a phenomenal jump of 2.40m by Mutaz Barshim (2nd from left rocking the “Mets” hat) in the mens high jump at the meet.