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Photo Bloopers

June 28, 2013

The world of capturing babies is not always as glamourous as it looks. Those moments of adorable belly laughs, big gummy smilies, clapping of hands and waving bye-byes can be the hardest thing in the world to capture. It takes endurance, it takes energy, it takes patients and it takes creativity. Behind the scenes all kinds of photographer tricks, ridiculous faces, overly animated noises, not to mention every kind of dangly, sound producing toy is being utilized and overly so, in the hopes of getting just that spilt second of eye contact, laughter or cheeky faced expression. You learn very quickly that when it comes to capturing babies, you better have the reflexes of a preying cheetah otherwise you are in danger of missing some of the simplest, more wonderful of baby moments.

If your a regular blog visitor you will remember a few weeks ago I captured Keane’s 1 year photos (click here for instant flashback), cute, right? Well let me take a minute to share with you some of the stuff you didn’t see going on behind-the-scenes in our mad effort to capture all of that cuteness.

It really does help if you can have another person around to assist. Most of the time when I’m shooting Keane, I don’t, but with his 1 year photos I knew I was planning to include some balloons which would 1. look great and very celebratory, but 2. would serve as a major distraction to baby Keane. So I planned to do the shoot when my bestie Derval was around to help get him refocused .

Ok, so remember some of these shots?? Ever wonder how I got those balloons to hover so perfectly over Keane??

Well step aside MacGyver, cos those balloons, were actually clipped to the back of his shirt. I call it genius, you on the other hand, might have different word for it.

Another challenge to our shoot was the constant photo bombing by not one…(Crooked)

Not two…(Fintan)

But all three of our furry kids (Dexter)

I have to say that I’m very lucky, Keane is so completely unfazed by all of the camera time I subject him to, but there were moments of frustration when those damn ballon strings insisted on messing up my baby’s do.

Then of course there’s the curiosity chip within every baby that would rather wander off and explore, than stand still and smile for the camera.

And just for a little more fun, I’ve included a few behind-the-scenes images from my recent shoot with baby Parker. Working the old noisy  toy trick.

I love Parker’s face in this shot. She looks so diva as mom makes adjustments to her wardrobe to ensure she is nothing short of flawless for her closeup.

Never more than an arms reach away and ready to recuse any tumbling baby.

Parker is 9 Months

June 26, 2013

Today the blog is buzzing with baby photos, but brace yourself internet for a shock, cos today our featured baby is NOT my own little Keane, (pause for gasp), nope, my over photographed little man has been given the day off to make way for an adorable baby girl I had the privilege of capturing this past weekend. Little Parker has just turned 9 months old, a very important chapter in every baby’s life that deserves to be documented with lots of photos. Photos that will forever freeze her little button nose, her perfect blue eyes, her chubby little legs and her irresistible cheeks.

This is sweet baby Parker.

Parker is one of the happiest little babies I know and she loves, loves attention from any source.

Parker is a big fan of bedtime stories and right now her favorite book for mom to read is Curious George. She even has her very own George monkey that we tried to include in these photos, but George monkey has yet to perfect his own sitting skills.


Gotta love her fabulous little summer hat.

Becoming a big girl that can almost sit on a chair by herself. I say almost cos mom was never more than an arms reach away as I shot fast and furious to ensure that no babies took any unexpected tumbles in our effort to capture these photos.

Parker and her hot momma.

Working her own little reverse wave technique.

We have a standing girl.

There’s that revere wave again.

Parker spotted this bold red faucet and was absolutely determined to get her hands on it.

They met on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and while visually they were not strangers, Andrew went to the same school as Lauren’s brother, they had never actually spoken before. During that trip they made a real connection. Andrew had a girlfriend back home so the connection was never anything more than two people who had found a really good friend in each other. However, upon their return, Andrew’s relationship with his girlfriend ended and that summer he and Lauren began to hangout more and more. By the end of the summer Lauren knew she had fallen for Andrew, in a big way, but she was sure he viewed her as nothing more than a friend, so she kept her feelings to herself and went on to start her first year of college while Andrew stayed to complete his senior year of high school.

From there things became a tangled web of bad timing and other relationships, with Lauren eventually moving to a different state in the hopes that distance would give her some time and space to put her her feelings around Andrew aside. But a return trip home several years later for a friends birthday found the two of them at the same party and that night Andrew found the courage to come clean about his feelings for Lauren, news that both shocked and delighted her. It was still several months later before they became an official couple, but since that moment they have been inseparable. And next month they will officially become husband and wife, finally.

Lauren and Andrew decided to have their engagement session in the small and adorable town of Hampton, GA, the town where Andrew grew up.

And although they both admitted they were nervous to be in front of the camera, you could hardly tell from the way they rocked the fierce out of it.

O-M-G Lauren, stunning.

A cute little train station in Hampton that now serves as the town courthouse, provided us with some nice old southern details to shoot against.

Lauren and Andrew have such a lovely fun and carefree approach to life and each other and I loved being able to capture tiny glimpses of that side of their relationship.

Fabulous couple.

Ladies, I give you permission to hate Lauren, cos those long and luscious eyelashes, are real. So jealous.

I mean seriously, how good looking is this couple??

Belated Father’s Day

June 19, 2013

A few photos to show how Keane celebrated Father’s Day with his dad and his grandfather Doyle. P.S Happy Father’s Day (several days too late) to my own dad and Keane’s granddad Shinkins.

Dips in the stream are a must on the hot and sticky June days of Georgia.

I kinda like this photo of myself and Keane. I would have liked it more if it was in focus, but thats what happens when your Husband stubbornly refuses to listen to your explanations of how to use the camera. Insisting he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Somebody lost all of their clothes.

Keane orders grandpa to sit down and take a rest.

Grandpa, Daddy and baby.

Rockin his dry clothes.

Its Party Time

June 17, 2013

Big weekend last week. Not only did we finally get to celebrate Keane’s 1st birthday, but we finally got to move into our new house. I can’t believe it. Its been a long 14 month project, but we have reached the finish line and it feels Ah-mazing. Everything wrapped up last Wednesday but an executive decision was made to hold off on moving any furniture into the new place until after Keane’s party. That way all of the babies and kids would have the freedom of the house to play and run and not have to worry about spilling drinks or mashing cup cakes and chocolate all over some of the new furniture. I pat myself on the back for that kind of smart thinking.

Keane’s party colours were blue (for his American side) and green (for his Irish side).

If your wondering why there’s 2 birthday cakes, well the one on the left was for civilized eating and the one on the right was for Keane to smash.

Ducks are his favorite thing right now.

His good friend Cannon came to help with the celebrations.

I was worried Keane’s toys were a little too babyish for the bigger kids, I was wrong.

Grandpa Doyle plays a little dump truck with the birthday boy.

Mamma gets Keane ready for his big candle blowing moment.

He hates his hat.

Daddy’s got cake.

Thank you to my friend Gianne for taking these photos. Not having to focus on capturing the moment, meant I was free to fully enjoy living the moment.

Hmmm, not really sure about this cake thing. Texture feels very curious indeed.

Now we’re getting into it.

Baby’s first sugar.

Yummy yummy.

Rachel doing the iPhone videographer and Grandma Doyle.

Piotrek double fists the soda’s, next to The Husband and Mike.

Some of Keane’s school buddies were nice enough to bring their moms.

Want to know who really ate all of the cupcakes?? The grown-ups.

My friend Jessica brought her son Ryder and Keane loved him. Ryder played and chased like a big boy and Keane couldn’t get enough of him.

Lots and lots of present to open, Keane says “Thank You” to everyone for all of their thoughtful gifts.