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Teaching Moments

April 9, 2013

Some people are born teachers, but today during a little scavenger hunt where Keane and I went around the house gathering objects that matched the images on his various cards, I discovered I am not one of those born teacher people. I had his full attention for roughly 6 – 8 minutes, but once the gathering was done, so was his listening skills and I just wasn’t able to compete with the fun that was to be had by crawling all over the various items, or trying to stick the cards to the wall without any kind of adhesive assistance or my favorite, stuff the items in Dexter’s doggy bowl. Yep, I was at a loss as to how to bring his attention back to my very animated, made up musical like descriptions of ducks, apples, bananas and cups, so instead I let him off to explore and I focused on doing something I am good at, following him around with my camera.

Everything was going so well.

But then we wanted to be left alone to do our own thing.

Its into the doggy dish for you Mr. Ducky and your cup friend.

Fear Schmear

April 6, 2013

I don’t know why it took me so long to say “yes” to capturing family photos. Well, thats a big fat lie, cos really I do know. FEAR!  At the time I didn’t have a baby, I wasn’t around many people who had babies and from what I heard and now know to be true, babies don’t take direct very well. They like to play by their own rules and that scared me. Now however, I am a women with almost 10 months baby experience under her belt and just in case the obvious escaped you, I’ve spent quite a chunk of those 10 months capturing 1000’s of photos of my little fella. So you might say I’ve learned a thing or two about working with babies. But I’m not for a second claiming to be some sort of baby whisperer, but I’m definitely less intimidated by the little munchkins.

This morning, on a particularly warm and sunny Spring day I got to spend a little time capturing some precious memories for the adorable Dodd family, and seeing these photos of little Jordon, completely uninhibited and full of nothing but happiness and joy, made me so glad I’d swallowed my fear and said “yes” to shooting outside my comfort zone. Now this family will have these moments, forever.

Things have been very quiet in my virtual world this week, i.e the blog. But in my actual world, things have been a little crazy. I seem to have spent 26 of the possible 24 hours in a day, in my car, and I’m not even kidding. The weekend is looking just as busy but I hold onto the knowledge that in a few short weeks, there is a possible break on the horizon, a little time to slow down and recover before the next wave of busy strikes. Bring it on, cos I am so ready.

Now I know you’ve all have been missing your weekly fix of Keane photos, so to get you into the weekend party spirit, here is my little fella getting his groove on, singing shouting at the top of his voice and shaking his maracas in music class this week. Happy Friday everybody!