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I know there’s been mad concern. Almost a week and not a peep out of myself or Keane on the blog front. Well call off the search, cos we are both alive and well and currently taking a wee break in Ireland. I won’t be blogging much while we are over here as we’re trying to focus on spending time with family and catching up with friends. Plus my lap-top which is almost 5 years old, absolutely ancient in computer years, is not firing at full motherboard capacity and is proving to be nothing short of a feckin mare to deal with. So I’m avoiding dealing with it at all cost. But I will go ahead and share a little sneaky peeky of some of the images I will be blogging once I get back to the US and have access to my beast of a desktop.

Keane’s trip to a petting farm with his cousins.

?????? We don’t understand. Surely a misunderstanding.

They met by way of a friend and by that I mean Logan came over to Katie’s house in the hopes of getting to know her room-mate and friend a little better. What he wasn’t expecting was to be greeted by a very cute, sweet girl with a beautifully shy yet endearing smile. Instantly Logan knew he had fallen for this girl, hard and immediately he got to work trying to find out everything he could about her. They talked comfortably, for hours, and after securing a date for the following week, Logan left a happy man. Three years later Logan took Katie to the exact same restaurant where they had their first date and this time, he proposed.

Katie and Logan, I enjoyed every second of your engagement session. You are two of the warmest and nicest people I’ve ever met. I know your wedding day will be AH-mazing and I wish nothing more for you than a long and very happy life together.

For Katie and Logan’s engagement session to roamed the beautiful Vine Gardens.

Now this is a good looking couple.

How cute are these two??

The gardens were in full Spring bloom which only enhanced the romance and beauty of our session.

Love that smile.

These next few photos were not really planned. After a quick outfit change I asked Katie to jump in real quick while I tested the light in this particular area, but once I started snapping, I couldn’t stop. Draped in the early evening sunshine, Katie looked absolutely fabulous.

A favorite for sure.

Don’t look now Katie, but your workin it!

Logan looking every inch the dashing groom to be.


My absolute favorite from the session for sure.

Get Out & Play

April 17, 2013

Summer is coming, the weather is heating up, its time to get outside and do things like support our good friend Mike at his weekend volleyball tournament, from the comfort of an oversized lounger of course.

Team Mike in action.

The excitement was really starting to build.

Until Keane could hold it no longer and eventually he burst into cheers.

Waterboy Powderade’boy

Time to give the ball a thorough investigation.

Keane with our good friend Mike.

Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013

My husband is from Boston. All of his family still lives there. Today as the news broke about the explosions at the Boston Marathon we scrambled to phones and computers desperate to hear that those near and dear to us, were safe. Usually my nephews Paul and James like to watch the marathon from the sidelines, cheering on each runner while looking for the familiar faces of friends they know are competing. But this year, thank goodness, they decided to stay at home. Words can’t express how grateful we are that they were not among those innocent people injured or otherwise, but as we continue to watch the news footage and hear reports of all those spectators, athletes and volunteers who were not so lucky, the heart aches and the head races with confusion and anger. How can things like this keep happening? It makes absolutely no sense.

Thinking of those suffering as a result of today’s senseless attack, and very very grateful for the safety of our own loved ones.

Hangin with My Homie

April 11, 2013

As much fun as hanging and playing with momma can be, and trust me, I am a total blast to hang with, sometimes a man just needs some quality time with his homies.

So this morning Keane took a little time out of his day to chill on the swings and catch up with his bestie Cannon.

Loved capturing these moments of raw excitement on the boys faces.

You can’t tell from the picture, but trust me, there were plenty of joyous squeals going on in this shot.


Taylor (Cannon’s mom) and I got the boys their very own personalized puzzles.

And of course each letter had to pass a very strict taste test.

And for some reason both of the boys, were drawn to each others puzzle more than their own, bizarre

Proving the other man’s grass theory, right.