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Its St. Patrick’s weekend, wahoooo and today at school Keane and his fellow classmates got to shake their shamrocks in style. Everyone wore green, green toys were the focus of play time, story time was filled with tails of leprechaun’s and fairies and all babies were encouraged to cry in their best Irish accent for the entire day.

My lucky charm with and his adorable little friend, who also happens to be a lucky charm.

Keane just couldn’t resist those chubby cheeks.

Group Shot! Keane and his classmates.

Keane just found out that Guinness would not be served in their sippy cups today.

But nothing like some stories from the homeland to make everything better.

Its The Small Things

March 11, 2013

Sometimes it takes somebody really small and innocent to remind us to see the joy in life’s simple pleasures. As far as Keane is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than being up there on Daddy’s shoulders.

The Mobile Office

March 9, 2013

If there’s one thing being a parent will teach you, its multitasking. Not a multitasker? Then you’d better learn fast, otherwise nothing and I mean NOTHING, will ever get accomplished.

Case and point, below we have The Husband, getting his daily exercise, spending time with his misses (me), entertaining the baby (Keane), making/receiving important business calls, absorbing some vitamin D and topping up his facial tan.

“What you lookin at momma?”

Keane thinks my simultaneous technique of running backwards while trying to snap his photo is hilarious.

Almost 9 month old babies and 2028 future Olympians take notice, Keane has already started to throw down his marks for the 40 yard dash. However, I recommend you stick on the kettle for a cup of tea, or brew a fresh pot of coffee before you click on the image and watch the video, it takes his baby legs quite a while to get from start to finish.

Its been such a busy few months. I’ve been existing in a constant state of overwhelemedness and exhaustion. So much to do and never, EVER any time to do it. And I hate to play the mom card. I hate telling people I’m unable to do something cos of the baby. “The baby didn’t sleep last night so I’m a shredded mess of my former self and thats why your still waiting for my e-mail”. “The baby is teething and crying and teething and crying, of course I never heard my phone ring“. “I’m wearing yoga pants to the meeting, again, not because I just came from the gym, but because these days I spend endless hours chasing a baby around the house, bringing my A-Game in infant activity and stimulation in the hope of wearing him out.” The list could go on and on, trust me, but people in the real world, people without kids don’t want to hear your silly mom excuses, they just want results and they want you to deliver. As a result I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, trying to take full productive advantage of each precious nap, staying up until the wee hours so I can work while he’s sleeping, tossing him anything and everything, sacrificing iPads and phones all in an effort to keep him occupied for 5 minutes so I can get something, ANYTHING, accomplished. This mom gig is tough going, make no mistake about it. How anybody ever has more than 1 child, is beyond me.

Last week in my desperate attempt to get some work done I did the unthinkable, I put my baby in a box. Yep, I sure did. First of all I baited him with some overly animated tones and demonstrations of how much fun the box could be. Once his curiosity was spiked, he came crawling willingly, all smiles and gurgles. I pretended it was a game of “Peek-A-Boo Where’s Keane”, but it wasn’t, it was a game of “Please give Momma 2 minutes to get some sh*t done”. But the game backfired, he was so cute wrestling around under the box, that I ended up dropping everything to grab some photos.

“I’m freeee. That was easy”.

Going from under the box, to in the box, just to keep things fun and interesting.

Ok, now we’re definitely over the box.