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Happy Easter

March 31, 2013

In the past The Husband and I have been guilty of putting forth the minimum effort when it came to celebrating the various holidays. Life was always too busy and one or both of us was always traveling, so holidays slipped past like any other day. But that was life before Keane. Life with Keane is very different. Now both of us go to great lengths to make sure we are together to celebrate each and every holiday. Even if that celebration is on a very small scale, like today’s Easter egg hunt. Total number of participants? 3 people, Mammy, Daddy & Keane, and 3 animals, Fintan, Dexter & Crooked. Rate of enjoyment on a scale of 1 – 10? You’ll have to check out the joy on Keane’s face to figure out the answer.

Daddy and Keane head off to hunt for all the eggs momma hid.

Since it was his first Easter egg hunt, Daddy gave Keane a little assistance in rounding up the first couple of eggs and guided him through the process of putting them in his basket.

He got the hang of it pretty quickly, then of course he wanted to do it all by himself.

Fintan and Crooked keep a close eye on the prized eggs.

Look Daddy, I’m doing it by myself.”

Daddy shows Keane how to open the egg and find out whats inside.

It wasn’t chocolate, but we still munched happily.

The final egg count.

And yes, we are pretty pleased with ourselves.

This is definitely a claps hands type of celebration.

Off on the hunt for more.

So Near, But Yet So Far

March 29, 2013

The walls are now painted. The doors are up and painted. We have a real staircase with rails and fully completed steps. Heat and air conditioning is fully installed and operational. Hardwood floors are in the midst of being laid and we are in the throws of making our tile selections as we await the arrival of our kitchen next week. Its been such a project for so long, its hard to believe we’re getting so close to actually moving into our house. I’m starting to get giddy with excitement but impatient with desperate anticipation. Yes we are close, but there are still a lot more decisions to be made and tasks both big and small to be accomplished before we can start packing ourselves up and moving ourselves in.

Outside is starting to look like less of a construction site too. This week piles of rubble and various wood, stone, sand and concrete debris were removed from around the house. The ground was leveled, grass seed was sewn and now we await the appearance of the first few blades of Georgia’s best dehydrated looking grass. Keane is no longer house bound so he was able to take his car out for a spin on what will eventually be our future lawn.

Sick Days

March 26, 2013

Its been bit of a rough weekend for Keane. He’s been house bound for the past 5 days due to a severe chest infection. It came on pretty suddenly Thursday night. Wheezie chest, struggling to breath and a nasty little cough. Honestly, at times it sounded like my baby had spent the first 9 months of his life smoking 40 cigarettes a day. It was very scary and made for a particularly long night with both The Husband and I watching the baby and the clock willing it to get to 7am already so we could make a call to his doctor. She saw him straight away, prescribed him some medicine and an inhaler and within a few hours he was already doing much better.

Such was his improvement that by Saturday, I had him making good use of his time trapped indoors by teaching him how to do a little window washing.

I think its only fair since he and the doggies are the main causes of all the smudges in the first place.

And since he was in the mood to clean, I also had him wipe down the floors.

The closest he’s gotten to the great outdoors in 5 days.

There he goes smudging up the glass again.

Getting Keane to take his inhaler has been a teeny bit of a challenge. So I found the best approach was to let him play and explore so that administering it became more of a game then a torture session.

“Hmmm, what have we got here?”

“I think I’m suppose to breath into it, but from which end?”

I gave Keane a little help by showing him which way was the right way.

Its funny cos it is.

Finally, we get it to our nose and mouth and are inhaling happily.

The Small & Simple

March 21, 2013

The Husband gets so frustrated with me “can we not just go for a walk? Why does everything have to feel like a photo shoot?” And my response to that? “Suck it up, cos guess what? Its going to be like this, FOREVER!!!!!” There is nowhere we can go, there is nothing Keane can’t do without me trying to capture it. Time is passing so fast. In 3 months, my baby will be 1 year old. I can’t believe it. But the luxury of having this awareness, of knowing how quickly its all going by, is that I work hard to capture all of the moments, big and small, so we always have something to look back on and remember, cos if one things for sure, memories are not always reliable and sadly, they do fade, but pictures, they are timeless.

One of life’s smaller moments, Keane has been upgraded from his baby-sling, to a big boy baby backpack. Go Keane!

Making sure Momma isn’t too far behind.

“Uh-oh Daddy, how we spose to cross this??”

“Look at that, we made it.”

All the boys.

The four-legged members of our walking group wait for the two-legged members to catch up.

A little peeking.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

March 17, 2013

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks day, but as you can see, my little leprechaun is looking anything but happy rocking his tiny leprechaun hat.

He couldn’t get it off his head quick enough.

Hmmm, what a curious wee hat this is.

I added Keane’s BFF Crooked to the photo, thinking it would help cheer him up, but seeing his friend be subjected to the same green abuse made him cry even harder.