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Molly & Reed – Engagement

February 27, 2013

It was like we’d always been friends, minutes after being introduced to Molly we were chatting, laughing, sharing and venting like 2 girls who’d known each other for years. Both of us were in the warm-up area getting ready to compete in the women’s 800m, well, I was pacing and Molly was competing. For those of you who may not know, Molly (Beckwith) is one of the US top ranked 800m runners. But before this blog turns into a love story about me and Molly let me stop, and refocus to the real love story here, the story of Molly & Reed.

Both were students attending different colleges in Indiana who one Saturday night, found themselves drinking at the same bar. Molly was out with her girlfriends, looking fierce and dressed to party in her hotpants and heels. Reed was with his guy friends and although not wearing his hotpants, that particular night, was still very eye-catching. At 6′ 8″ and one of the top players on his college basketball team, Reed towered above the entire bar, making him easy for Molly to spot. Strategically placing herself within close range, Molly made the first attempt at striking up a conversation, but Reed gave off a very distinctive “I’m not interested” vibe, which unbeknownst to Reed, made him even more desirable. Ignoring his vibe of disinterest, Molly turned up the effort, determined to find out more about this seemingly standoffish man and determined that he take a minute to get to know her. Once he did Reed was completely smitten by this vivacious blond, who was not only gorgeous and funny, but also competitive and driven as only a top ranking track athlete can be. Everything about them clicked, naturally and effortlessly, marriage was only a matter of time and this September, it will finally be their time.

Molly and Reed flew from Indiana to do their engagement session and we had just one day to make it happen. As bad luck would have it, it rained the entire night before and most of the next morning. Tracking the weather websites religious we discovered a small window late in the afternoon where the rain was going to stop, and thank goodness it did. So we rushed out and began the shoot right here on our property.

Just as I started shooting, Fintan waltzes past in a very “oh don’t mind me, just passing through” manner. Cheeky!

The shot minus Fintan.

Shout out to The Husband for setting up 2 of his favorite antique chairs for us to play with.

A stroll through some of the surrounding trees.

Fabulous legs, fabulous boots.

Rawr Molly.

Gorgeous and handome.

A small corner of wild brush and tree debris graces the edge of our property, and I love it. Its romantic in a derelict kind of way.

Sell it!

Reed was excellent at keeping the enjoyment levels high.

Believe it or not, this little pier was built by The Husband, I know, pretty cool. My man is so talented.

Best thing about an overcast day? Amazing water reflection.

With the rain still co-operating and a quick outfit change, we headed off to some open fields.

So cute.

Working the fierce, cozy style.

Getting some First Dance practice in.

Reed has the best smile.

To end the session we found ourselves a fabulous bridge and plenty of rushing water to play with.

Seriously you two.

Not every girl would agree to stand on the edge of some wet rocks over an angry flowing river in her 4 ” heels, but I’m so glad Molly did.

Party Like A Pirate

February 26, 2013

This week Keane’s little friend Cannon will be turning 1 so Saturday there was an “Aaaaarrrrggg Maties” kinda celebration thrown in his honor. Pirate babies as far as the eye could see. Keane rocked his best scull and cross bones, with some hidden Japanese messages, pirates of today appear to be very culturally diverse.

He played well with his fellow pirate.

Baby Gavin brought a little hardcore muscle to the party with a very intimidating tattoo.

Keane and birthday boy Cannon engage in a friendly game of something.

Then its time for the man of honor to blow out his first candle and get his first taste of birthday cake.

A little weary of the unfamiliar, daddy Chris gives Cannon a taste.

Absolutely loved Cannon’s reaction, gag reflex riddled.

A second attempt and the result was no better. Cannon hates cake.

Family little shot to finish and a “Happy Birthday” Cannon.

Its time for another round of ¬†Life’s Moments, as captured by my camera phone. If your friends with me on Facebook then you’ve already seen this photo, but I thought is was worth sharing again.

This is my beast of a boy, getting his lift on with Mama at the gym yesterday.

Happy Friday!

February 21, 2013

The camera is back and in perfect working order. I know this to be true cos Keane and I took it, along with a mirror (I know, random) and a positive attitude for fun and discovery out into the garden this afternoon to give it a little test run.

Camera Flatline

February 18, 2013

My camera was desperate for a break and I just wasn’t listening. I kept on pushing and shooting and pushing and shooting. Weddings, engagements sessions and of course, Keane. These past few weeks have been non-stop and by Sunday my camera had reached its breaking point, literally. Keane was out taking his new wheels for a test drive (see below), and as usual I was buzzing around capturing each curious look and every joyous smile, until suddenly, I wasn’t. I switched the camera off then on, nothing. I took the battery out, put a fresh fully charged one in, nothing. I took the lens off, put it back on, still nothing. Now I’m nervous. I stopped trying to fix it, for fear that my efforts were doing more harm then good, and first thing this morning, I was on the door step of the camera store begging them to make everything right. Things are not right yet. The diagnosis is a broken circuit, a procedure which will take a few days to correct, but I’m assured that by Wednesday, I will back in full capturing action. Not use to being without my camera for any length off time, it’s creating a little anxiety in both of my hands. I might need to take up needle point or knitting as a way of distracting myself, so look out for all of my little arts and crafts creations on Etsy in the not so distant future.

Check out my sweet new ride.”

Crooked is always so full of love and kisses for Keane.

The flock of flying geese overhead were a little distracting.

So too was the car horn.

A small wave “bye bye” as we drive on.

Taking the new car for a spin on the porch of the new house.

Very exciting.

Eat that steering wheel.

Mama, pull over for a second, I just need to inspect this faucet.”

It wasn’t me.”

Dexter please, your breath”

Crooked, fix your shirt, there’s a camera right there.