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Happy Wednesday

January 16, 2013

We’re finally back, home to Atlanta after a whirlwind of global festive travel. Since our return I’ve been struck down with a pretty bad sinus infection. It had been incubating and festering in my head, nose and lungs during our final few days in Ireland, but I refused to address or acknowledge it. My plan was to completely ignore this looming cold/flu/Black Lung, ignore it and power on as normal, as if nothing in the world was wrong. There was just to much to do, nowhere in my schedule did I have time to be ill. But my plan backfired. In the end illness conquered all and I was left struggling. However, 3 early nights and 3 overly medicated days later and I’m bouncing back. Yes, this rasping, aching, snotty mess of a girl has turned a corner and is almost back into the full swing of life. Am finally ready for the week to start, yes, on a Wednesday.

While I struggled through the past few days, one little guy has been powering forward on his mission to crawl. We are now able to push-up on both hands and have been working some sort of inch-worm technique in our great efforts to move across the floor. Ready….


…and we’re up. YAY!

Wow, things look a little different from this angle.

I just couldn’t resist a shot of his little bum up in the air as he laboriously worked his inch-worm technique.

Tired from his great attempts at crawling, Keane spent some time playing with his new favourite toy. The wooden spoon.

Tongue out in intense concentration.

Hello there Big Brown Eyes.

Life’s a Beach in Ireland

January 11, 2013

I know this blog post makes it look like the only thing we did while in Ireland, was hang out on the beach flaunting our bikini bodies, and you know what?  Your not wrong. As it turns out, having friends that happen to live near the Irish coastline is actually very handy, that coupled with the bout of mild weather we’ve been experiencing has given us the perfect opportunity to frolic in the sands. And theres nothing like a beach, even in the middle of winter, to make life feel like more of a vacation.

The other day Keane and I went to visit my best friend and his godmother Derval and after spending an evening eating yummy food and catching up on life, we were up early’ish the next morning to take Keane and Derval’s doggy, Berlino for a refreshing beach stroll.

With the absence of a highchair at chez Derval, we came up with our own ultra safe, not to mention very creative and cozy way to contain my little guy during his breakfast feed. A laundry basket. We packet it up with Derval’s duvet from the London 2012 Olympics and as you can see, Keane was happy out. His view from the basket may have been a little impaired, but thats neither here nor there.

Berlino was very curious about the whole baby in a basket situation, but Keane offered her some of his lime to let her know he was the friendly sort.

Off to Dun Laoghaire beach and OMG can you believe in the middle of winter people actually get in and swim in our freezing cold waters??

Silly me thought we’d be taking loads of photos of me Derval and Keane, but in reality it ended up being very much the Berlio shoot.

Derval and her furry bear, Berlino.

Berlino heads off for a dip in the Irish sea.

With Berlino happily chasing the local sea gull population we grabbed a few photos of the 2-legged members of our walking group.

No idea why Keane and I are looking so surprised here.

Berlino is back.

Keane and Derval.

Berlino was not letting this moment of Keane collecting his first shell pass without getting her pretty little face in the shot.

As I was setting the camera’s timer, Derval was trying to get everyone (Berlino) to calm down and hold position for a group shot.

Take one, Berlio lost interest immediately and I was unable to make it into position before the camera fired.

Take two, I made it into position, but Berlino was still struggling to show any interest in our little game and was starting to wander off again, so in a moments panic I grabbed the big wet dog and “click” here is our little family photo.

Baywatchin, Irish Style

January 4, 2013

For all of you wondering what happened the adorable little abandoned puppy, here is an update. I am delighted to report that puppy has found a new and very loving home to call his own. One little girl could not have been happier and welcomed him with a warm and cozy bed and some toys. His new name is Scamp, like the dog from the movie “Lady and the Tramp” and Scamp now has an abundance of friends to keep him company. Two other dogs, a cat and a turtle. This little fella’s nightmare has now become a happy ending. Thank You so much to all of my Facebook friends, and their friends, and their friends friends for reaching out and sharing this little guys story.

And speaking of little guys, here’s my little guy digging into the sands along the Irish coastline. We spent some of the afternoon visiting Keane’s cousins who are staying with their Granny and Granddad Jones in Rush, Co. Dublin for a while. And since the sun was shining and the beach is literally spitting distance from their home, it made absolutely no sense not to bundle everyone up and take them out for a blistering January beach stroll.

Happy little beach baby.

Of course he had to dig his fingers into the soggy sands.

Me working my not so sexy wind swept look with my niece Emily on one arm and Keane on the other.

The group shot is always a bit of an adventure, but try as I might, I just could not get all of the kids to look at me at the same time. Hence the reason for the little photo collage, with my nephew Evan, niece Emily and Keane.

Calling all our animal loving Irish friends. Late last night my dad was driving home, down our dark and lonely lane way when he noticed this little fella lying in the the middle of the road. He was absolutely terrified. Shaking and whimpering, too scared to even move out of the way of the car, so my dad picked him up and brought him back to our house. It would appear that he was a Christmas gift that someone decided they didn’t want anymore and instead of trying to find him a good home where he would be loved and cared for, they drove down our dark and lonely lane and just abandon him.

He appears to be some kind of terror mix, approximately 6-8 weeks old and cute as a button. He’s a typical puppy, curious and playful. One minute he’s a ball of energy and the next he is laid out sleeping hard. He is not house trained yet, so there would be some homework to do with him in that department. But if you are a person, or you know of someone who would give this guy and good and loving forever home, please, please let me know. He is currently staying at my parents house in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, but unfortunately they are not able to keep him. So please help us, help this little guy out. As you can tell from the photos, he loves kids, or at least he loved my kid and while we weren’t looking, he climbed into Keane’s swing and took himself a monster nap. Too friggin cute.

Happy New Year From Ireland

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year everyone. The Husband, Keane and I are on the final leg of our festive tour. This week we find ourselves in Ireland, Newbridge to be more specific. The town I grew up in and the town where Keane’s Irish grandparents still live. And because the weather has been chilly, but not raining, which honestly is a BIG deal over here, we decided to kick off our first day of 2013 with a nice refreshing stroll through my town.

Crossing the road on our way to the river.

The River Liffey is the river that runs through our town and Keane had his first meeting with some of its permanent inhabitants.

We must have spent a good half hour just hanging out on the banks of the river watching Keane kick and squeal with excitement as he watched the swimming swans.

One fame hungry swan decides to work it for the cameras.

Here I was actually capturing the 6 birds who sat watching us from a near by fence.

The church where The Husband and I were married 7 years ago.

Family shot in the place where it all began.

Playing a little peek-a-boo with an old stone monument.

A quick stop by momma’s old primary school.

Crossing the infamous New Bridge on our way home.

Sightseeing can get pretty exhausting.