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Still not ready for Christmas, in case any of you were wondering. And just to ensure I get less ready by the day, a last minute, unschedule photo shoot has been added to my week. The good news is, the photo shoot is in Jamaica. The bad news is, the photo shoot is in Jamaica and I have to get there Thursday (today), shoot Friday, then haul ass back to Atlanta by Saturday. All with a baby in tow. Also, the shoot itself is something I’ve never done before, so I’m shooting way out of my comfort zone on this one which both terrifies and excites me all at once. So many reasons to be stressed out right now. But hopefully Keane is up for the challenge. He’s proved himself to be nothing short of a trooper when it comes to diving into mom and dads often crazy lifestyle, so here’s hoping his adventurous spirit is on full blast for the next 3 days.

In completely unrelated matters, The Atlanta Botanical Gardens had its annual festival of lights last night. And even though it was a little past Keane’s bedtime, we decided bending the rules in the name of pretty lights, was complete acceptable. Tis the season for pretty lights after all.

Oh don’t mind me, just hangin out in a tree.

Me like it way up here.

Katherine & Drew – Wedding

December 18, 2012

Her energy is infectious, her smile radiant and her sheer love for life and living it in the moment and to its fullest is what makes Katherine beautiful inside and out. She is rainbows and unicorns on a dull, wet, overcast day. And Drew, Drew is exactly the same. From our very first meeting over a year ago, this adorable couple have been burst-out-of-their-skins ready to be married. And finally, FINALLY, last Saturday on a fabulous festive December day in Atlanta, on the arm of her proud father, Katherine at last took her much anticipated walk down the aisle towards her future husband Drew.

Neither Katherine or Drew could contain their joy and excitement, and once the vows had been exchanged and the rings securly placed on each finger, Katherine bounced excitely from foot to foot waiting for the preitst to say those magic words, the words that would seal the deal, “you may kiss the bride“, and seal it they did, to great cheers and applause from the gathered crowd.

Katherine and Drew, I can’t find the right words to express how happy I am for you both, but also how happy I am for me to have been the lucky photographer who got to capture your story. I wish you all the happiness in the world and hope you’re enjoying you time in Cancun .

For her walk down the aisle, Katherine wore the exact same shoes her mother wore 36 years previous when she married Katherine’s dad.


Half made up and with her hair still in rollers, Katherine was still, flawless.

Love this moment Katherine finally got to see her finished hair and make-up.

Dress time.

Both Katherine and Drew decided to do a First Look which made me so happy. Not only does this give them a few stolen moments together, away from the craziness of the day, but it also gives me a opportunity to capture those timeless moments of joy and emotion expressed by a bride and groom when they get to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Here Drew gets himself into position to see his bride.

A nervous and excited Katherine approaches.

Waiting patiently for that tap on the shoulder that lets him know he can turn around.

Katherine shows Drew her fierceness from all angles.

James Bond handsome.


The bridal bouquet was wrapped in lace from Katherine’s grandmothers wedding dress.

That infectious smile.

This little guy almost stole the spotlight from the groom.

Its hard work waiting for a wedding ceremony to begin.

As I waited for the bridesmaids to begin their walk down the aisle, I turned just in time to capture this moment between Katherine and her dad as they waited together in the bridal suite.

Time to go party.

First dance.

Proud parents of the bride.

During the reception the bride & groom and I stole away to capture a few more fierce shots.

Roaming the Atlanta streets.

Back to the party and busting out the moves Gangnam Style

Exiting to a shower of bubbles.

One last hug for dad.

To see more photos from Katherine & Drew’s wedding CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW.

Treading Water

December 17, 2012

My days just keep getting busier. Christmas is coming way too fast. I’m not ready. Right now it feels like I’ll never be ready and life keeps throwing me curve balls. Luckily having a baby has me well acclimatized to the concept of sleep deprivation, and as long as I continue with this trend for the next 2 weeks, there’s hope.

And just to ensure I’m not all doom and gloom on this Monday morning, please enjoy the fierceness of Katherine & Drew who’s wedding  I shot last Saturday and will be sharing more of later this week.

Happy Birthday Granny

December 11, 2012

It was a chilly winters day here in Georgia, but Keane had a special message to send to his Granny in Ireland. He’d spent the morning tapping into his creative skills and fought the urge to suck the helium out of a freshly purchased special occasion ballon (no wait, that was me), so there was no way this unexpected cold front was going to stop him executing his plan. So he bundled himself up in a toasty snowsuit to say:

“Happy Birthday Granny Shinkins”

Working it from all angles.

That blue string needed closer inspection for sure, as for the mittens, yumm.

There’s just so much to taste here in the great outdoors.

After playing the role of spectator and sideline cheerleader to the Gobble Jog 5k I ran 3 weeks ago, Keane decided that this time round, he was going to participate. So bright and early this morning, my friend Mike and I, and Keane all took part in the Sleigh Bell 5k.

The boys disrobe and get ready to head to the startline.

Keane has his competition face on, but can’t seem to hide his excitement. His adrenaline is flowing and he is ready for the gun to fire.

Mike and I took turns pushing the stroller.

YAY! Team Keane finishes his first 5k.

A little celebration photo.

And since Santa came all the way from the North Pole to support the runners, we couldn’t not get a photo with him. Keane and him share a similar taste in hats after all.

Team Keane group shot.