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Happy Thanksgiving

November 20, 2012

I’ve become that mother, the one I swore I’d never be. Going into this my plan was to be the chilled, laid back type of mother that my kid could describe as “cool” to all his friends. By no means was I going to be that over-the-top mother, you know the ones who make a huge production out of every little event? Under no circumstance was that going to be my parenting style. No ma’am, I’m just way to hip for that. Well, I’m afraid today I proved that I’m about to be my sons worst nightmare when it comes to all things embarrassment.

Ahead of tomorrows big Thanksgiving celebration here in the US, I thought it would be fun to dress Keane up as a turkey. Obviously Keane thought it was an amazing idea too, cos just look at how much fun my little man is having in his gobble gobble outfit.

He hated it.

The only highlight for Keane was the fist full of leaves he got to taste.

Headed for a meltdown in T -10 seconds.

And there it is. In this very moment, my son hates me.

Caffeine Highs & Lows

November 19, 2012

Am just now dusting myself off from an intense weekend of capturing 2 fabulous weddings. One was the wedding of my two stunning clients, Jessica & Adam who were married on Saturday at a location that was ablaze with the most yummy Fall colors. I’ll be sharing tons of photos later in the week. Wedding number 2 happened when my good friend and fellow photographer, Tessa called to ask if I would second shoot with her on Sunday for an adorable couple who were tying the knot in downtown Atlanta. Now am not by tradition a coffee drinker, its hot tea, Irish style with a splash of milk all the way for me, but when you are shooting 2 weddings back to back, its time to call on the big guns. We’re talking Starbucks VENTI ladies and gentlemen. VEN-TI. Bucket fulls of jittery high producing caffeine, now that will for sure keep a girl on her toes all day and most likely well into the wee hours of the night too. Only problem with that is the spectacular energy crash that occurs once the caffeine buzz has wore off. As a result I have dragged my way into the beginning of yet another busy week instead of  the “hit the ground running” manner I was hoping for. Something tells me I may be dabbling into the VENTI’s again if I plan to get anything done the rest of the week.

Since I opened up this blog post bragging about all things Fall, I thought it fitting to share a few photos I took of our original babies, Dexter and Crooked on their early morning walk this morning .

Crooked is almost completely camouflaged amongst the fallen leaves.

Dexter on the other hands pops nicely against the toasty backdrop.

Hyoun Joo & Simon – Wedding

November 16, 2012

They planned it in 3 months, the wedding of their dreams. Hyoun Joo had waited a long time for a man like Simon. Close friends recounted humorous stories of frustrated evenings spent wondering if her Mr. Right was even really out there. But one thing was for sure, Hyoun Joo was not going to settle. Those same friends constantly reminded Hyoun Joo of her value, how special, kind and giving she was and that absolutely, the right man was out there. One day however, Hyoun Joo received a message from a gentleman, and though his message was brief, she could tell he was different. His writing was smart, funny and intriguing, so when Simon invited her out on a date, she accepted. Their connection was instantaneous and Hyoun Joo knew she had at last found her soul mate. In that one evening the missing pieces of both their life puzzles we now complete.

Hyoun Joo and Simon, its been such an honor getting to know you and documenting your wedding day. Everything about the day was perfect. Its the happy ever after you both truly deserve and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for two of the most caring and giving people I’ve ever met.

Hyoun Joo is an organist at one of the most breathtaking Churches I’ve ever seen, so I felt compelled to showcase her stunning dress against this truly amazing backdrop.

Bling bling!

Even without full make-up, Hyoun Joo was gorgeous.

I loved that I was able to capture the moment Hyoun Joo’s mother walked in to see her daughter as a bride.

Both Hyoun Joo and Simon opted to see each other before the ceremony and I couldn’t have been happier. Their First Look happened late in the afternoon in the yummiest light that showcased both the couple and the surrounding Fall colors in the most romantic way. Here Simon awaits his bride.

The approaching bride.

Simon turns to see his future wife.

Absolutely stunning couple.


Gorgeous and handsome.

Sell it Hyoun Joo!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were so much fun. Everybody came out to fully enjoy and celebrate this amazing couple.

The glorious choir that performed out of their skin for the happy couple.


I love this special little touch where one of Hyoun Joo’s piano students, dressed as Ring Security, delivered the wedding bands to the alter.

Productivity Shut Down

November 14, 2012

Remember when I use to whine about not having enough hours in a day to get everything that needed doing, done? Well, as it turns out the universe was listening and not only that, the universe has a huge sense of humor, cos what pray tell do you think her solution was? Why, a baby of course. “Now, my dear Shinks, lets see you whine about to-do lists and non-existant hours in your day, booyah!” Never before has my life been so scheduled. Every second of every minute of every day I am trying to do achieve something. And that something is mostly centered around baby, until he’s napping, as soon as those eyes close, then its all systems go as I blast my way from task to task and work through to-dos before my little peanut dares to open his eyes, thus shutting down my productivity.

This morning however, in the midst of my productivity whirlwind, I was stopped in my tracks when I noticed Keane power napping on the couch in the most peaceful and adorable way. There was no way I couldn’t pause to capture this?


November 12, 2012

Am a big Taylor Swift fan. Not sure if thats something I should be saying out loud or not. I’m at that age where I may be losing touch of whats cool and whats not. Almost gone are the days when I had a finger on the pulse of everything it was cool to admit you were into and what you should absolutely under no circumstance say out loud for fear of being ostracized. Take that sh*t to the grave if you want a cool friend in this lifetime. But here I am, boldly announcing that I have just downloaded the new Taylor Swift album and I am enjoying it multiple times over as I edit my latest wedding. Not sure where this admission ranks me on the All Things Cool-O-Meter, but I’m gonna own it.

And to accompany my little rant with the hopes of regaining a few of my lost cool points, I’d like to share this fabulous shot of a fabulous couple who’s wedding I was honored to capture last weekend.