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The Wee Clem Family

November 30, 2012

Melissa and Kevin are that couple you dream of working with. Two people who without a doubt are completely fabulous on the outside, but more than that they are beyond fabulous on the inside. You can’t help but gravitate towards them for their genuine warmth and kindness, but also their huge sense of fun. We hit it off right from the start and last year I was honored to capture their stunning rustic wedding. This year, Melissa and Kevin added a new little bundle of kindness, warmth and fun to the family, baby Eli and I was so excited when they reach out asking me to come meet the new addition and to capture some of their first family photos.

Melissa and Kevin, it was so great to see you both again and to finally meet wee Eli. He is precious to infinity and beyond with the bluest eyes EVER and a set of cheeks I had to restrain myself from nibbling.

This was the very first shot we took and you can tell little Eli is justifiably suspicious of me and what I’m up to.


I love Eli’s little faces. He was so confused. He wasn’t sure if all this camera snapping was worthy of tears or smiles.

Some reassurance from mom and all is well again.

Look at that pout.

The fabulous barn where Melissa and Kevin were married. Fierce!

Eli proudly rocks the same confident style as Daddy.

I’m going to go ahead and call this a “Family Shot” cos this was the only way we were going to get Melissa and Kevin’s hyper dog Harvey into the photo.

Perfect perfect little feet.


Uhh, those baby blues kill me.

Loved this, Kevin and his son go all Lion King.

Total Yummy Mummy.

For the final shot we went for something a little more intimate and special.

Dear Santa

November 27, 2012

And so it begins, the first of many years meeting the Jolly Big Man. We hadn’t initially planned to hit the mall and bother Santa with our 2012 wish list, but when the weather turned a little too nasty to power walk our way around the Chattahoochee River, Taylor and I decided a power walk around the mall was just as good, and thats where we bumped into Santa. With no other children in sight, Taylor and I dived on the opportunity to have a pain free experience for the boys first meeting with Santa.

But wouldn’t you know, this was the day I left the house without my camera, Grrrrrr. So BIG “Thank You” to Taylor for snapping these 2 photos on her iPhone.

Rockin The Faux Hawk

November 24, 2012

My little fella loves his bath time.

And now he’s finally grown enough hair to rock the Faux Hawk!

Bad ass have never looked this cute.

Gobble Jog 2012

November 23, 2012

In our household Thanksgiving means one thing, the Gobble Jog 5k. This was my 6th year to compete but for the first time ever, I won. Let me write that again just in case you missed it. I WON! Usually I bounce between 2nd and 3rd but not this year. This year I was the first women to cross the line. Ironically enough, in all of my 6 years, I’ve never been more unprepared for the race. But as it turns out, the secret to winning Gobble Jog, is to have a baby 5 months prior, train as inconsistently as possible, if at all, eat whenever the baby allows you a moment to grab whatever is on hand and stuff it in your face and sleep minimally. We are talking minutes at a time that you hope will add up to a couple of hours by morning. And that my dear friends, is how you win Gobble Jog. So kids everywhere, future Olympians and future Gobble Jog victors take note.

Family shot. At last years Gobble Jog I was 10 weeks pregnant. This year I have 2 handsome men cheering me on from the sideline.

Me, Keane and my bestfriend Mike who has done this 5k with me every year.

Bundled up against the elements and a good luck kiss for momma.

The Gobble Joggers are off!

Me and Mike hammer home the final half mile.

A flag that represented all of our parts in the days race. Well, Mike and I were actually “Timed Runners”.

Heading home from the festivities to a yummy turkey dinner.

Jessica & Adam – Wedding

November 21, 2012

The sun was shining to the max in a cloudless ocean blue sky. The trees were still ablaze with the bold colors of Fall. Yellow, red and orange leaves danced in a chilly November wind. Everything about the day was perfect. In the bridal suite country music playing from a corner iPod was no match for the rising and falling sounds of laughter, joy and perhaps a little nerves energy that passed between Jessica, her maid of honor and her mom. Her day was finally here, the day Jessica would marry the man who had won her over with his rugged good looks, his raw sense of humor and his thoughtfulness. Surrounded by close family and friends, Jessica and Adam created a wedding that reflected their relationship in the truest form.

Jessica and Adam, thank you for the honor of capturing your wedding day. You are both two of the warmest, funniest most caring people I’ve had the privilege to meeting. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciated your family and friends and how they rallied to ensure your day was everything you’d ever dreamed of and more. I hope you are both enjoying some much need rest and relaxation on the beaches St. Lucia.

The veil Jessica wore to walk down the aisle was the same veil her mother wore 30 years previously to marry Jessica’s dad.

Helped into her dress by her bestfriend and extraordinary maid of honor Betsy

Mother of the bride, so proud and honored to see her radiant daughter in her veil.

The light pouring onto Jessica as she descended the staircase was perfect.

Father of the groom and best man helps his son prepare to meet his bride.

The fierceness of Jessica.

I couldn’t get enough of the bold Fall tress that decorate the property and the slight wind that blew Jessica’s veil.

The amazing colors. An absolutely gorgeous bride.  What more could you ask for?

Jessica’s bouquet was wrapped in lace from her mother’s own wedding dress.

These shots are so Adam. He has such sense of humor and a way of never taking life too seriously

Bestman and father.

My absolute favorite part of the day is when I get my newly married couples together in front of my camera.


Jessica, RAWR!

We came across a little house on the edge of the property with the cutest porch, and this is where we capture some of my favorite shots from the day.


Jessica’s maid of honor Betsy was truly amazing, not to mention stunning. I was so grateful to her for the way she attended to Jessica’s every need and also in the way she stepped up to help me every way she could. Love her.

First dance.

Father daughter.

The couple escape for their honeymoon to a barrage of bubbles.

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