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Mallory & Hank – Wedding

October 18, 2012

From the moment Hank proposed, Mallory had started the countdown to her big day. Regulatory her Facebook status would reflect her building excitement and remind all those nearest and dearest exactly how many days remained before she would say “I do” to the man of her dreams. Now, finally, her day had arrived and although a little nervous and stressed that everything would go exactly as she’d dreamed, it was not enough to overshadow her sheer happiness and joy that today, on the arm of her proud father, Mallory would at last walk down the aisle to marry her best friend.

Mallory and Hank, it was such an honor to document your wedding day and to get the opportunity to meet both of your amazing families who all worked tirelessly to ensure your wedding day was everything you’d ever dreamed of and more. I hope you’re enjoying every last minute in the Bahamas and that you’re able to relax and soak up this time together.

Hank solicits a little help to ensure he’s tie is perfect for his stunning bride.

The bride could not have been more radiant.

Mallory’s amazing pearl necklace was a gift from her future husband and added the perfect touch to her stunning dress and cathedral veil.

Unable to watch that days college football games, the groom and his groomsmen found another way to show their support.

The dashing groom.

The scene stealer’s.

Love this photo of Mallory’s dad. You can literally feel his pain and joy as he prepares to give his daughter’s hand to her new husband.

Amazing shot captured by my second shooter Kate.

The bridesmaids dress were the perfect touch to a Fall wedding.


The new Mr. & Mrs make their way towards the lake…..

….where their boats waits to take them to the reception. Loved this.

What a way to make a grand entrance.

First dance against a beautiful backdrop.

Mallory and her grandfather share a dance.

Hank proudly displays his fishing trophy next to a very special groom’s cake.

As the sun was setting behind the lake, we managed to grab a few more stunning photos of the new Mr. & Mrs Weldon.

To enjoy even more photos from Mallory and Hank’s wedding, CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW.

The Personal “Assistant”

October 16, 2012

There was no doubt having a baby was going turn my very independent lifestyle on his head. Time? No longer my own. Sleep? Not in the last 4 months. Reading? Yes, but these days my books of choice involve all things Dr Seuss, as well as Three Little Pigs and their other fairy tale friends. Workouts? Now happening in my very own kitchen as I back it up and drop it like its hot to the beats of “Old McDonald” and “I’m a Little Teapot”. Even sitting down to work looks completely different these days. I now have my very own “assistant”, who for the most part, is still actually working on his “assisting” skills. He does for sure make my daily efforts at work, a lot more interesting and fun. He forces me to move my work station from my desk, to the floor, to the kitchen table to keep him stimulated, but more importantly, co-operative. We sing out loud, purely for the entertainment value but also to keep our spirits positive and of course, to keep my assistant co-operative.

Today as I edited my most recent wedding (sneak peek below), I took some photos of my little “assistant” assisting his ass off.

The “assistant”.

Who likes to taste test everything within grasp.

In the name of adventure we move our work station to the kitchen table and set about busting out some nursery rhymes at the top of our tone deaf voices.

My “assistant” channels his inner Simon Cowell and uses his facial expressions to judge my singing voice harshly.

Have A Seat

October 11, 2012

There are times in life when a baby gets tired, tired of alternating his playtime between his tummy to his back. Sometimes a baby simply wants to sit, just like everyone else. Sit and chill with his toys and his teddy bear friends. So yesterday, with the help of his new Bumbo Seat, that’s just what Keane did.

This smile was a result of The Husband’s hard work. He was standing behind the camera busting out all the animated theatrics complete with silly faces and over the top sound effects.

Now Keane looks concerned, he fears his daddy might actually be crazy.

Crooked and Dexter do the curiosity drive by. They never cease to be amazed by all of Keane’s equipment and toys.

It was her username, unique and original that initially peaked his interested, then her image popped up and boom! Simon was smitten. Both Simon and Hyoun Joo had signed up on the same dating website and after viewing her profile, Simon felt compelled to reach out. Having received his message, Hyoun Joo immediately went to Simon’s profile and instantly she knew he was different. Good different. Interesting different. Funny different. They struck up a correspondence that eventually led to their first date and a relationship that changed the course of both their lives, for the better.

We started Hyoun Joo and Simon’s engagement session on the square in Roswell, not far from the Simon grew up.


Big Thank’s to Alex McHenry for the fabulous job on Hyoun Joo’s hair and make-up.

I cannot find enough positive words to describe Simon. He is every inch a gentleman and so caring and attentive to Hyoun Joo.

Such a wonderful smile.

Who knew Georgia has so many covered bridges? I certainly didn’t, but this is the second one I’ve shot at in the last 3 weeeks. Love it.


As we walked on to our next location I noticed the very loving and unique way Simon held Hyoun Joo’s hand and I had to capture it cos it was just so them.

I have not idea what Simon said to get this reaction from Hyoun Joo, but I loved it.

Go on with your bad selves.

Business As Usual

October 7, 2012

After a busy week of flights, parties and boat rides in glamorous places, it was back to business as usual for Keane. Back to the daily grind of nursery rhymes, story time, hand-eye co-ordination perfection, tummy time and evening strolls. Yes, life as a baby is hard, way hard, but my little baby is a professional and has been known to multitask on many of his more important roles.

For example, we have tummy-time, on top of hand-eye co-ordination, on top of Beethoven like musical skills.


You can’t tell me that every great composer didn’t start their musical journey to success on an over sized Fisher Price piano, cos I won’t believe you.