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Trick or Treat

October 31, 2012

On a surprisingly toastie Halloween night in Massaachusetts, Keane hit the Boston neighborhoods for his very first trick or treat escapade with his cousins Paul, dressed as Action Man Swat Team, and James who was channelling Captain America. My sister-in-law Dinara, captured some cute pictures of the boys as they went door to door stocking up on the free candy.

The Doyle cousins all dressed up and ready to get their trick or treat on.

Little Woody, Captain America and Action Man Swat Team

All the Doyle boys.

Happy Halloween

October 30, 2012

Its my little man’s first Halloween and we decided to do something special like fly to Boston so Keane could go trick-or-treating with 2 of his cousins, little Paul (who you will remember from his visit to see Keane last month) and his brother James. Of course Keane has no idea what’s going on, but I am super excited to see his reaction and utter confusion to all the festivities. And since he is too small to tell me what he’d like to dress up as for the occasion, the decision was all mine and once I saw this little outfit, how could I not have him dress up as Woody from Disney’s Toy Story? It was too cute to pass up and he looks completely squeezable rocking the cowboy look.

Outside of his Christening, this was the first time Keane has wore shoes on his feet and he literally could not take his eyes off of them. It was hard work getting him to look a the camera for even a second.

We also had to say “goodbye” to Derval today. Very sad. We loved having her here, but at least she got a sneak peek of Keane in his Halloween costume before she left.

Our Little Training Group

October 26, 2012

The software technicalities continue, but we are definitely making progress. Some systems are back in full working action and others are almost there. So to celebrate the progress, I decided to take a break from the elevated stress and frustration and share a little of what has been going on for us over the past few days.

This week I got the opportunity to jump back into my pace-making ways. My bestfriend Derval (Irish 100m hurdler and all around world beater) has been staying with us for the week and she is currently in the thick of her Fall/Winter training. Lots of 200m runs. Even more 150m runs and endless hill sessions, and since I am one of her besties, that just so happens to have a little experience in the pace-making department, I hit the track daily to help drag her to the target times needed for each distance. Its definitely been a while since I’ve done anything close to this type of training, probably a good year or so, and I only recently got back into running regular miles myself, so I was more than a little nervous at my ability to step up and deliver the type of times and effort she needed. To say I was running scared would be an understatement, but once I’d survived the initial 150m with no pulled muscles, no debilitating lactic and no signs of collapsed lung, the confidence was up and we pounded out some savage sessions. We even had our now little mascot/cheer squad. Keane was a major contributor to the success of our little group. When things got tough, he kept the spirits up with lots of smiles and giggles and even jumped in to assist where and when possible.

Our little training group. Membership exclusive.

Sometimes Keane got a little distracted by his own shadow, but then again, who among us doesn’t??

Offering some moral support to Derval.

Like momma, like son. Do I spy a future Olympian amongst us?

Offering constructive feedback and talking race tactics with Derval.

Technical Difficulties

October 23, 2012

I love and I loath technology and right now I’m in a place of loathing. I am an absolute creature of habit and get very comfortable knowing what I know and learning the things I need to get got the job done. When it comes to gadgets and software, please don’t come confusing me with conversations regarding fancy add-ons and bells & whistle like capabilities, I’m not interested. As long as I can make everything do what I need it to do, then all is well in the world, or at least my world. Right now however my world has been turned on its head and I’m in a bit of a mess with a lot of my software programs. Its a little anxiety inducing cos I have no idea what I’m doing and as a result I’m scrabbling around in manic efforts to resolve the issues. So there maybe a tiny hiatus on the blog front as I do my best to get things back on track. Am hoping it won’t take more than a a day or two few, until then I would ask you to please enjoy these shots of Keane at the pumpkin patch while we work hard to get you back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Wee Man, Big Day

October 20, 2012

Keane had no idea what was happening. All he knew was there was lots of people, all gathered together, smiling and excited and he could tell it was all directed towards him, but why? Well, because today Keane got Baptized. Yes, we are proud to announce that Keane is now officially Keane Bruce Doyle. And due to the fact that I am absolutely exhausted from a long day of festivities that began soon after the sun bounced up, I’m going to keep the chit chat to a minimum and leave most of the talking to the photos from the day.

The wee man of the moment. Keane wears a very special Baptism outfit. This exact outfit was worn by his big cousin Evan for his own Christening almost 4 years ago. Evan was sweet enough to let Keane borrow it and its our hope that it will somehow become a little bit of an heirloom for future grandkids. Gotta start somewhere right?

So my bestfriend Derval was the lady we picked to be Keane’s godmother and she flew all the way from Ireland to be here for his big day. She was also determined that I be in as many of the photos as possible, so she bravely took hold of my camera and did her best to master its usage so Keane would have lots of photos of him with his mother for a change. This shot she grabbed as we made our way from the car park to the church and as you can probably tell, it was a little on the chilly side this particular morning.

Paul, Keane and I with the priest who would be performing the ceremony.

Keane’s awesome godparents. My big brother Edward who arrived all the way from London and my best friend Derval who came from Ireland for the occasion.

Group shot of all the friends and family that came out to celebrate Keane’s big day. And the reason we all look a little like giants is cos I was using the camera’s self-timer so I could include myself in the shot and the only place to put it was on a small table that stood just a few feet off the ground, so the angle was a little on the low side.

Ok, so getting a photo during the Baptism ceremony turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Obviously I had to stand up on the alter with the baby and Paul, but so too did Edward and Derval, so that meant the camera got passed off to a friend who had absolutely no idea what she was doing and began to randomly mash at the various buttons on the camera. As a result we ended up with no photos of the ceremony, but what we did get was about 4 minutes of video. Yes, luckily one of the buttons that got pushed was the video button, so thankfully we do have a little something to commemorate the occasion. After the ceremony the camera was safely back in my hands and I was able to capture these photos of Keane perched on top of a pool of holy water.

The group gather around the man of the moment.

Then it was on to a riverside restaurant to continue the celebration. Our friend Matt had the honor of slicing Keane’s special cake.

Keane has no idea why he’s sitting on top of the table.

Or why he’s sitting next to a cake.

Keane and his godmother talk about how to approach the eating of the cake.

In the end its decided that a fork would be the best option.

Our friends Matt and his pretty wife Emily.

Edward and I get ourselves together for a brother, sister and baby shot.

And there’s the shot.

After dinner we headed out into the gardens for even more combinations of photos. The first combination was of course Paul, Keane and I.

Then we had the godparents.

Another shot of everyone. In my efforts to capture this image I actually had to set my camera up in a tree. Risky but thankfully it worked out in our favor.

One more of the brother, sister and baby.

Besties and baby.

Keane and I with another of my best friends, Mike.

The untraditional family shot.

Derval finishes off the day with a few more photos of Keane and I.