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Happy Birthday Daddy

September 21, 2012

The Husband has reached a milestone birthday and to celebrate, Keane got him a special toy. Just kidding. This special toy has been here for a while, but unfortunately its been out of action, so as a birthday treat, Keane helped Daddy get the bike back in working order, so now he can spend the weekend cursing the open highways with his fellow leather clad, excessively hairy, ZZ Top style 40-somthing year old Hells Angel friends. Happy Birthday Daddy/The Husband.

Jessica & Adam – Engagement

September 20, 2012

“It was definitely not love at first sight”, Adam assures me, the night he spotted the stunning brunette in an Alabama bar out with some of her girlfriends. A mutual friend introduced them and Adam immediately began laying it on thick. He worked his charming smile and was giving Jessica all his best lines, but she was having none of it. This particular night, Jessica did not want to be in a crowded bar, she was not in the party mood. She was in more of a “lets put on our sweats, chill on the couch and watch some reality TV” mood. So when Adam approached her with his best lines, she was completely unresponsive. Adam picked up on Jessica’s ice cold signals immediately, wrapped up the conversation and politely made his exited. However, the very next night, Jessica, now feeling very much in the party mood, was out with her girlfriends and who does she meet in another bar? Adam. But this time Adam kept his distance, there was no way he was getting burned twice. If there was going to be any conversation between the two of them now, it was going to have to come from Jessica. Thankfully Jessica did make the effort and discovered this charming, handsome guy, also had a sense of humor that kept her laughing all night long. And Adam discovered the stunning brunette, was actually the complete opposite of everything he thought she was based on their encounter the previous night.

I’m so excited to be shooting Jessica and Adam’s wedding in November. They’re engagement session was so much fun, its easy to see why they make such a great couple and why Adam was smart enough to put a ring on Jessica’s finger and lock this deal down for the rest of their lives.

For their engagement session Jessica and Adam wanted to go to Stone Mountain Park, the place where Adam proposed .

Three years later and within a split second, Adam can have Jessica laughing.

Love, love, love the boots, and lets not overlook Jessica’s fierce legs.

Adam working his fierceness.

Jessica, stunning.

Loved this old mill tucked away in a small corner of the park.

Work it girl!

Jessica has the best smile.

Another adorable feature at Stone Mountain was this covered bridge. Very Bridges of Madison County, made fierce by this hot duo.

Handsome, handsome.

Adding a little spice to the Stone Mountain monument.

Here I asked Adam to work his serious face, but while I was shooting he was mumbling things to Jessica that had her cracking up and brought out that fabulous smile of hers. Loved it.

Busting out their playful side.


A seriously good looking couple.

To see more photos from Jessica & Adam’s engagement session CLICK HERE.

The Play Date

September 17, 2012

Three of us, working at the same office, were pregnant at the same time. Taylor was 3 months ahead of me and I was 3 months ahead of Alli. And guess what? We were all having boys. You couldn’t have planned it better, not even if you tried. And you can just image some of the water cooler conversations going on at the office as all 3 of us shared the raw and uncensored details of our pregnancy trials and tribulations. Lets just say it was by no means a PG conversation. But Taylor’s wee fella, Cannon (I know, his name is way cool) arrived February 29th, yep, a little leap year baby. My wee Keane arrived June 7th and Alli’s precious little Gavin arrived only 2 weeks ago. These boys don’t know it yet, but they were friends even before their arrival. Plans for play dates and trips to the park had long been talked about and today those plans finally got put into motion when Keane and Cannon got together for their very first play date.

And this is little Cannon. He’s now 6 months old and was so proud to show me his newly learned push-up skills.

Cannon and his hot momma Taylor.

Already rocking his very own style.

Ok, so for some reason the moms, (Taylor and I) thought it would be so awesome to lay the boys head to head and opposite each other. Don’t ask me why, we were caught up in the moment and no, there was no drink involved.

Keane was certainly amused by it.

Cannon offers Keane a friendly fist pump.

But later decided to go with a gentle pat on the head instead.

Keane became completely engrossed with one of Cannon’s over head toys.

Oh Wooooow!

Me likey”

In the end we also went with the traditional side by side shot. Cannon had his own special move to add to the final couple of shots, while Keane rocked his “someday I will fit into my shorts” shorts.

Hiatus Week Catch Up

September 15, 2012

Keane and I took a little bit of an unplanned hiatus from the blog this week. For some reason, every day was unbelieveably busy and challenging, so finding 5 seconds, let alone 5 minutes to write a blog, was just not on the cards. But now its Saturday night, and said baby is tucked up in bed and said Husband is unwinding to some weird late 80’s movie, and said dogs are out barking at the random night time noises, and said kitty is balled up on the seat next to me, and said me, is on her second super sized glass of wine, so finally there are a few necessary minutes available to share a little of what Keane and I got up to this week.

We have a bunch of grape vines on our property, I wish I could take credit for their planting and growing, but alas, they were here when we arrived and right now they are just bunching with yummy fruit, so Keane and I spent some time this week picking grapes. Grapes for momma to mash into a fine and sophisticated homemade wine with her own bare feet, therefore satisfying her Saturday night thirst.

Focused and ready to get his grape picking on.

Crookie and Dexter (in the background) took care of the fallen fruit.

Not 100% sure what this face is about.

But this is the face of a baby who just got his first taste of a grape. Obviously it was a little on the sour side.

Before we knew it, it was swim Friday again and this time momma managed to be the one to get in front of the camera with Keane.

However, The Husband had told me that this week Keane was going to get dunked, that it’s “good for him and what your suppose to do so babies can get comfortable in the water“. I wanted no part of it. There was no way I wanted my son thinking his mother was trying to drown him, let him hate his dad for that instead. But I did want to capture the big event on camera and here’s how it played out. Ready…..




….what just happened?”

Keane did great and was completely unfazed by the entire thing.

Daddy thinks its hilarious, while momma was on the verge of tears. 

Water Baby

September 8, 2012

Guess who got their very first swim on this weekend?

If I didn’t know better I’d say this was the face of a baby who was a little on the nervous side.

So we took the softly softly approach as we smiled, clapped and encouraged our now 3 month old to let go and enjoy his first aquatic experience.

And eventually he did.

Oh don’t mind me, I’m just chillin. Can someone please bring me a fancy poolside cocktail? With umbrella.

Opps, the cannon ball of a neighboring 5 year old results in an all out facial splash.

Now we’ve progressed to swimming laps.

Daddy grabs a nearby floaty and turns it into Keane’s own little surf board.

Now we’re really having some fun.