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We Hit The Lake

September 30, 2012

If there’s one obvious thing you must do while staying in Lake Tahoe, its take a boat out on the lake. It would feel completely wrong not to. The Lake is the biggest most obvious thing happening in this town, well, outside of the casino’s. Plus is was the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy day pulling double duty as both wedding photographer and at moments, wedding guest. Nothing like the fresh lake and mountain air to blow away the hard partying cobwebs.

We were joined by a few more of the wedding guests who were looking to do the same thing.

And of course Keane got to take his first trip on a boat and even helped daddy with a little of the driving.

A rare shot, Keane and I.

For any track fans out there you might recognize this guy, Ashton Eaton, Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon. Here he decided the best way of testing how cold the water was, was to go ahead and backflip right in.

Apparently is was shockingly cold.

The international symbol for, “hell ya thats cold”

More of baby Keane and daddy.

Even more of baby Keane with daddy and mammy.

This shot was captured by Ashton of a passing cruise boat. Impressive

And this is Ashton, giving the world the big fat thumbs up.

Business and Vacation

September 29, 2012

So our trip to Lake Tahoe is not purely for vacation, its mostly cos I’m shooting the wedding of an amazing couple, we just happen to be throwing in a little vacation time too. I’ll be sharing loads more photos from this gorgeous wedding next week, but as always, here’s a little some’n some’n to wet the palette.

Greetings From Lake Tahoe

September 28, 2012

The Husband, Keane and I have taken off on a bit of a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe. Keane is pretty pumped and once we got settled into our hotel room, he had a blast playing on the big bed with daddy.

Dog Days

September 25, 2012

In a recent conversation with my brother, he brought up the fact that since Keane’s arrival, there has been a serious lack of blog space dedicated to my dogs, Dexter & Crooked, and our kitty cat Fintan. And he’s right. Keane has completely hijacked the spotlight. His arrival caused a shuffle among the order of importance within the house. They are still our furry babies and receive plenty of love and attention, but just not at the level they had become accustomed to. And obviously the amount of time they use to spend in front of my camera, has really taken a blow. So as a way of easing my guilt on the issue and proving that my dogs are still very much cared for, I’m posting a bunch of photos of Dexter & Crooked on their daily walk. Also, Little Paul was able to join us yesterday, so that added a new element of enjoyment.

Dexter needs a minute to break from the heat.

Crooked just needed a drink.

Little Paul checks in on Keane, making sure he’s not getting too hot. Too cute.

We stopped for a while to get a group shot, but Crooked was more into licking faces than posing for the camera.

Eventually we got what we needed.

A Special Visit

September 24, 2012

The difficulty with living in Atlanta, Georgia, is that neither The Husband nor I live even remotely close to either of our families. All my family is in Ireland and The Husbands, in Boston. So its a pretty big deal and we tend to get a little over excited when members of the various families do venture down our way for a visit. This past weekend Keane had the pleasure of meeting his uncle Steve (The Husband’s brother) and one of his cousins, four year old Paul, who we refer to as Little Paul as a way of differentiating him from The Husband, also called Paul, make sense?

They flew all the way from Boston and Little Paul even had a small gift for Keane, a toy iPad, and he spent some time showing him how to use.

Then Keane watched as Paul demonstrated how a real iPad worked.

After a power breakfast Big Paul and Little Paul took the 4-wheeler out for a ride around the property.

Keane and I tried to capture a photo of the boys as they went zipping past us.

Somebody got very excited by all the action and commotion.

Later we took a trip into the North Georgia mountains to get our apple picking on.

Hitching a ride out into the orchards on a local tractor.

Little Paul knows the best apples are always the highest, so Steve helps by boasting him to the exact elevation needed to grab them.

Keane is amazed by Paul’s apple picking skills.

Sometimes you gotta improvise and use what you have to get the job done.

Taking a break to get some group shoots. Big Paul, Little Paul and Littler Keane.

The Doyle boys, all rocking the exact same t-shirt, well, except for Keane.

The Doyle boys, and me.

Little Paul demonstrates his wrestling moves on Uncle.

If your wondering whats happening here, your not alone. Little Paul is listening to the noises coming from inside the pumpkin. He swears he heard something.