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Just One Shot

August 13, 2012

I just needed one photo, just one of Keane with two of his cousins (my brother’s kids). I’d even waited until after their evening bath, when they’d put on their favorite pajamas and were almost ready for bed. The amateur mother in me somehow thought this would be the calmest time of day to grab a photo of the kids together. Wrong. Turns out a 3 year old, a 10 month old and a 2 month old have secret reserves of energy and mischiefness they can tap into right when you least expect it. I did manage to get my shot (see below) but I also managed to get an abundance of out-takes in my effort to secure one image (see below again).

Bingo! The shot. Evan, Keane and Emily.

Now for the out-takes.

Emily was in awe of baby Keane and once she saw her opportunity, she went in for the grab.

Baby Keane was not the least bit impressed and went into total meltdown mode.

Once Keane was removed from the scene, Evan became Emily’s new target. This is a determined young girl, make no mistake about it.

Two cheeky faces.

I would steal this baby girl in a second if I could. She is so adorable.

Evan wanted in on the shot too.

So he got himself into position….

…and worked his best Baby Gap pose.

So stankin cute, I could squeeze her to death.

The Place You Come From.

August 8, 2012

Since Keane’s arrival 2 months ago yesterday (Happy 2 month Birthday Keane) there have been very few photos of me with my special wee man. The main reason being I’m always the one behind the camera capturing all the photos, and until NASA or some futuristic equivalently thinking company invents a way for a girl to be in 2 places at once, it will remain that way for now. However, when you take your newborn son to his homeland for the first time and introduce him to the place his mother grew up, you call on the kindness of friends to help you grab a few photographic memories. Lucky for me my good and longtime friend Nicola is one of those friends, and with the assistance of her 2 year old son Donnacha, they helped me capture some visual documentation of Keane’s first trip to Ireland. Cos if one things for sure, he will definitely not remember it.

What better place to start than at the sign that tells you, you’ve now arrived at my town.

And this is the busy road I forced us all, yes toddlers and babies included, to stand next to in our effort to grab the above photos. The good news is we all survived.

Next we took the boys to the Curragh Plains where the wind threatened to blow us all sideways.

While Keane and I got down and dirty with the local sheep…….

………Donnacha saw his opportunity to photo bomb.

The mighty Donnacha.

My good friend Nicola and her high energy man.

Here Keane and I tried to close in on some sheep, but they were havin none of us.

Nicola has found the best way to control a 2 year old, run them wild, burns off a lot, but not all, of their energy.

Once we left The Curragh, we headed down to the River Liffey for more mother and baby shots.

Keane woke up just in time to strike a pose.

While our backs were turned Donnacha threatened to send some Bob the Builder toys overboard.

The face of a guilty toddler.

Finally a group shot, captured with the ever handy camera self-timer. Nicola and Donnacha, thank you so much for spending the afternoon with Keane and I. Thank you also for helping us capture some of our forever memories of that afternoon. xoxo

And The Games Begin

August 6, 2012

So the Olympics are in full swing. The track and field portion is well underway and I have to say, I am so happy I’m in Ireland watching. The TV coverage is amazing, I get to see every single race and all of the drama as it unfolds live, which means I’m cheering on my friends at the exact moments they need it most. Our cheering however, has had some mixed results. So far The Husbands (Doyle Management) athletes have competed well, or absolutely disastrous.

One of the “Well” performances was Reece Hoffa from USA in the mens Shot Putt, he walked away with the bronze medal.

Two of the BIG “Disaster” performances were Asafa Powell in the mens 100m who pulled up with an injury. World record holder and race favorite, Usain Bolt went on to take Olympic gold.

The 2nd “Disaster” was by Brigitte Foster-Hylton in the women’s 100m hurdles. She inexplicably hit the 7th hurdle in her heat, stumbled and just couldn’t recover enough to get one of the qualifying spots.

Someone who did run amazingly well in her heat of the same event, was my BFF, Derval O’Rourke. Running a seasons best she has secured her spot in tomorrow nights semi-final. “Lets go Scratcher”

Some of our other athletes who have yet to compete this week and who we hope will turn our collective Olympic performance frowns upside down are Christian Taylor in the mens triple jump.

Trey Hardee in the mens decathlon.

And least we forget the great Ashton Eaton, also in the mens decathlon and fresh off his new world record from 4 weeks ago. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you may remember a photo shoot I did with Ashton back in July of 2010 (Click Here For a Reminder) when he had just signed with Doyle Management and was only a big deal. Now he’s a HUGE deal, yet still remains the nicest, most ground guy you could ever hope to meet.

Keane is without a doubt the Olympic Champion of infant travel. To say he was perfectly behaved on the 8 hour flight from Atlanta to Dublin would be an understatement. When he wasn’t sleeping, he was happily eating or flirting with the flight attendants with his adorably wide and curious eyes and brand new smile. Clearly his mellowness translates across continents. What a relief.

Some camera phone moments of Keane’s transatlantic trip.

There’s nothing harder than trying to capture a baby’s smile when your 1. simultaneously jumping around acting the complete fool, doing all the faces, voices, noises and theatrics that got him smiling in the first place and 2. your holding a camera trying desperately to capture that second when he breaks into facial joy. Keane started f’real smiling last week. Not those gassy, pre projectile throw-up smiles, but big, wide genuine smiles, and I’ve been at pains to try and capture it. But of course he refuses to turn it on when I have my camera poised and ready to capture the moment. No, he waits until mommy is running around like an absolute freak trying to get us both packed and ready for our flight later this evening, and thats when he sits there watching and beaming. Great, cos now my camera is already packed away, so I’m left scrambling for my phone, desperately trying to get a shot of his new smile. But the phone only served as a distraction, causing him to pause and stare in curiosity, so I only managed to get a few of his littler smiles.