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The bridal suite was a buzz with nervous excitement. Everywhere girls were pulling, zipping, combing, spraying and side stepping over randomly lying make-up bags. Her day was finally here, the day she would at last get to wear her princess dress and the walk down the island, yes island, carrying her special basket of flowers, just like she’d been practicing. Michelle and Keith’s 2 year old daughter Lily was beyond excited that her parents wedding day was finally here. At last she and mommy would both get to dress like princesses and daddy would wear his special suit.

The entire day came together flawlessly, dripping with personal touches thanks to the hard work and support of both their families and friends, and as Michelle made her way down the aisle to join her future husband, the entire room collectively held their breaths, cos that’s just how Michelle looked, absolutely breathtaking.

Michelle and Keith, I can’t express enough how honored I was to be part of your special day. Your friends and family were nothing short of amazing and made me feel like an extended family member. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and hope you are enjoying your much needed break to the Bahamas.

Mother and daughter princess dresses.

I loved all of the personal details that went into Michelle and Keith’s day.

Michelle was so overcome with joy and emotion when she saw the room all finished and ready for her to marry the man of her dreams.

Bride and maid of honor help Lily into her dress.

This little girl could not contain her excitement once she caught a glimpse of her own fierceness.

The stunning bride.

Michelle, you are absolutely flawless.

While shooting Michelle’s bridals, a random rain shower showed up, so we all dashed for cover under a near by tent.

While we hung out under the tent waiting for the rain to pass, I was able to grab these 2 stunning photos of Michelle.

Then it was back outside for a couple more fabulous portraits.

The fierce ladies and adorable Lily.

Michelle’s amazing bridesmaids help her get tucked away before the boys showed up.

The boys make a rock star enterance.

Keith handsome and rocking some major style.

The entourage.

Lily couldn’t have been cuter, chewing on her ribbon as she nailed her walk down the island.

I love the reaction of this little girl and her mom as they watch Michelle start her walk down the aisle.

Proud papa.

Lily switched from chewing the ribbon on her dress, to chewing the ribbon from her hair.

Husband & wife.

The bridal party was so much fun and ready to celebrate the new Mr. & Mrs. Ali.

Now for some couple fierceness.


Michelle, too gorgeous for words.

Keith, you rocked it out. Love it.

Any guesses where Michelle went to college??

First dance.

Feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow of even more fierceness.

Tummy Time

August 27, 2012

Last week Keane hit the floor for some hardcore tummy time to work on his upper body strength. As you can see, he was initially a little confused by this whole new experience.

Eventually he was all Hey, World, Look! At! Me! I’m rocking tummy time!

That was until he wasn’t rocking tummy time. Instead he was rocking yawny face, followed by hostility face.

Back in Action

August 26, 2012

This weekend I was back in wedding photography action, and I couldn’t have asked for a more stunning or fiercely fabulous couple to kick off my Fall wedding schedule than Michelle & Keith. An absolute rockstar couple from 2 amazing families. I’m excited to share some of their wedding photos on the blog next week. But until then, here is little sample of what to expect.

Finger Lickin Good

August 21, 2012

Someone has recently discovered the wonderment of hands. Although outside of the finger lickin taste test, he has yet to figure out their usage. According to him, hands are yummy and he just can’t get enough of them in his mouth at any one time.

Crookie is fascinated by how much Keane loves to eat his fingers.

Its tiring work this fist eating.

Life’s A Beach

August 16, 2012

After an exciting 2 weeks visiting family and friends in Ireland and meeting up with The Husband in London, we are finally back home in Atlanta, and I am a jet-lagged mess. As a result my thinking is foggy and my reflexes are off and Keane can sense it, cos in the 24 hours since our return, he has projectile vomited on me twice, pee’d on me 3 times and pooped once. Its a bodily fluid shambles up in these here parts, a shambles that has never happened before, well, certainly not to this magnitude. I’m completely off my game and suffering the consequences in the grossest way. I can’t even think clearly enough to string the right words together to accompany this blog, so I’m gonna stop trying. Instead I’m gonna leave you enjoy some of the photos from our day at Brighton Beach in England.

After 2 very intense and tiring weeks at the Olympics, The Husband wanted to get out of London for the day, so we decided to take the short drive to Brighton so Keane could have his first beach like experience.

As you can see, it was a typical British summer day, overcast, windy, slightly chilly and the rain eventually showed up later in the day.

Keane dips his toes in the English Channel.

Here I feel like Keane is begging daddy to pleeeease take him out of this cold water.

Family shot.

Bundling up against the elements.

Keane not very impressed with our windy day at the beach idea.

Symbols of England.

Someone is getting tired and its not Keane.

The fresh sea air made for a very sleepy baby.