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Bon Voyage and Thank You

July 15, 2012

Making the transition to life with a baby is never easy. On top of the physical adjustment to sleep deprivation and a schedule that’s structured purely around baby naps and baby feeds, there is the emotional adjustment. Without a doubt new moms are bi-polar monsters. To have a conversation with us, is to take your life into your own hands, literally. Saying the wrong thing, or just saying anything at all and you could easily find yourself on the receiving end of a hardcore emotional meltdown. We are talking full on tears, with a side of angry and a speckle of illogical ranting. And over the past 5 weeks, I’ve been guilty of all of it. Motherhood ain’t no joke thats for sure. Luckily, if there is one person out there who understands better than anyone what it is your going through and who can tolerate all of your crazy, its your own mother. And I have been unbelievably fortunate to have my mother stay with me this past month helping out every way she can with the baby. However, as with most things in life my luck has run out and its time for my mother to return to Ireland. Keane and I are very sad to see her go but we are so grateful for everything she has done, for all of emotional rollercoasters she has ridden and for the night time glasses of vino that helped us survive many a tough day these past 4 weeks.

Thank You Granny Shinkins for all your help. We’ll see you again soon.

He was certain it was because their apartment had carpet, thats why the girls from across the hall started hanging out. Clearly Drew and his fellow roommates had a home that was cozy and inviting and the ladies just couldn’t resist it. However, Katherine smiles guiltily as she admits the real reason she and her roommates began dropping by the boys apartment was simple, they had a TV and they had cable. The carpet, had nothing to do with it. Both students at GCSU, Drew was one of the guys living in the “cozy” apartment. He and Katherine became fast friends thanks to her and her roommates daily visits for their TV fix. Then gradually over time, their friendship morphed into something more special and that something has lead them to the point where they are now planning the rest of their lives together and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are such an open and genuine couple, who radiate a happiness and positivity that is completely contagious and I feel so extraordinarily lucky that I am the one that gets to document this very special time in both their lives.

Katherine and Drew, you two are beyond amazing. In the abominable plus 100 degree heat you rocked the hell out of your engagement session, like absolute pros. Based on our time together last weekend, I cannot wait for your wedding day later this year.

The engagement session took place on Katherine’s parents property. 70 + acres of open fields and so many unique and special details. We began the session at the small creek that runs next to their home, on a bridge built by Katherine’s dad.

The handsome, handsome Drew.

The stunning Katherine and her radiant smile.

Fierce legs, fierce boots. My kinda girl.


How perfectly cute are these two? Seriously.

Yes ma’am, work it!

The pinky hand hold.

Amazing, amazing light and amazing, amazing couple. Love it!

I flipped when I saw this tire swing. How completely country and how completely romantic is that? Love!

And the sunlight that just poured around them was to die for.


Katherine, seriously, FIERCENESS.

Off to the open fields for some truly stunning and romantic shots.

Those eyes, die!

I just love how much fun this couple has together.

I’ve had bling envy from the second I laid eyes on Katherine’s engagement ring. A flawless, perfect diamond, left to her by her late grandmother and beautifully showcased in a setting designed by Drew. Go Drew!


I have the best clients, willing to climb to the top of a rustic old barn for some fierce shots.

The camera couldn’t get enough of those deep baby blues.

To see even more photos from Katherine & Drew’s engagement session, CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW.

Back In The Swing

July 9, 2012

This past weekend, in the excessive heat of the current heatwave that continuous to oppress the entire state of Georgia, I got to spend a couple of hours hanging with a very cool, completely adorable and absolutely fierce couple. Yes, I stepped out of my new role as mom and got back in the swing of capturing fabulous couples with the engagement shoot of Katherine and Drew. This couple worked the fierce to infinity and beyond and I’m excited to share more from their engagement shoot later this week. But here’s a little taste of whats to come.

Take A Walk

July 6, 2012

Keane braves the horrendous Atlanta heat and takes a stroll with Daddy, Granny Shinkins and me. I’m obviously working the behind the camera angle.

Granny, photo bombing The Husbands very serious stroller pushing moment.

Family photo, Mammy, Daddy and baby Keane.

Keane represents his Boston peeps by rockin the Red Sox look.

Change For The Smarter

July 1, 2012

He came out with his eyes wide open, curious and hungry for information about his new surroundings, and he hasn’t really closed them since. People tell me its a sign of intelligence, which scares the bejaysus out of me, cos now I feel pressured. Here I am with a potential Bill Gates on my hands and these days my own acquired level of intelligence comes mostly from a reality TV/pop culture addiction. I know, I know, it doesn’t make me proud to write or admit to my love affair with all things trash TV, in fact, it makes me want hunt down my college degree and rub it against my head as testament and proof that my life did in fact contain moments of pseudo intelligence. But with Keane’s wide eyed arrival, I’ve been slapped with the challenge of not effing up the intellectual potential of the worlds next Steve Jobs and I have to say its a lot of pressure. Habits will have to change. TV viewing will now need to be of a National Geographic or History Channel nature and evenings will have to be spent brushing up on our Shakespeare if we have any chance at broadening his mental capacity beyond that of a fist pumping¬†Jersey Shore level.

However, every future genius needs to start with the basics e.g playtime on a brightly colored activity mat, and thank goodness for that, cos the basics? Those I got covered.

Hmmm, Keane is not so sure he should trust those dangling toys. They’re lookin a little suspicious.