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The Adjustment Factor

June 29, 2012

The addition of baby Keane to the family has been a big adjustment not just for The Husband and I, but also for the furry babies in the house. Each one of them has had a different reaction to his arrival.

Dexter is completely intimidated. He prefers observing the baby from a safe distance until curiosity eventually compels him to ever so carefully make his way towards the baby. However, any sudden movement or cry and he’s doing the major skedaddle outta there.

Crooked is so curiously happy. He follows me around with his head in its usual side tilt watching and wondering who this tiny fellow is. The crying, feeding, pooping, none of it intimidates him in the least, in fact it only makes him wag his tail faster. Another thing Crooked is loving since Keane’s arrival is the presence of toys in the house. He took a particular shine to a Smurf toy my dad bought and was stealing it ever chance he got. One afternoon I caught him sleeping in his crate with the Smurf tucked under his chin, Ah-dorable, at that point we decided it was best to let him keep the Smurf and now they are inseparable.

Fintan on the other hand is not the least bit impressed with the new situation and spends most of his days avoiding both me and the baby. If he is forced to be in our company he’s not shy about throwing looks of hostility and disgust in our direction, and I swear, if I listen hard enough I’m almost positive I can hear him call me a “Bitch” under his breath.

Crookie and his new BFF

Keane will definitely have to keep a close eye on all his toys with Crooked around.

Thanks For the Visit

June 27, 2012

Since Keane’s arrival I realize my blog has been nothing but baby post after baby post, which I’m sure is a little frustrating for those of you who may not be baby people. But when you’re the mother of a new born, there is very little else going on in your day to day life that is not baby related. These days I monitor feeds, how much and how often. Sleeping patterns, or lack there of. Poop output, including frequency, texture and color. I really have become a connoisseur of all things poop. Its gross x 1000 absolutely, but who knew you could tell so much about a person, especially a baby, based on their poo?? But I digress. This post was not suppose to veer off in the direction of baby bowel movements, it was really suppose to be a “Good Bye” post to Keane’s Grandad Shinkins, who came to visit for 10 days but left to go back to Ireland yesterday. Granny Shinkins is going to stay a couple more weeks, but unfortunately Grandad had to get back.

Keane wanted me to post this photo to say “Thank You” for coming to see him.

And also wanted you to know that Granny has been helping him practice his Gaelic Football skills on the ball you sent over. “Up the Lilly Whites”

Baby Bucket Outtakes

June 24, 2012

Shooting a newborn in a bucket is not without its challenges, so it helps if you can have The Husband standing close by (thats his shoe in the lower right of the photo) for moments when the baby looks like he’s about to slip to the bottom or when he begins chewing his way through the sides.

I accidently captured this photo as I rushed forward to stop Keane leg pressing himself over the side of the bucket. He has surprisingly strong legs for a 2 week old and is fast figuring out how to use them.

The Day I Shot The Baby

June 21, 2012

I’ve never really ventured into family or baby photography. Its an area I’m not 100% comfortable with and honestly, there are photographers out there with a much better eye for all things kids and baby and who do an amazing job with that particular style of photography, better than I ever could. However, things change when all of a sudden you have a newborn on your hands and in an effort to document and persevere all of his baby cuteness, along with his tiny features, you find yourself shooting way out of your comfort zone. So this week, Keane became the perfect baby model, allowing me the opportunity to flex my baby shooting skills.

We started the shoot with a little outdoorsy action and honestly, what’s cuter than a newborn in a bucket?

How about a yawning newborn in a bucket?

After a quick feed and a change, Keane slipped off into blissful baby sleep and I got busy capturing all of his baby perfections.

Gotta love the tiny fingers and toes.

The sleepy profile.

Ooops, suddenly awake and wondering what in the world is going on?

His First Father’s Day

June 16, 2012

It was the 4th, or was it the 5th feed that night? Hard to tell. At this point I’m on auto pilot. Baby wakes, baby cries, I get up, I feed, I change, I swaddle, I lay him back down to hopefully sleep some more. This particular morning, as dawn was starting to break outside and baby was once again beginning to stir, The Husband told me to stay in bed, that he had this one. I tried to go back asleep, but I couldn’t. I’d caught a glimpse of both my boys, sitting together post feed in the early morning light, looking peaceful and adorable and I knew I needed to capture this moment. To persevere it forever. So I did.

Paul, I know I told you this shot was just for me, but I lied. Happy First Father’s Day xoxo