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The Final Four

May 12, 2012

Its been a while since baby Shinkins-Doyle and I have updated the world on our growth and development. I think a small part of me has been avoiding it cos there’s certainly been a lot, particularly in the growth department. Some days I feel I could give Jessica Simpson a run for her money, until I see yet another humongous photo of her in a tabloid and instantly I’m grateful. Things could definitely be worse.¬†Anyway, baby and I are down to our final 4 weeks. I know, can you believe it? So I figured now was as good a time as any to visually document how we’ve both been progressing over past month or so.

Many thanks to my good friend and awesome second shooter, Gianne for taking these photos. She definitely had her work cut out for her cos I am the most awkward and uncomfortable person EVER to step in front of the camera. But she did a great job capturing me and my ever growing bump. Thanks girl!

They were both working at the same company when they caught each others eye. She thought he was cute and he thought she was smokin, but in the name of being cautious and professional, neither was about to show their cards. They continued to work in close proximity, getting to know each other better through a combination of work related and the odd personal conversation. However, on a series of after work company gatherings, in a more relaxed, social setting, Michelle and Keith really got the opportunity to talk, and discovered they had a natural chemistry. Everything about their personalities just clicked. Now all of a sudden that “cute” guy was more than cute, he was funny, attentive, charming and romantic. And that “smokin” girl, just added hot, funny, happy, smart, understanding and positive to her arsenal of attributes. Everything about them was a natural fit. This couple was just meant to be. A year or so after they began dating, Michelle and Keith added one more adorable element to their relationship, their daughter Lily. The cutest little thing you will ever meet with a personality that emulates the best of both Michelle and Keith. And later this summer she will get to rock her very own princess dress alongside her mom and dad on what is sure to be a very special and fun filled wedding day. I cannot wait.

Michelle and Keith wanted an engagement session that was a little scenic, but also a little urban and rugged, so we hit up one of the downtown Atlanta parks before roaming one of the city’s more “questionable” streets.

Work it Keith.

Love this. Michelle, radiant.

Loved the coolness of their hats. Perfect for the heat and humid of Atlanta.

The best thing about Keith, he can make Michelle laugh without even trying.

OMG, rawr!

Even more uber coolness.

This little park was a perfect backdrop, offering so many cute and different corners for photos.

Keith looking way chilled.

Michelle, in all her stunning’ness.

After a quick outfit change, Michelle and Keith took their fierceness to the “questionable” Atlanta streets. And wow were they fierce.

Smokin hot couple.

Few people can make a simple pavement look this fierce, but this couple absolutely can.

Bam! Michelle workin the hell out of her fierceness.

These two, natural models.

Bling, Bling!


And yes ladies, Keith is this smitten and attentive to his stunning future wife all the time.

To see even more photos of Michelle & Keith CLICK HERE For Slideshow.

Today’s blog is really for the benefit of my dad. He’s a curious man by nature, so I know he’s just dying to see how things are progressing with the house building. If house building is not your thing (and honestly, it wasn’t really mine until we decided to take on this project) I’ve included a “Where’s Waldo Crookie” type game in the second photo especially for your viewing pleasure. And for those of you who are just like my dad, curious, then please enjoy the recent building progress.

An overview of foundation.

This is the space that will eventually be our living room. And 10 extra cool points for anyone who can spot Crookie in this photo.

Dexter, just cos he’s so cute.

Lets Pretend

May 7, 2012

Last week was a quiet week for me on the blog. Lets pretend it was due to a week filled with calmness, serenity and absolute clarity and not as a result of some wild, heavily charged mood swings and all around feelings of funky stuckness (don’t tell me thats not a real word, the news will only make me cry or cause me to swing at you violently). I think they call this the final 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Anyway, this week, or at least today, I appear to be a little more stable, so I figured it was a good time to share a shot from my latest engagement session with a hugely fierce couple. More fierceness to come over the next few days.