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The Thug Life

April 15, 2012

I’ve had Lil Jon’s song “Shots” on repeat for the past 2 hours. Wait, what’s that? You’d no idea I was a bad ass gangsta girl from Ireland? Well not only am I, but this Irish gangsta girl is under some sort of illusion that today she is living the thug life, buzzed and fist pumping to all kinds of nasty rap lyrics. Its my release, from a busy, stressful weekend and a distraction from the fact that I am currently knee deep in paperwork and receipts. Its effing tax season again here in the US and as usual I’ve left it to the final second to get my sh*t together for Uncle Sam. Now do you see why I need to throw around my angry gangsta signs?

But the silver lining of the weekend was without doubt the wedding of Mary and Ben. A breathtaking couple who’s photos I can’t wait to post later this week.

Attainable Goals

April 13, 2012

Its been a crazy busy week. I’ve spent most of it running around like the preverbal headless chicken and to be honest, I’m not even sure I achieved anything other than stress and fatigue. The weekend is panning out to be just as busy, but I figure if I go into it with a positive outlook and low expectations in the sleep department, then there’s every chance I will achieve my goals. So by way of encouraging myself to hit the ground running as I race towards my goals of stress and sleep deprivation, I’ve decided to included a shot from my most recent engagement session of some fierce legs for us all to envy.

We were up before the sun. We watched as it slowly rose above the distant tree line and burned the early morning fog off the surrounding lake and fields, providing the most brilliant light to capture my two radiantly happy, not to mention stunning clients, Mallory and Hank.

Hank was a sommelier, a wine expert for a high end Atlanta store and Mallory a sales rep for a well known gourmet food and wine company. Their paths crossed often as Mallory made frequent stops at Hank’s store. During her visits Mallory and Hank talked comfortably, like old friends, joking and smiling. There was a seamless ease to their interactions, a natural connection, everything about it made sense. So one day Hank decided to put aside his initial fears that asking Mallory out would somehow ruin this special connection. In his mind it was worth the risk and on her very next visit, Hank asked Mallory on a date. As it turns out, they were even better as a couple then they were as just friends.

Mallory and Hank, I had so much fun on our crack of dawn engagement shoot. You are both two very special people with a positively upbeat and fun approach to life. I am beyond excited to capture your very unique and special October wedding.

Mallory, you are flawless.

Hank is hands down one of the sweetest, smiliest guys ever.


The light that morning was to die for.


Oh so country.

The early morning fog rising from the lake was such a cool effect.

When I saw Mallory bust out the fierce boots, I knew there was a reason we connected so well.

The bling.

Hello? Legs? Hank, you are a very lucky guy.

Loved the softness these flowers created. Small secret, they were a little stinky.

Hank worked his serious model face like a pro.

A sweet little note to end on.

To see more from Mallory and Hank’s shoot, CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Happy Easter

April 7, 2012

Happy Easter. Its time for loads of chocolate and bunnies, or better yet, chocolate bunnies. After I eat my own newly increased body weight in chocolaty goodness, I’ll be working on my most recent engagement shoot to share over the next couple of days. As usual we have a tiny teaser to wet your palette.

Ana & Brian – Wedding

April 5, 2012

The weatherman promised rain, and he was right. It rained hard the night before, but the day of Ana & Brian’s wedding, everything changed. The sun was beaming and the temperatures returned to abnormally high levels for this time of year. Ana was also beaming as she paced the home of her parents, smiling her big radiant smile, getting the final touches put to her make-up, hugging, kissing and laughing with everyone who dropped by to wish her well. Across town Brian was also in high spirits. Preparing to marry his gorgeous bride in true masculine style, chillin with the boys, talking smack over a few beers.

Ana & Brian, you are two of the most incredible people and I feel so lucky that I got to be the one to document you wedding day. You both have such promising futures ahead, in your careers and in your lives together. I wishing you nothing but mad success and a long and happy life together.

Ana’s something blue, her stunning ears and custom designed engagement ring.

Mom and bridesmaids secure Ana’s petite little frame into her amazing dress.

While I was hanging with the bride, my 2nd shooter, Gianne spent a little time capturing the boys.

Off for some photos.

I loved Ana’s bridesmaids, they were so attentive to Ana’s needs and kept her in happy high spirits.

The boys, what can I say about them? Besides looking very sharp in their Sunday best, they were so funny and entertaining.

The big moment.

Brain could not stop smiling as his beautiful bride approached.

Ana’s dad tries to keep it together as he watches his little girl say her vows.

YAY! Mr & Mrs

Oh the fierceness of the car and the couple.

Gotta love the blazing evening sunset.

I have no words for this image.

Happy and radiant.

The trees could not have looked more bridal.

Brian, I swear, you’ve got magazine cover written all over you here. Love it!

Work that dress. Absolute fierceness.

First dance

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