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Because having a surprise baby this year hasn’t challenged our lives enough, The Husband and I have also got things started on the building of our new home. Eeeek, clearly we are not the type of couple that likes to do levels of stress in half measures, no, we are the “go ahead and pile it on” types. If your gonna go down, may as well go down in hugely spectacular fashion, thats what we believe. And For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, I know what your thinking, “wait, didn’t you guys just build a house last year?” The answer is “yes, we did” but that wasn’t the f’real house (Click Here for Flashback), it was/is just a temporary home for us to reside until we got the plans figured out and designed, and cut through all of the red tape necessary to be given the go-ahead to build our actual home. Once the f’real home is built, this house will operate as a guest house. And, as and from today, there is no turing back. The foundation is well and truly under way and we are at the beginning stages of what is about the be the most exciting and toughest months of our married lives to date. New baby, new house and oh yeah, its also an Olympic year, which means The Husband (a sports agent) will also be juggling a summer of hectic, global travel. Guess who’s about to be completely OVERWHELMED??

An aerial view (from the deck of our not f’real house) of today’s digging.

Once the builders left, Dexter took on an inspective role of the days work.

Crooked on the other hand, took a more playful approach to the days events, choosing to climb the mounds and…….

….dig in the dirt instead.

Fintan decided to reserve any kind of judgements on the recent upheaval but rather observe it all from the shelter of some newly cleared trees.

The Ugg-ly Debate

April 25, 2012

He bought them against his better judgement. On a recent trip to Australia, I asked The Husband to get a pair of tiny Uggs for baby Shinkins-Doyle. “But he’s a boy” was his response. “Boys don’t wear Uggs“.  Mmm correction, grown ass men don’t wear Uggs, but baby boys? They can wear whatever they ,or more accurately, I want them to wear, they’re babies. And besides, whats cuter than a tiny pair of Uggs? Nothing, exactly.

The Husband: “But what if someone sees his tiny Uggs sticking out of the stroller, assumes its a girl and asks what her name is?”

Me: “Then I will tell them his/her name, race to the car, promptly remove adorable cross-dressing Uggs and immediately mail them to someone who is actually having a girl.”


April 23, 2012

My home life was a clear reflection of my mental state, an absolute mess. The past few weeks I’ve been existing in a state of complete anxiety. Life has been busy in all of its separate compartments, work, home, marriage, impending baby and I’ve been feeling the pressure in a very big way. My “To-Do” lists were long and in the habit of derailing in the blink of one phone call or e-mail. Usually in this state of stress and anxiety, I’d seek clarity and relief by running. I’d run miles at a nearby mountain park. It helps me get my thoughts straight and burns off all of my nervous, excess, unproductive energy, so by the time I’ve finished my run, I’m a lot calmer, more focused and ready to get things done. However, being that I’m now 8 months pregnant, running is a non-option and it has left me struggling in my efforts to breath and refocus. Not even my own home could offer any relief or sanctuary, cos I had allowed that to derail too.

This weekend however, out of nowhere I somehow managed to get the productive smack in the face I’ve been needing to kick myself into gear. And I gladly passed that smack in the face onto The Husband, so between the 2 of us, stuff got done. The productive smack even spilled over into my work life and as a result, loads of stuff got done there too. I seriously felt like Charlie Sheen in the “winning” steaks. Now I’m heading into a new week a lot less anxious and almost on top of things. I give a celebration Sigh, of total relief.

In a moment of non-productivity today, I came across this image online and it crack me up. This is absolutely me if I tried to run right now. Hilarious.

Mary & Ben – Wedding

April 18, 2012

To say there are two of the nicest, sweetest, most giving people I’ve ever met, would be an understatement. Words cannot describe the incredible kindness and generosity of Mary and Ben. Every element of their wedding day was planned and executed by themselves, with the help of close friends and family, but all of it was carried out with the easy and enjoyment of their guests as the priority. They wanted it to be personal, to represent who they are as a couple and every detail from the flowers, to the table settings, the signage and a table filled with mouth watering desserts and treats, all baked by Mary herself, did just that. I am in awe of this couple and even as I write I struggle to find the right words that do their amazingness justice. They are truly beautiful, inside and out. Mary and Ben, I cannot express to you how utterly happy I am for you both. It was an absolute honor to document your day. I wish you both all the happiness in the world and some much needed rest this week on your honeymoon.

The dress, so elegant and simple, with Mary’s model like figure I knew it was going to look amazing. And the hanger was the perfect personal touch.

Shoes with a touch of bling.

Back in the bridal suite, Mary gets the finishing touch to her hair and make-up

In the groom’s suite the boys were having a little trouble making the perfect tie’s, but luckily one of the groomsmen had an “App for that” which gave them all step by step instructions needed.

The groom.

Mary gets into her dress with the help of 2 of her bridesmaids.

One thing I was very excited about was Mary and Ben’s decision to do a”First Look”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the “First Look” is, its when the bride and groom decide to see each other before the ceremony and I absolutely love when couples do this. Usually its the only alone time the couple gets on the wedding day, away from guests and any last minute details that may be stressful or distracting. From a selfish perspective, its also allows me, the photographer, the perfect opportunity to get some amazing photos of the bride and groom. Then once the ceremony is over, the newly married couple are free to mix and mingle with all their guest during cocktail hour and enjoy the mood of the day.

Ben waiting patiently for his bride to arrive for their First Look.

The left image is Gianne’s (my 2nd shooter) angle of the First Look. The right image is my angle.

Ben takes in all of Mary’s gorgeousness.

The sunlight, the flowers in full bloom and all the colors were a perfect backdrop for Mary and Ben’s bridal portraits.

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo. Die.

Mary wore a necklace and ring that were her grandmothers and earrings borrowed from a good friend and one of my former brides. (Shout out to the fierceness of Ellen, heeeey girl)

Ben, you are Don Draper dashing.


Mary, stunning, thats all I have to say.

These two, so good looking.


Ok, I really can’t blog about Mary & Ben’s wedding without mentioning maid-of-honor extrodinare, Christy. This girl was be-yond amazing. Not only was she front and center attentive to Mary’s every need, but she made herself 110% available to anything and everything I might need. If I could box her up and take her with me to every wedding, I absolutely would.

The boys, being boys.

The girls, being fierce.

Time to get married.

Some last second adjustments to the ring bearer’s boutonniere.

The bride was led down the aisle by both her parents.

I love this moment Gianne captured between Mary and her mother.

Ben takes a moment during the ceremony to light a candle in memory of his father.

YAY! Mr. & Mrs brings Ben’s mom to tears, of joy.


All the details were made by the bride.

Including a table filled with amazing desserts.

The couple’s first dance.

To see a slideshow of Mary & Ben’s day, CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Duck Like Instincts

April 17, 2012

Today the rain finally showed up in Georgia. Its been hotter than Hades in these here parts for waaay too long and I’ve been struggling. Heat is just not my thing, never has been, rain is where its at for sure.  I sleep better, am happier, a lot calmer and definitely more productive during a good downpour. I’ve even been known to grab my trainers and take off for a run mid rain storm. To me, nothing feels better. I’m completely at home in the rain, cos lets be honest, in my home (Ireland), all it ever does is rain. So my duck like instincts make perfect sense. Yet somehow, the tortourous heat and humidity of Atlanta is now the place I call home. As my secondary school english teacher Mr. McDermot would say, “this is an example of irony girls, underline please.”

Confusion all around as Dexter and Crookie watch me head off for a stroll in the midst of a downpour.