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Eat Your Words

March 7, 2012

It was roughly a year ago when a friend of mine told me I NEEDED to read The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. As an avid reader always on the lookout for a good book, I was excited by the recommendation, until she went on to describe it as a futuristic novel of sorts, set in former North America now called Panem, and right there I had to throw my hand up to stop her in her descriptive tracks. I was immediately turned off. Sci-fi is just not my thing and this book by the sounds of things, had Star Trek the original and every generation after written all over it. So I dismissed it.

But the damn book kept haunting me. It seemed like since my friend mentioned it, it started to pop up everywhere, everyone was reading it and everyone LOVED it. I was baffled, but stubborn as I am, I dug my heels in harder and continued with my one women campaign of determination not to read this over hyped futuristic tale. Until a couple of weeks ago when I found myself alone and browsing the shelves of our local book store in search of a new good read, I came face to face with a display full of Hunger Games books. “You”, I thought with a tone of anger and distaste, “what in the world is so special about You”, as I reached out and picked up a copy, but not before checking over each shoulder to make sure nobody I knew was lurking between the shelves, I wasn’t about to get caught red handed in an act of hypocrisy. I began to read and wouldn’t you know I was instantly submerged in the story. I couldn’t get to the register fast enough, nor drive home wreckless enough to continue reading. I was now officially one of the obsessed. Damn it. It’s actually the first book of a Suzanne Collins trilogy and I can’t wait to get my hands on the remaining 2 books. If you haven’t yet read it, due to unawareness of its existence or like me your stubborn as a mule, go out and get it today.

Look who stole my reading spot in the hammock when I got up for 5 minutes, Crookie, and doesn’t he look guilty doing it too? I also put in a token photo of Dexter, just cause he never seems to get enough blog time, not because we don’t love him, but because he can’t run away fast enough when he sees me coming with the camera.

The Unarmed Fight

March 5, 2012

It came on hard and fast. One day I had a scratchy throat and a little sniffle and the next day I’m laid out in the trenches, fighting the worst flu EVER! I swear, it was one of the longest, most torturous weeks of my life as I battled hot flushes and cold chills. Body aches, migraines, nausea and gallons of congestion, all without the assistance of first world medication. If I wasn’t pregnant you’d better believe I’d have hit the pharmacy hard for anything and everything to take the edge off my sufferage, but being that I am, my only ally was hot water and lemon, which is a lovely beverage to sip on a cold winter’s night next to a log fire, but its not really the heavy artillery needed to take on a ruthless flu virus. Eventually it all became too much, so I cried, a lot, begging to be put out of my misery, demanding The Husband shoot me on the spot where I lay, but he refused and instead called the doctor to find out if there was anything I could take. She made some suggestions, all of which I ignored for fear my pill popping would set baby Shinkins-Doyle up with an appetite for recreational drugs later in life and instead, I powered on with the struggle.

By Saturday night I’d taken a turn for the better and was finally able to eat and drink again, and by Sunday I was back on my feet. The feet I can still somehow manage to see over my fast expanding mid-section. The flu obviously did nothing to hold back this baby’s growth plan. At the rate he’s growing, I’m wondering how much longer I’ll get to enjoy this view.