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Baby Runs a 5k

February 11, 2012

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a number of people ask if I’ve continued to run during my pregnancy and unfortunately the answer is a not so simple yes, then no, then yes again. Initially I did continue running, then due to a minor pregnancy complication early on, I was advised to stop. So I did, and instead took up little biking and swimming, but can’t say I loved either all that much. Then about 3 weeks ago at one of my routine check-ups, I was told that everything looked good and the green light was given for me to get back to some easy running if I so desired. And let me tell you, I did very much desire. Less than 24 hours after being told yes to running, the bike was back in the shed, the goggles and swimsuit were tossed somewhere in the vicinity of my closet and I had my shorts on, trainers laced up and was out the door faster than it took The Husband to finish yelling “take it easy out there”.

It felt so good, if not a little weird to be back running the Kennesaw trails again. My technique has become slightly altered to accommodate the small bowling ball I’m now carrying up front and my goals have switched from running hard and trying to beat previous mileage times, to something a little more steady and controlled. PB’s are currently not allowed and I tried to keep that in mind this morning when me and my growing bump lined up to take part in the annual Mardi Gras 5k. Yep, you read that right, baby and I, and my friend Mike, got our race on. And if you don’t believe me I have pictures to prove it.

Big thank you to my friend Gianne, who braved the early morning cold to come out and support and also grab a few photos. Thats me in the center, almost a blur due to the ferocious speed at which I am not moving at.

Mike, me and the growing bump in a post-race Kodak moment.

The Hard Life

February 9, 2012

He has a knack for finding the best spots. The warmest, comfiest, coziest corners of our home where he can lay his furry little ginger head and sleep away the days troubles. He is the ultimate in cuteness and coming home today to find him balled up in blissful slumber made me want to 1. not disturb his peaceful little cat-nap , 2. rush right over, scoop him up in both hands and commence a simultaneous kissing and hugging assault, 3. kick off my shoes and curl up on the floor next to him, 4. secretly offer up a request to come back as a kitty in my next life, but not just any kitty, it has to be as Fintan.

What I’m reading right now: The Same Kind of Different as Me,  by Ron Hall & Denver Moore. I picked this book up at an airport bookstore several months back while catching a flight to London. I never actually read it cos as luck would have it, I ended up in an “Economy Comfort” seat, which basically meant I had a little more leg room then the average economy seat but also had my own TV and entertainment system for which they DID NOT charge me for “borrowing” their flimsy little headsets. Its the small things people, the small things. Anywho, I spent the entire flight catching up movie watching instead of my reading and completely forgot about the book until a couple of nights ago when I found it buried under a stack of magazines bound for the recycle bin.  I took it to bed and was immediately sucked into the story. Its a true story narrated from the perspective of a homeless former salve and millionaire Texas art dealer who through a series of heartbreaking events, become intertwined and dependent on each other. Read it, but have a box of tissues on hand.

What I’m watching right now: Downton Abbey. I was looking for something different to watch. Something I could download to my iTouch, (yes, I’m probably the only person in the world without a precious iPad) and enjoy from the comfort of my bed. Something that wasn’t reality based but preferably a period piece, you know how I love me some era based books and TV shows. I typed my search into iTunes and based on my key words, Downton Abbey was what the binary geniuses at Apple spat out as a recommendation and they were spot on. I’m loving it.

What I’m eating right now: Cadbury Creme Egg. Oh how you remind me of my childhood back in Ireland. You made a guest appearnce just once a year, like Santa Clause but you hung around for longer. Your timing was awful, showing up right at the beginning of Lent, when my mother had enforced the sacrifice of all things sweet upon my brother and I for the 40 days and 40 night duration. As a chocoholic child you were the symbol of torture, the forbidden fruit that could only be enjoyed on Easter morning after the allocated period of suffering. But you were so worth it. And now you have found your way to the United States and I am so happy to see you. I’m a grown up now and as a grown up I can do things like make decisions to eat you whenever I want, so I do, rebel that I am.

Eggshell City

February 5, 2012

Its eggshell city at chez Shinkins-Doyle today. The Husband is on his nerve and I dare not say 1 wrong thing or ask 1 more “stupid question” about anything to do with football, the NFL in general or anything that might be perceived as having a “negative connotation” for his team. Yes, its that time of year again, Super Bowl Sunday and today The Husbands team, the New England Patriots go up against the much hated (at least in our house) New York Giants. The beers are in, the burgers will soon be a grilling and all the furniture has be arranged in the exact same manner and we’ve all been instructed to sit in the exact same places we’ve been sitting the entire season, least we somehow undo the good karma and positive mojo that has kept The Patriots winning and earned them their place in todays Super Bowl final.

Go Pats!

***Update: The Patriots lost. Nightmare. The Husband is not himself so we continue to walk on eggshells. Now and for the next few days, we will be avoiding any kind of important discussions or topics related to feelings of any kind. He’s still very much in the angry phase and not ready to open up and share.

Lets Date, Again

February 3, 2012

If there’s one thing we do badly as a couple, The Husband and I, its make time, for quality time together. Both of our worlds spin fast, often in opposite directions. He runs his own company (Doyle Management Group) and I work a day job as well as run my own business. Most days our window of togetherness is very tiny. Maybe sit down to eat dinner together tiny, or fall asleep watching Glee or Real Housewives of some city together tiny, thats if we don’t start working again once we get home. The problem is, we both love what we do, so the long hours don’t feel so long when its something you enjoy. The downside however, is once we do eventually switch off the laptops, Blackberry’s and iPad’s for the day, we’re completely spent and all of a sudden working on quality time together, just feels like way too much work. Somewhere along the way, in our oh-so-busy lives, our priorities got all messed up and we became lazy when it came to us. But like any rehabilitating couple, admitting there’s a problem is the first step to recovery and if you ask me, the easiest step. The harder part is actually getting up off our asses and making ourselves go out and begin to redo all the things we use to enjoy doing, together. So tonight we start with a date. Dinner for two, followed by a trip to one of my most favorite places to hangout, relax and get lost…..the bookstore. Yes, go ahead, be completely envious cos we are most definitely that crazy couple. Left unsupervised, things sure do get wild up in here. At Barnes & Noble tonight, who knows what kind of book browsing, page turning, glue and print sniffing type shenanigans we’re about to get up to.