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November 15, 2011

I’d put in 10 whole months of growth. After an impulsive hair chopping way back in January, when I was positive I could rock out a cross between the Victoria Beckham and Charlize Theron, but was proven wrong, I threw myself fully into operation extreme hair re-growth. I endured some very bad hair days, invested in a plethora of hair care products and donned the old reliable ponytail for most of the 10 months in my efforts to push through and disguise this awkward in between stage of hair re-growth with as much dignity as possible. Then, last week after reaching somewhere close to shoulder level, I decided to reward myself with a little trimming. Just something small. You know, tidy up the look without sacrificing all of the length I’d worked so hard for. Unfortunately, the hair stylist I wanted was not available, for 3 weeks, so I went with the salon’s recommendation of another stylist who I was told was “just as good“. Turns out she wasn’t and you know how I know? Cos of my new and not so stylish mullet. Yep, A MULLET. She did her best to disguise it with some creative, edgy layering, but the foundation of my current hair style is straight up mullet. Aaaarrrrgggggh, I could swing for the bit#h I swear. The Husband could easily have done a better job blindfolded with a weed whacker. Now its back to square effing one. Back to the bad hair days, the plethora of hair care products and that damn old reliable ponytail.

The one thing that wasn’t a disaster this past weekend? The engagement shoot of a smokin hot couple I’ll be sharing in a couple of days. Enjoy the sneak peek.

Ana & Brian – Engagement

November 9, 2011

It was her laugh, even from another room it grabbed his attention. His curiosity was peaked and before he knew it he was walking towards the back office, to where the laughter was coming from, he had to put a visual to the girl with this genuinely infectious laugh. As he entered the office Ana looked up and smiled, nay, she sparkled and in an instant Brian was smitten. During their conversation Brian laid it on thick, charming Ana with what she later described as his dry sense of humor. He made her laugh, he was smart, sweet and charismatic enough to talk Ana into breaking up with her current boyfriend to go out with him. They dated all the way through college, Brian getting his degree in medicine and Ana in occupational therapy. After graduation Brian began the long and trying process of applying and interviewing with various hospitals all over the US to do his residency, while Ana took a job in Atlanta. Big changes where happening in both their lives and there were concerns about what this would mean for their relationship. However, all those concerns were put to rest last January, when Brian asked Ana to marry him. Yes, there was going to be change, but now they would face them together.

Ana and Brian are getting married in March and I am honored to be the one that gets to capture their special day. Here I include some of my favorites from their engagement session from last Sunday.

The classic Ana laugh Brian just couldn’t resist.

Followed by her stunning beauty.

If only all surgeons looked as dreamy as Brian.

I have to say I really enjoyed shooting with Ana & Brian, cos they thought I was funny, here’s the proof.

Sell it girl.

Brian whispers sweet nothings.


A quick outfit change and a stroll around the streets for even more cuteness.

The bling.

I love this shot. So casual and real.

Ok, the best thing about shooting in a college town, random college students looking to get a piece of the action. And Ana’s reaction was classic Ana. Love it.

Occupy My French Doors

November 8, 2011

I use to like ladybugs. As a child I even tried to keep one as a pet, in a Calvita cheese box (Irish people know what I’m talking about), scattered with blades of grass that doubled as a bed and a source of food. Tiny little pin holes for air and small bottle cap filled with water for hydration. Recently however, said ladybugs have decided to stage an all out Occupy Wall Street My French Doors campaign that I can only assume is in protest of recent environmental changes, namely the colder temperatures and I have to say I am less than impressed. They have exactly one more day to cease their relentless patrolling and searching the perimeters of my doors for cozy corners in which to set up camp for the winter, otherwise I will be forced into an all out chemical warfare as a way of putting an end to this campaign of occupancy. So ladybugs take heed, this ain’t no joke. You have been issued your final warning.

Blog Mulligan

November 7, 2011

Lets have an honest conversation. Lets call a spade a spade and forget the sugar coating. My blogging lately has been crap, straight up. Completely random and totally infrequent. Life, as it sometimes does, got a little crazy over the past few months and I became somewhat derailed and overwhelmed. Had I managed to keep the blog going during that time, it would have been nothing but a rambling bitch fest. Cos if there’s one thing I do well in a state of overwhelmedness and stress, its bitch, about EVERYTHING. And sometimes cry. Yep, I’m super fun to be around.

Anyway, things have not quite settled down just yet, but I feel like I’m slowly getting a grip on my life, or maybe its just been a good day, who knows, but I’ve decided to go ahead and declare a blog mulligan, starting today and see if I can’t get show back on the road.

And cos blogs are always fun’er (totally made that one up) with a little visual action, here is a sneak peek shot of an engagement session I’ll be sharing later on this week.

Jennifer blew into my life like a tornado. With an energy to rival my own, a sense of humor that was right up my street and a way of communicating that was direct and honest. She doesn’t know how to mince words. We were a match made in friendship heaven, which was helpful since we worked in close proximity for a number of years. And over those years we shared everything, EVERYTHING, including all things men and handled all of life’s challenges in the best way we knew how, by laughing at them.

Then Jennifer met Martin at a party, there was a natural comfortable connection, they talked easily and laughed, in true Jennifer style, at everything. But the timing was wrong, they were both tangled up in a web if previous relationships and were just needing space. A few months later they met again, at another party, and this time everything aligned perfectly as they found themselves sitting together in the corner of a crowded room talking, unaware of the hours slipping past and completely unaware of anyone else in the room. At last Jennifer had found her perfect man, a man who was not only attractive, but funny, who adored her and above all things, was uncomplicated.

This January Jennifer and Marty will become husband and wife in a relaxed uncomplicated ceremony on a fabulous island in the Caribbean, just the 2 of them. But to ensure she had some fierce and fabulous photos of herself and her future husband to look back on, Jennifer asked if I would take their pre-wedding wedding photos. I was beyond excited and without a seconds hesitation I said “yes” and last Sunday we got together to capture the future Mr.& Mrs. Ade.

Jennifer and Marty, words can’t express how truly happy I am for you both. I wish you all the happiness in the world and thank you for allowing me to be part of your wedding celebration by capturing both of you in all your bridal fierceness.

I love this, just a natural happy shot.

But they absolutely knew how to turn on the fierce, when it was time to turn on the fierce.


Jennifer, you are stunning.

Marty was so nervous before the shoot, the idea of being in front of the camera was not his idea of fun, so I tried to keep it relaxed by injecting more than a few inappropriate comments. And as you can see, he completely appreciates my inappropriateness.

Again, I love when I was able to capture them just being them.


Selling the legs with fabulous blue shoes.

Bam! Workin her inner Next Top Model.

And I just keep the inappropriate comments coming.

Love this, with a little peek a boo shot of downtown Atlanta.

For the second part of the shoot, Jennifer busted out the birdcage veil and in a split second she went from wow, to “WOW”

Total pros.

Hello biggest blue eyes EVER.


A perfect combination of fierce and fun.

GQ it up there Marty.

A little smizing going on here I think.


All of the future bling.