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Awesome Auntie Karen

November 28, 2011

I’d waited patiently and my patience was reward this weekend when I finally got to fly to London to meet my new and adorable little niece, Emily. From the moment I landed I took complete ownership of this 9 lb bundle, playing the role of fun auntie Karen to perfection by doing everything a 6 week old loves to do, like feeding, burping, playing the silly faces and weird noises game all in the hopes of being reward with the tiniest of smiles. The less glamorous stuff like nappy/diaper changes, I left in the capable hands of her parents, cos lets be honest, poop is gross. Unfortunately my visit was short, way too short but I believe I left enough of an impact that when we meet again over the Christmas holidays in Ireland, she will absolutely remember me as her awesome auntie Karen, who let her have a half ounce more of milk and took her on her first shoe shopping experience on the bustling London highstreets.

You can already see she has amazing taste in shoe-booties.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2011

Its Thanksgiving here in the US of A and this morning I kicked off the day with what has become a Thanksgiving ritual for myself and my good friend Mike, the Gobble Jog 5k. Eight years now we and 10,000 plus fellow Turkey Day runners have taken on the streets of downtown Marietta, all in the name of fun, fitness and free t-shirts. Gotta love the free t-shirts. When I got home Dexter and Crookie couldn’t take their eyes off of mine and begged me to please take a photo of them, next to me in my ferociously fierce Gobble Jog attire. So I did, see below.

Besides doing my annual Gobble Jog, today I am Thankful that I get to jump on a plane and fly to London for the weekend. Last month my brother and his wife, Sarah welcomed a new baby girl, little Emily Karen Shinkins and I’ve been beyond excited to get over and meet the wee thing. Being that its a long weekend here in the US, I decided to take full advantage of the perfect opportunity to fly over and meet my tiny namesake. And in the spirit of traveling light, I’ll be leaving my laptop behind so there won’t be any blog updates until I get back late Sunday night. But I wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving and encourage you all to find your patient place in the craziness of Black Friday. Or better yet, stay at home and cyber shop. Your blood pressure will thank you for it.

Jolie & Josh – Engagement

November 23, 2011

Tired of meeting all the Mr. Wrong’s, Jolie decided it was time to hit up a dating website. A place where she could be very specific about who she was and more importantly, who she wanted to meet. One of the first people Jolie got matched with was a guy named Josh and he seemed perfect on paper. They chatted briefly and made arrangements to go on a date, but a few days before Jolie cancelled. Christmas was approaching and things just kept popping up last minute, so they rescheduled their date for the Thursday after New Years. New Years Eve however, Joile found herself out with friends drinking and partying at one of Atlanta’s hippest Irish bars (YAY for Irish bars). During the evenings celebrations, Jolie found herself chatting to very cute guy. Things were going well, there was a definite connection, cute guy even felt like they had met somewhere before, but he couldn’t figure out where. Suddenly, out of nowhere, both Jolie and Josh realized they had met before, on the dating website. He was the guy she had been matched with, the guy who’s date she had cancelled and rescheduled, for the very next Thursday. Seriously, if this is not faith/destiny in action, then I don’t know what is. Needless to say, the date went amazing and just over a year later they were engaged. Jolie and Josh will marry next March, unfortunately I will not be available to capture their special day, but I was honored to get the opportunity to work with both of them for their engagement session…….. here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

We began the session at Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta.


Jolie, your looking fabulous.

Workin it Josh, in a manly way.

Bling, bling!

This was the very spot where Josh proposed to Jolie, so it was imperative we get some fierce pictures here.


After a quick outfit change we took a walk around the downtown streets and found ourselves right outside the historic Fox Theatre.

Fierce dress and fierce shoes.

Even More Excuses

November 22, 2011

Ok, so even I’m tired of offering up excuses for my lack of blogging lately. There are no excuses, its simply me, letting myself get overwhelmed and needing to choose something to sacrifice in an effort to get things back on track. Unfortunately, the blog became my sacrificial lamb. Luckily, life is starting slow down a little, just in time for the crazy holiday season, so my goal is to once again become a frequent contributor on my own blog. Go me!

Also this week I’ll be sharing my final engagement session for 2011, the fabulous Jolie and Josh. Until then, here is a little something to wet the palette.

Mary & Ben – Engagement

November 16, 2011

They were instant friends, introduced by mutual friends while attending the University of Georgia. They bumped into each other regularly, at the same campus parties, the same bars and sporting events. So when another friend mentioned needing 2 roommates for a house they were about to rent for the following semester and offered it to Mary and Ben, they thought “why not”. They were already friends and it would be nice to share a house with people who were comfortable and easy to get along with. However, a month of so before they were all due to move in together, Mary and Ben’s friendship took a turn for the better and suddenly they found themselves dating. Now they faced the big question of whether or not they should go ahead with the plan of living together. Obviously things between them had changed dramatically and if it didn’t work out, the living arrangement had the potential of becoming very awkward. After much conversation and analysis, they decided to risk it and wouldn’t you know, it all worked out perfectly. “Thank God“, Mary says, “otherwise it could have been a complete disaster”. She credits it all to Ben and how amazing he is, but having spent several hours with both Mary and Ben at their engagement shoot, I can tell you for sure, it was a team effort. They are an amazing couple, so respectful, so loving of each other and smart. There was no way they could have messed it up, not even if they tried.

I was incredibly excited to spend the afternoon with both of them, roaming the UGA campus, capturing some fierce engagement photos. I can’t wait for the wedding next April. Here are some of my favorites from our session.

We began at the infamous UGA arches.

Then we creeped our way around some of the older more Southern style buildings that decorate the campus.

Look at those gynormous white columns, can you say Gone with the Wind?


Such a good looking couple.

Mary, you look incredible.

And those legs, jealous.

Sell it girl.

Bringin the fierce, Ben style.

Just before sun set we ended the session strolling the Athens streets looking for a little urban decay.