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October 13, 2011

The Husband and I are officially suckers. Meet Wilson.

Wilson stumbled across our path one evening as we drove Dexter and Crookie to the park for a run around. We spotted him on a busy road, darting in and out of traffic. Thinking he had broken leash or escaped from a nearby garden, we pulled over and bribed him towards us with some meaty treats. Once we got hold of him we scanned the area, assuming someone was frantically looking for him and at any minute would come tearing around the corner waving his leash and yelling his name. Out of breath they would rush up, telling us how grateful they were for our assistance in finding their dog. So we waited and waited, and nothing. We then decided to take a walk around the neighborhoods in the area knocking on random doors hoping to find the owner or at least someone who might recognize him. But again, nothing. At this point we make the decision to take him home and foolishly begin a full on operation to find the owners of the dog we’re now calling Wilson. In my head I believe them to be going out of their mind worrying and searching the area for their precious doggy, cos that’s exactly what I would do. So I take his photo (see above), make “Dog Found” posters to decorate all the sign posts within a 1 mile radius. The Husband starts calling shelters to see if Wilson has been reported missing and I get his little mugshot up on all the pet websites I can think of. But still nothing. One day passes, then two, then three. Its becoming blatantly clear that Wilson has not been lost, but rather abandoned. Now what do we do?

We haven’t the heart to drop him off at a shelter, see, suckers and even though I know the extra paws is more than I can handle right now, we decided to grin and bare it while we change our tactics from searching for his owners, to searching for his new forever home. That was 3 weeks ago. This is proving to be harder than initially thought, but we continue with our efforts of finding him a new home and our own furry kids continue to adapt to his presents. Fintan dishes out daily claw swattings and hisses anytime Wilson invades his personal space. Crookie sits and observes from a comfortable distance and works hard to keep his jealousy in check, unless he’s in the mood to play, then Wilson becomes his instant BFF. Dexter couldn’t care less, as long as he still gets to ride shot-gun in the car. And The Husband and I try not to go crazy with all the doggy hyperness. But if anyone out there thinks they can help with our mission of finding Wilson a new forever home, please let us know. He is a super sweet dog, approx 4-6 months old and cute as a button.

Lake Regatta

October 10, 2011

As a family we’re competitive and loud. We all have something to say and we all want to be heard. Conversations start off at a civilized volume, but gradually it becomes louder and louder as we all jostle for control, and thats just at meal times, throw any kind of competitive sport in the mix and you’ve got fireworks on your hands. We all have a tendency to compete as if gold medals, national titles or million dollar cheques are on the line. Nobody wants to loose. Out loud we’ll say “oh its nothing personal, only a bit of craic” but thats a lie. Its a blood sport, complete with smack-talk, heckling, cheering and barrage of colorful language. And yesterday was no different when my brother, my parents, The Husband and I decided to take the boat down to our lake and have ourselves a “friendly” rowing regatta. We competed as teams and individuals. There were rules, designated start lines, turning markers, an official time keeper and a score board. Records were set and broken as we all rowed with a determination to prove ourselves faster than proceeding family members. The atmosphere was loud and energized, as it always is when we get together as a family, but more than that it was fun.

The Husband and I soak in the atmosphere of competition.

The women’s combination in the team event.

The Husband getting stuck into his individual performance.

Mam and Dad celebrate a solid time in the team event.

My solo endeavor.

The family, loud and energized just the way we like em.

Tour Guides and Ghost Tours

October 7, 2011

This week my blogging has been scrappy to say the least. I’ve been in full on tour guide mode. Wearing the blazer, printing out schedules of daily events, ensuring all heads are counted as we move from location to location, using official tour guide phrases “aaand we’re walking, we’re walking”. I’m even considering the issue of fanny packs (thats a bum bag to my Irish friends) so my parents can fully immerse themselves in the role of stereotypical tourist, but that, along with my dad’s polite pleas for the addition of a relaxation day somewhere in the 10 day schedule, was a neon sign that my role as tour guide, may have become a little too intense and exhausting. So after a taking the Ghosts of Marietta Walking Tour last night, I scheduled a rest day for everyone. One day.

Here are some shots of us taking the Ghost Tour.

Our tour guide completely trumpeted me in the costume and accessory department. He had top-hat, tails and a lantern. How am I suppose to compete with that?

Listening intently to stories of death and haunting.

Photo Sneak

October 4, 2011

My parents have been here a few days now and we are well into our itinerary of designated fun. Today’s fun included a little shopping, a lot of eating and an afternoon at Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

My parents hate having their picture taken, hate it, so I had to work smartly in an effort to steal a few photos of them together exploring the foliage wonder of the gardens.

A little turtle tanning time.

Got them again.

For this photo I lied and told my parents I was adjusting my camera setting, that I would let them know as soon as I was ready to take the shot. As a result I was able to capture them just being themselves, laughing and joking comfortably, as they waited for me to say “smile!”.

Another happy little couple.