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A Million Pieces

September 30, 2011

I’m shooting a wedding this weekend, very excited about that, in Statesboro, GA. But while I’m shooting the wedding, I’m also suppose to be attending a wedding in Connecticut, picking my parents up from the airport (they’re coming to visit for 10 days), figuring out the itinerary of events for the duration of their stay (yes, I’m a planner. I plan fun) as well as give the house a good Merry Maid going over. Obviously this is all not going to happen, unless I figure out a good cloning system by tomorrow, Plan A,  but failing that I do have a Plan B, which is to outsource my life for the weekend. While I shoot the wedding in Statesboro, The Husband will attend the wedding in Connecticut on both our behalf’s. I have taken advantage of a bestfriend’s generosity and outsourced the airport collection of my parents to him. The itinerary of planned events will have to stay where for now, on hold in my head until I can figure out a time to get it on hard copy, and the house cleaning? Ough! That I’m trying to tackle today, its not going well. I need me a cocktail of energy. Something like a Red Bull, a 5 Hour Energy, a Gatorade and an expresso all sloshed together in a shakin but not stirred manner, to keep me operating on full throttle for the entire weekend.

And if life wasn’t challenging enough right now, I have a story to share about this little guy, just not right now. There’s cleaning to be done.

Guest Sign In Album

September 28, 2011

Last week I was so excited to receive the Guest Sign In Album from Sherie & Bobby’s engagement session and I have to say, I loooove it! For those of you who may not be familiar with what the Guest Sign In Album is, its a flush mounted album, usually 8×8 in size, designed using the couples engagement images and laid out in a way that leaves plenty of negative white space for wedding guests to write messages for the couple at the wedding reception. This year I’m thrilled to say that most of my clients have ordered the Guest Sign In Album, it really is a perfect documentation of their engagement session and also a perfect memento of the wedding day.

For all my albums I use Azura Albums. They’re albums are simple, classy and timeless. Their use of top grain cowhide and distressed leather ensure my clients albums look great today, tomorrow and as they celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

For my wedding album designs I use Albumesque, cos truth be told, I know very little about photoshop. I find it intimidating and overwhelming so the idea of spending hours, even days pulling my eyelashes out in frustration as I try to figure out basic album design with this awesome tool, is way more than my sanity or marriage can handle. So for these reasons I am more than happy leave it to the professionals. To someone who does a much better job than I ever could and who showcases my clients images in the clean, fresh and modern way I prefer.

And just to give you an idea of what the final product looks like, I’ve included some photos of Sherie and Bobby’s album and a few sample layouts.

The album is Azura 8×8 black leather with blind emboss.

And here are a few pictures of the layouts as designed by Amy at Albumesque.

You’ll notice there is plenty of negative white space available for guests to leave their messages.

The last page and back cover.

F-Bombs And First Impressions

September 27, 2011

I had less than 10 seconds to introduce myself. To say “Hi” and make an amazing first impression to one of the top wedding photographers in the US, to someone I admire and respect, and what do I go and do? I say “F*#k“. Aaaahhhh. Seriously. Kill me now cos I want to die. In our less than 10 second conversation I dropped the F-Bomb. Who does that? I’ll tell you who, ME! Horrible Irish girl with the mouth go sailor. I tried my best to bury it with a lot of random gibberish and nonsense speak, but it was too late. The bomb had already exploded and the best thing for me to do was evacuate the area. Evacuate the area and cringe for the rest of the day each and every time I had a conversation flashback. Aarrgghh!

Don’t ask me why I’m including a photo of an Irish phone box in this post. I took it when I went back to visit my family in June and thought it was time to share it. Random

Kickball Victory

September 23, 2011

Last year everyone at the doctors office I work for decided to form a kickball team and take part in a Tuesday evening league. We invested in team t-shirts, each baring our individual nicknames on the back. We had socks, sweat bands and wrist bands. To say we looked the part would have been a serious understatement. We definitely presented a united and very intimidating front. However, sadly it was just that, a front, cos as kickball teams go, we sucked, bad. The entire last season we managed to notch up 1 victory. Yes, 1, and that was cos the other team forfeited. Part of the issue is this, outside of the 2 doctors, we are a team of all girls playing against teams that consist mostly of boys with the odd girl peppering. True, we are one of the prettier teams, but apparently pretty, does not trump testosterone. Then if you toss in an Irish girl (me) who has never even heard of, let alone played a game of kickball in her life and figures out the rules only as she breaks them, then you can kinda sympathize and see how we might be falling short in the winning department.

So this season when things looked like they were heading down the same slipper slope, we called in reinforcements. And those reinforcements came in the form of our significant others. Husband’s, fiance’s, boyfriend’s, best friends of the male kind and brothers were all called forth to help us build a winning team. And last week, for the first time ever in the history of our rookie kickball careers, we registered a victory. A legitimate win. No forfeits. I can’t even begin to tell how exciting this was. For the rest of the week we floated on a cloud, talking about it constantly in the break-room, at the coffee machine and across the operating table. For us, it was like winning Olympic gold. We are no longer the team that shows up expecting a serious spanking. We now have winning potential and we like it.

This week, as well as bringing along The Husband, I also brought along my camera to get some photos for the company blog and website. I had no idea I would end up capturing the moment of our 1st ever victory.

Some of the pretty ladies that make up our pretty team.

By coincidence, or not, The Husband was given a random t-shirt with the nickname “Slacker”.

T.P in kicking action.

The Husband on base and hauling ass all the way home getting us some much needed points.

Celebrating the scores.

This is nurse Alli. The sweetest most wholesome girl you could ever hope to meet. Until she gets on the kickball field where she morphs into some crazy monster that throws around angry gangsta signals.

Me guarding 3rd base. Random fact about myself. When I’m in the zone of intense focus, I have this weird habit of sticking my tongue out. Random.

Me hustling to get a player from the other team out. I succeeded. FYI, the nickname on the back of my t-shirt is “Lucky Charms”. However I think its about to be changed to “F-Bomb” for, well, obvious reasons.

Team photo time.

Walking a little bit taller as we exit the field.

Its Your Birthday!!

September 22, 2011

SURPRISE!!!! HAPPY 30’something BIRTHDAY THE HUSBAND!!! I know you said you didn’t want anything, but you were just being polite. What you really meant to say is ” honey, for my 30’something birthday, more than anything I would love if you could showcase some of my baby pictures” . Luckily, we’ve been together long enough for me to have developed this uncanny ability of reading your mind, so without you saying a word, I knew exactly how to make your secret birthday wish come through.


……and now. Happy Birthday sweetie.