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Nothing But Man of The Year

August 16, 2011

This past weekend our house was busting with a whole lotta nothing. Bar a little dog walking and my dash to the supermarket to stock up some burgers and grilling supplies, we remained perfectly happy, tucked up indoors. Me getting lost in a book, while The Husband sat happily bouncing between his lap-top, iPad and Blackberry coordinating the movements and results of all his athletes as they ready themselves to fly to Daegu, Korea to compete at the World Championships next week.

So aside from the shards of gum hanging from the roof of my mouth compliments of an over-grilled burger, absolutely nothing happened. Nothing except for one teeny tiny thing. The Husband winning USA Track & Field Man of The Year for Georgia. Hollla! And Sunday night we attended a special dinner to pick up his award.

The goodies that come with the title.

Not wanting to impede on the official photographer, I had to settle for a paparazzi style, off-to-the-side snap shot of the the moment.

Marital Machine

August 12, 2011

For those who may not know, my husband, The Husband, is a sports agent, just like Jerry Maguire, but for track athletes. And between the months of May and September (track season) he is in a constant state of travel. All summer long we breeze in and out of each other lives. Sometimes I travel with him, usually only if I’m pace-making or if there’s an opportunity to pop home to Ireland to see family and friends, but mostly I stay based here in Atlanta. This week The Husband returned after a 3 week stint in Europe and while he was definitely missed and the house was a buzz with excitement of his return, after so many weeks apart functioning primarily as individuals, we were once again back together, functioning as a couple and I have to be honest, the shift from “me” to “we” was a little bumpy. Bottom line, he worked my damn nerve and I know for sure, I worked his. There was some bickering and frustration, tongue biting and heavy breathing as we navigated our way back to the relationship principles of give, take, compromise and tolerance. It took us a few day, but by weeks end, we were a well oiled marital machine, sorta. Just in time for him to spend one more week here before he’s gone again for another 3 weeks. Rinse and repeat.

So for the next 7 days we’ll be soaking up as much quality time as possible. Enough to last at least 3 weeks. Even if that means just simply sitting, Forrest Gump style with the furry kids, taking in the view of the lake.

Or watching Crookie perfect his olympic’esque diving skills.

Mirror Mirror…..

August 10, 2011

I was really hoping it was a day I could go all fresh faced, youthful and bare. Maybe a few strokes of mascara, but nothing more. Truth to be told, I was just to lazy to bother with the whole make-up process. Unfortunately, one glance in the mirror revealed the presence of some very serious dark circles and in that moment I knew there was absolutely no way this face could take itself out in public without the aid of some intense concealing and a trowel full of Bobbi Browns very best fountain. Top shelf stuff. That or I run the risk of being confused with a new species of raccoon. But alas, my troubles didn’t end there. Next up we had the uncooperative hair that got me so frustrated I decided the only reasonable thing to do was to go with the slick back look, which unfortunately resulted in my looking like a balding man rocking the ever trendy comb-over. All in all a very bad day in the physical beauty stakes.

So in this moment of self-esteem despair, I’ll do the only thing us Irish know how to do in a crisis, and that is to stick on the kettle and make myself a nice cuppa tea.

Do We Have To?

August 7, 2011

I swear they see me coming with my camera and there’s a collective eye-roll. “Oh no, here she comes again, quick, look busy”. I could be wrong, but I’m sure there is a strong presences of stubbornness and attitude every time I want to fire off a few photos of my little doggies Dexter and Crookie. Today I thought it was time to update both of their headshots but I was met with a little resistance.

Dexter avoided eye contact at all costs. Then he tried to distract me with “oh look, Elvis” trick. Finally there was his attempt to remain perfectly still and scooch down real low behind some blades of grass. “She’ll never find me here”.

Eventually he gave me a little something.

Up next was Crookie and he thought it would be hilarious to keep sticking his tongue out, right before working the “I’m just so shy” angle. Or my favourite when he pretended to be oh so busy looking for something he’d dropped in the dirt.

But knowing he would get no peace until he too gave me a little something, he gave me a little something. Now they’re both off the hook for at least another week.

The Help

August 6, 2011

It appears that this is my week for sharing some guilty pleasure. It wasn’t my intention but for some reason it just keeps coming up. Today I share my guilty pleasure of people watching. I know I’m not unique in my enjoyment of this sport, especially if you’re a person who happens to travel a lot and has had the misfortunate of being stuck in many an airport, due to many a delay or canceled flight, people watching is one of the best ways to past the time. I swear I could spend hours and have spent hours observing all that is weird and curious about human behaviour from the seated areas of airports all over the world. And based on these observations I let my twisted imagination go crazy creating all kinds of stories and situations for my poor unsuspecting fellow traveller. As I sit alone I can’t help but giggle and mumble at my own hilarity, I know for sure if the tables got turned and I was no longer the watcher, but the watchee, the undeniable consensus would be that I was some sort of girl interrupted. People would give me sideway glances. Would choose not to sit next to me but leave a seat open between us. Would inconspicuously whisper their concerns as to my mental stability to their travel buddy. They might even look for the presence of a chicken carcass or 2 under my seat (if you’ve seen the movie Girl Interrupted, this will make sense) and for some reason, this just makes me laugh harder.

Anyway, this summer my observations revealed a common trend among the traveling community here in the US and that trend was the strong presence of the book The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. I can’t even begin to count the number of people I spotted who were engrossed, carrying or in the midst of purchasing this book at airports up and down this country. The only other time I’ve seen this many people armed with the same book, was when each new Harry Potter came out. So feeling like I was missing out on something magical, I finally jumped on The Help bandwagon and stole borrowed a copy from my friend yesterday. I started reading last night and I am hooked. So if like me your late to the party on this one, and your looking for a new book to get lost in, this is the one.