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July 22, 2011

This week has been an unbelievable mess. Any sort of rest and rejuvenation I felt as a result of my 5 day trip to Ireland, is well and truly gone and all I feel is old, drained and sad that the next opportunity for a break is months and months away. Then, as if my week wasn’t crappy enough, I had to deal with not just 1, but 3 sick pets. Crookie kicked it all off with some sort of messy stomach/intestinal issue. Then Fintan decided to go AWOL for almost 24 hours, causing all kinds of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness, along with unthinkable thoughts of feline demise. He was eventually found weak and very ill, hiding on the roof. And after an emergency trip to the vet, it was discovered that Fintan had ingested something that was poisionng his system. He was in serious condition and had we not found him when we did, the outcome could have been fatal. Then, obviously feeling left out by all the pet and vet dramas, Dexter decided he was going to develop a messy stomach/intestinal issue of his own. So really if I was looking for one word to describe my week, it would have to be MESSY. Hands down. Thank goodness its almost at an end.

In the midst of all the mess, I did manage to squeeze in a fun mini photo shoot with my friend and fellow photographer Michelle, who was looking to update her head-shots for her blog and website. Michelle brought along her awesome husband Les, who was a perfect gentleman carrying my camera bag for me. It also gave me the opportunity to grab a couple of shots of Michelle and Les together, which I believe they haven’t done since their own wedding 10 + years ago. And this was one of my favorites.

Derval & Berlino

July 18, 2011

We’d talked about it 2 days prior, Derval and I were planning a day together lunching, shopping and catching up on each others lives over the past few months. Derval and I have a long history. During my years on the Irish track team, we were serial roomies. Every meet, every country we travelled, we roomed together. And even though I have long since retired my professional spikes and set up home in another country, while Derval continues to fly the Irish flag and rack up record breaking performances along with European and World Championship medals for Ireland, we have still managed to remain best friends. So a trip back to Ireland without getting the opportunity to hang with my BFF, would be just unthinkable. And since the weather last week was proving to be nothing but sunshine and happiness, we decided to include a mini photo-shoot with Derval and her adorable little labradoodle, Berlino as part of the days plan.

But as I’ve said before, the only predictable thing about Irish weather, is its unpredictability and wouldn’t you know the day of our big plans, was the day the rain decided to show. But we were not disheartened, not in the least. We powered on with the plan, driving the narrow country roads of Wicklow waiting for a break in the rain. As soon as that happened, we immediately pulled over, climbed a fence into some random field and under threatening clouds of gray, I shot fast and furiously. There was no telling how much time we had before the rain returned, so things had to move a warp speed as we all got down and dirty in the wet grass. But there were no complaints, everyone was up for the challenge, especially Berlino who thought the whole thing was very exciting.

And here is little Berlino.

Berlino is such an obedient dog, honestly, my 2 could really learn something from her.

Cutie, cute.

Always with her tongue out.

See, I told you she was obedient.

Berlino is a Cork dog at heart, just like Derval, which means she’s very into hurling (traditional Gaelic game) so she was pretty excited to see the sliotar (ball) come out.

Then Derval produced the hurl and it was game on.

Berlino brings the sliotar back for more fun.

Then shows off her agility skills.

One of the final shots of the day, taken seconds before another downpour.

Welcome Home

July 17, 2011

A simple 12 hour return trip to Atlanta (I had to connect in Philadelphia) turned into a trip of 22 hours. Between late incoming aircraft’s, delayed outgoing aircrafts and a flight attendant on a mission to knee-cap, elbow-cap and decapitate all of us unfortunate enough to be given an aisle seat, with her in-flight trolley/vehicle of maiming, it really was not my day for travel. By the time I met The Husband at Atlanta airport, I was a very tired, emotional, angry, uncooperative, disheveled, not to mention limping mess. But somehow, all the torture of the last 22 hours evaporated when I arrived home and was greeted by 3 very excited pets. Dexter and Crookie jumped and licked and ran laps around my legs. Fintan ran sprints around the furniture waiting for me to notice and make my way over to shower him with belly tickles and head scratches. These kids sure know how to make a girl feel loved and missed.

Let It Rain

July 15, 2011

The only thing predictable about the Irish weather, is that it is completely unpredictable. After a week filled with blue sky’s and sunshine, today was the day the rain finally showed up. Today was also the day I got to spend with my best friend Derval O’Rourke, and as part of our day of togetherness, we planned on doing a mini photo-shoot with Derval and her adorable little doggie, Berlino. That was until the rain threw a spanner in the works. But we were not to be deterred. Against all the odds, we managed to pull off not a mini, but a micro-mini photo-shoot, and I’m excited to share some of the images over the next couple of days. Right now however, I’m preoccupied packing for my return to Atlanta. Its been a great week, but I’ve missed all my boys and I can’t wait to get back and see what they’ve been up to in my absence.

I will however leave with one little shot from our day. This is me, and my super-trooper, all-weather models Berlino and Derval.

Lucky Charms

July 15, 2011

Dear The Husband,

Just a small note letting you know we’re gonna be rich. Last night after a good Irish downpour the sky was ablaze with not just one, but 2 rainbows. The end of which landed just beyond my parents garden. We commence digging today and expect the first pot of gold to be uncovered somewhere around lunch time and the second by night fall. We need to move fast, before the Leprechauns figure out what we’re at, otherwise they will move our cauldron full of riches.

Will keep you posted.

Love, The Wife.