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Vintage Signage

May 31, 2011

Last week after I posted the photos from Melissa & Kevin’s engagement session, I got a couple of e-mails about their adorable “Save the Date” sign. This sign was custom made for the couple by the amazing Cheryl Westerkamp at My Primitive Boutique.

In the run up to the session, both Melissa and Kevin had expressed their desire to have a”Save the Date” photo that was personal, reflected who they are as a couple, and the theme they have planned for their October Wedding. So I immediately hit up If you’ve never been to this website then you’re obviously not a shopaholic girl with a passion for the uniquely vintage. Its is most definitely mecca for the shabby chic. But this website lead me Cheryl who makes the most fabulous “Vintage Cottage Style” decor, and as soon as I saw her work, I flipped. It was exactly what I was looking for and perfect for Melissa and Kevin. The only problem? We were 4 days away from the shoot, and all of Cheryl’s signs are hand-made and customized, so they would take some time. But I had to have one. I immediately e-mailed Cheryl to explained the situation and within the hour she had e-mailed me back to say she was on it. 3 days later I had the sign and the very next day we did the shoot. I cannot thank Cheryl enough for stepping up to the plate like that. She made me a very happy photographer. Thank you so much Cheryl, your a total rockstar.

Fightin Irish

May 28, 2011

I was simply trying to nudge my cart past her cart. It was just myself and herself in this particular aisle, but her cart was angled in such as manner as to blockade the flow of any and all oncoming shoppers. First I thought she didn’t notice me as she intently grazed the shelves for something very specific, so with a smile and in a very friendly and apologetic tone I said “excuse me“. To my utter shock the lady turned and cut me a look that made me wonder if I’d just asked her if she eats small babies on a regular basis or for special occasions only? She was angry, hostile and offended. Not only that, she completely ignored my request and went back to scanning the shelves. I couldn’t believe it. I looked around to make sure 1. I was actually in a public supermarket and not grazing the aisles of this women’s private home and 2. to see if I could get a witness to what just happened, cos I was having trouble processing her reaction. I made the request again, but this time there was no smile and no friendly, apologetic tone, there was only my “oh no you di’int” face and my “I want you to ignore me again” tone. This women obviously had no idea I’m Irish, we specialize in fighting. Again she cut me a look and I responded with a look of my very own. We were in the midst of a face off. I was not backing down. I could face off all day if she wanted. I’m an athlete, I have endurance. We stood there, eyes locked for what felt like forever. Tumble weeds blew past as small children took cover in nearby saloons to watch through cracked shutters. My hands were firm on my cart, my body language was solid, she knew she couldn’t win and eventually she surrendered by moving her cart, just barley enough for me to squeeze past. So rude. So unnecessary and so set me up in a bad state of mind for the rest of my shopping experience.

Once I got home I was left to deal with a hostile Crookie. Seriously, what’s with everyone today? He refused to play, refused to eat treats and turned his head every time I tried to talk to him. Men! Thankfully by evening he managed to pull himself out of his dark mood and rejoined his brother Dexter, in chasing the local squirrel population.

As a student at Young Harris College, Melissa worked as a server at the Chocolate Cafe to help pay her tuition. One day she waited the table of Kevin’s parents, whom at this point she didn’t know, and had made such an impression that Kevin’s mom Melanie, had secretly gone to Melissa’s manager and asked that Melissa wait on her son Kevin, when ever he came in. Not long after Kevin came in with some friends. Then he came in alone and tried to strike up a conversation with Melissa by asking her to surprise him with anything she wanted from the menu. Melissa brought him the shrimp scampi and after lunch Kevin not only got her number, but he got food poison too. Oopsie. Having survived his 24 hour bout of poison, Kevin called Melissa and asked to take her on a date on one of his boats onto Lake Chatuge. There was more than an instant connection between them. Love at first sight is how they both described it and 4 years later, Kevin took Melissa out on the same lake, but a different boat and asked her to marry him. Melissa and Kevin, you really are a special couple. I can’t tell you how much fun I had getting to know you both during your engagement session. I am so excited and cannot wait to do it all over again for your wedding day in October.

We started the session at Kevin’s parents house in Hiawassee, GA, which is where Melissa and Kevin’s wedding will be in October and we wanted to include their adorable and energetic dog Harvey, in some of the photos.

Little Harvey was anxious to run and play, so we let him off his leash and turned our attention to the happy couple.

Kevin has such a confident style in clothes. He thinks completely outside the box and I love it.

The garden’s at Kevin’s parents house were just breath taking. I could shoot there all day.

I caught Melissa in the midst of a little song and dance.

Too cute.

Melissa, you are so stankin fabulous


Kevin was more than comfortable rockin his inner GQ.

Seriously you too.

Melissa’s antique inspired ring.

Melissa, you are too fabulous for words.

The perfect Save the Date sign for the perfect rustic wedding.

From Kevin’s parents house we decided to take a boat out onto the lake and capture some amazing sunset shots. And of course we had to snap a photo of Melissa’s ring on the boat Kevin proposed.

Ok, how effortlessly cool is this couple? As a non cool person, I’m jealous.

The sunset that evening did not disappoint. Amazing, amazing light.


Love this little quiet moment.

Melissa, can you please stop being so stunning??

Smokin hot couple.

Nothing like finishing on a romantic note.

For even more fierce photos of this fierce couple, CLICK HERE.

Clients & Friends

May 25, 2011

It was after midnight by the time I got home. Not an ungodly hour, but way past my usual bedtime of somewhere around 10pm, and on a school night too. I should have been tired, yawning and struggling to think, but I was hyper to the point that my husband, my friend and my doggies all thought I was drunk. I danced like I was drunk, made up songs that didn’t rhyme or follow a coherent trail of thought, and I won’t stop blabbing about the wonderful evening I just spent up in the Georgia mountains and out on the Georgia lakes with the sweetest, most welcoming and thoughtful couple ever. And even though I’m still very much in the early days of my photography business, I have to admit, I’ve been so unbelievably lucky that each and every one of my clients to date, have been nothing short of amazing. I even hesitate to write the word client, cos honestly, they feel more like friends. And yesterday I spent the evening shooting the engagement session of 2 more friends, Melissa and Kevin, in the small picturesque town of Hiawassee up in the North Georgia mountains. I can’t wait to share some of their images, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy this little sneak peak.

For The Love

May 23, 2011

I was on my knees, from a distance some might think I was in the midst of bowing in evening worship to Allah, but up close the story was very different. I was hurting, trying to catch my breath and figure out if the pain was any less when I moved or when I remained still. My hamstrings cried out, burning and aching like they’d each just taken a bullet. My stomach was delicate to say the least. It too burned and threatened to empty its contents all over the track if I dared to stand up a second too soon. And my head, well that was mere seconds away from pounding. I was in a no win situation, so I decided to remain exactly as I was, face down on the track, making random noises not unlike those of a wounded animal and begging my training partner Mike, to “shoot me now. For the love of all that is humane, lets just end this”.  But his condition was no better than mine, in fact, judging by the projectile puking sound effects coming from behind me, his condition was worse.

Its been a rough couple of weeks training, and I’d be lying if I said the thoughts of pace-making retirement didn’t cross my mind. In the midst of all that is lactic, projectile, bile, booty lock and double hamstring hell, the idea of retirement was the only thing on my mind. But being that I am just over a week away from a whirlwind of travel and pace-making, retirement is not an option. The only option is exactly where I am, face down in a pool of my own lactic, trying hard not to puke. This is what it takes to hit times. This is the ugly truth. This, as strange as it sounds, is what I love.

And from the ugly, to the absolutely stunning, here are a few photos from Crystal & Hunter’s wedding, which I shot with my good friend Tessa last week. Crystal was absolutely breathtaking and those blue eyes, to die for.

As we drove from the church to the reception, we spotted an amazing hay field and couldn’t resist pulling over for a few photos.

After a horrendous thunderstorm, the clouds parted and the sky was just ablaze of color from the setting sun. We absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to shoot in some of the most amazing light nature has to offer.

Love. It