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Run A Mile

March 20, 2011

Today I ran hills. I ran the laundry. I ran the dishwasher. I ran the dogs. I ran errands. I ran a mental checklist of everything I need to do, but keep forgetting. I ran away from anything I felt was too challenging, cos today, I’m not up for a challenge. I ran my mouth over Skype to my family back in Ireland. I ran to the grocery store where my missing phone had been located. I’m about to run an iron over the clothing I’ll be needing for the next few days. Then I will take a run and jump onto the couch to watch a little trash reality TV before I retire to the comfort of my bed for the night.

And since we’re on the topic of running, check out the legs and boots of this fierce couple. More from their engagement session soon.

Its hard to say exactly what the highlight of my St. Patrick’s Day celebration was. It might have been the carpal tunnel I pick up in both my wrists from all the potato peeling I did in an effort to make enough Shepherds Pie to feed 22 people. Or it could easily have been the losing of my cell phone and all the information cell phones of today contain, i.e. EVERYTHING. Or was it when my vehicle buried its rear tyre’s in the thick soupy mud as I headed off on a hunt to retrace my steps in search of said missing phone?? Its just so hard to choose. So many highlights. And in case any of you out there in my family circle, friend circle or cyber circle have been trying to get hold of me via phone call, text, BBM or Whats App, I’ve had my phone switched off, least the person who does find it develops an urge to reconnect with their extended or long lost family members back in Brazil. A new phone is on the way and I should be up and running by this evening. As for my stranded vehicle? Well that stayed exactly where he was, buried in the mud all night long while I made the decision to drown my woe’s in the true Irish style that St. Patrick would have wanted, beer!

My little doggies celebrate their Irishness.

Ooopsie, got ourselves into quite the situation here, didn’t we? This is why I need a 4-wheel drive The Husband.


March 15, 2011

I know rain, all kinds of rain. I’m Irish, where I come from it rains, ALOT. To get anything done, you learn to do it WET. Today in Atlanta it rained hard, but I did everything I needed to do and got WET doing it. It made me miss home.

Hunter proposed to Crystal in the midst of a tornado warning. Sirens sounded off in the distance but Hunter had put so much thought and so much effort into this moment, nothing was going to stop him. He and Crystal had been together 6 years, supporting and encouraging each other through many challenges and heart break both individually and as a couple.  But from their first glance in middle school, to the moment they became an “official” couple during their highschool years at a band camp when on a particularly cold day at a practise session, Hunter passed Crystal a hand-warmer, to that moment Hunter found himself down on one knee in the middle of Savannah, Georgia, tornado sirens blaring in the distance, there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that Crystal was the women he would spend and share the rest of his life with.

Crystal and Hunter are marrying in May and I am thrilled to be shooting their wedding on behalf of my good friend Tessa. But before that, we all got to hang out together, capturing the engagement photos of this fabulous couple, on what was suppose to be a dry and sunny day, but in reality ended up being very cold and very windy. However, being no strangers to life’s challenges, Crystal and Hunter rocked it out like it was nothing but a warm and toasty early Summer evening. Total troopers. I love them. And here are just a few of my favorites from our session.

Right out of the gate this couple was ready to work he fierceness.

And even though the freezing wind made their eyes water and threatened to give them noses Rudolph would envy, they smiled, laughed and loved their way through it.

Crystal, your stunning, I hope you know that.

Working the sultry look.

This couple is just too stankin cute……..

….and too stankin fierce.

Hunter is such a man’s man with a really great sense of humor, he had me laughing most of the session, but he also has a soft side that he keeps and shows only to Crystal.

As luck would have it, the Dogwoods were in full effect, so we had a little fun with them.

Nothing like ending on a romantic note.

Our First Baby

March 9, 2011

In Ireland Pancake Tuesday is the celebration that kicks off the 40 days and 40 nights of sacrifice that is Lent. Here in the US, or more specificly, The South, or even more specifically, New Orleans, Mardi Gras is the big to-do that gets the Lent ball rolling. But if I’m honest, I really know absolutely nothing about Mardi Gras aside from the fact that it involves beads, lots and lots of beads in colors of green, purple and gold typically worn around the neck. Parties and parades spill out onto the streets of New Orleans and apparently one’s diet on a day like Mardi Gras consists of something called King Cake. This I learned yesterday when my boss showed up to work, decorated in beads, wearing a Zorro style mask and carrying 3 boxes of King Cake. But wait, that wasn’t the weirdest part, things got weirder when I was informed that somewhere in each of the cakes, was a baby. Yep, I was shocked too. Who bakes a baby into a cake?? Seriously? I looked at my co-workers in disbelief as they smiled happily telling me it was good luck if you ended up getting the slice with the baby. I nodded cautiously and made a mental note never to get stuck in a elevator, or sleep with anything less than one eye open with any of these crazy people.

All that changed however with the arrival of one baby in the middle of my slice of King Cake. Now the switch had flipped and I was fully on board with the whole concept as I raced around the office announcing to co-workers and patients alike that I had found myself a baby. People congratulated, applauded and celebrated like I had just given birth to the wee guy and not simply found him wedged between the sweet-bread and cinnamon. “What are you gonna call him?” was the next questions. On the spot and struggling for an answer I blurted out “Flynn. His name is Flynn. Flynn Flanders Shinkins-Doyle”. Can’t get more Irish than that, can ya? And little Flynn now sits on my lap-top keeping me company and reminding me that for the next year at least, I am suppose to be a very lucky lady.

Congratulations to The Husband and I, here is our first baby, little Flynn Flanders Shinkins-Doyle