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The Selfless Angle

February 11, 2011

I sat on the edge of the sofa, thumbing through a fashion magazine while The husband sat close by on a different chair, remote in hand channel surfing. Both of us were lost in our own worlds. Zoned out and unwinding from a long day and even longer week. The Husband flipped channels waiting for something to grab his attention and I flipped pages mentally logging clothing combinations and accessories that might work for some upcoming outings.

We were paying each other no attention until The Husband stumbled upon a certain channel. A channel he knew I loved but he hated. A channel that would make me squeal like the proverbial girl that I am and result in him having to endure 30 minutes of his idea of hell. Panic took over. He knew I was completely absorbed in my magazine, but how long would I stay that way? The simple task of turning the page might take me out of my trance for a split second, enough time to catch the show he was desperate to avoid. In his panic to flip swiftly on, he chose the wrong button. Frantically he mashed at it. “Why won’t you chance? For the love of God, why won’t you change? Hurry UP” He hadn’t said a word but these were the panic stricken vibes omitting from his body and somehow, my 6th sense picked up on it and just like a dramatic slow motion scene from a movie, I raised my head and looked towards the tv, as he continued mashing the wrong button and slow motion yelled “Nooooooooo”. But it was too late. I had seen the dresses and the tearful happy brides and my smile grew big and wide. It was Yes, to the Dress one of my most favorite shows. A show based out of a bridal salon in New York City that documents the process of how brides shop and choose the perfect dress for their perfect day. Its completely girlie and I love it. But he hates its more than anything. Defeated and upset he tried to come to terms with the fact that for the next 30 minutes, his life would be filled with tulle, halter neck, full skirt, strapless ballgown versus mermaid style dress decisions and with heavy sighs he sank lower into his chair. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hijack his decompression time, so I gave him the face that said it was ok to move on. And he gave me the face of kid who just got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. What can I say? I’m a nice person. A giver. Totally selfless. Or was it the simple fact that I’d already seen that particular episode? Who can say for sure, but I’m gonna go with the selfless angle. It just makes me look and sound better.

Lactic SOS

February 6, 2011

Text to The Husband: ” O-M-f*#kin-G. I’m in lactic hell right now. Ass, hammers, head, all of it hurts. I’m in so much pain. Shot me now”

I pulled double duty this past weekend in Boston by pacing the women’s mile and less than one hour later, I paced the women’s 800m. Don’t ask me what I was thinking cos clearly, I wasn’t and as I lay in a semi-fetal position back in the warm-up area, trying to shake the lactic out of both my hamstring and my ass, I was sending SOS text messages to The Husband who is currently in Estonia. Am not sure how I expected him to help me from there, but the reaching out and venting felt like it helped, even a little.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to track down any video of either of the races and not wanting to leave the post naked of any kind of photo I pulled this screen shot of the women’s 800m from Universal Sports website. None of these athletes are me BTW, at the time this photo was snapped, my job was done. Oh well.

Gone With The Travel

February 4, 2011

I’m in the airport wrestling with the self check-in computer, its refusing to check me in and I’m refusing to take “no” for an answer. I’m doing my best to muffle my frustration and my swearing as I punch in my confirmation code for something like the 5th time. “What the f*#k?” I’m on the verge of seeking out an actual human employee to vent at when all of a sudden I realize I’m trying to check in with United Airlines and my flight is with US Airways. Oppsie. Slight blush. Embarrassed giggle. Try and slip away unnoticed to the bookstore where I can shake off my very blonde moment and prepare for my day of travel by stocking up on some high-end glamour magazines to accompany my book and planned people watching. Gotta love travel and the time it allows you to catch up on life’s simple pleasures.

Also, you might remember last year I made the bold declaration that by the end of 2010, I would have read “Gone with the Wind”. Being as I never have and I now live in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Margaret Mitchell and all things Scarlett, it would be unSouthern of me not to. Well surprise, surprise I feel short of my goal. I didn’t get it read. But all is not lost, take a look at my current book of choice. A goal is about to be achieved. A little behind schedule, but achieved nonetheless.

Spanx Alot

February 3, 2011

Cyber friends, this weekend yours truly is facing a physical fashion emergency. Its been a long and testing week, so far, and in an effort to cope with the stress, overwhelmedness (I’m sure thats a word. Its a word, right?) and compete fatigue, I turned to my old friend chocolate, my other friend cupcake and my new friend chocolate covered popcorn to help me cope with some of the weeks tougher moments. Basically my diet this week has been high in sugar, high in sugar and high in sugar. If I did manage to squeeze a vegetable or 2 in, trust me, it was unintentional and went completely undetected by the body due to toxic levels of chocolate. Which is fine, if I were facing an average weekend and not a weekend requiring me to squeeze my new and fuller, chocolate covered ass into a mirco pair of booty shorts and body hugging crop-top. Yes, I’m pacing-making again, this time at the Boston Indoor Games and I have to admit, I’m a teeny bit concerned. A Jennifer Lopez style physique while sexy in its own voluptuous, latino, salsa dancing kind of way, does not exactly fit the mold of pace-maker to the worlds best 1500m & 800m athletes. So I figure in the current state of emergency, my best bet would be to 1. start jogging to Boston now, therefore burning off all excess stores of non-fast twitch lipids or 2. wear Spanx. Since the jogging plan would probably take me the best part of a month to accomplish and I’m in a bit of a pinch time wise (the race is Saturday), the Spanx plan is obviously the way to go. True it will look nothing but weird under the mirco lycra shorts, but in all honestly and at this late stage, what choice does a girl have? Wish me luck.

The Better Half

February 1, 2011

Its been a month of rescheduled photo-shoots. Bad weather, bad backs, bad hair days, you name it. Plans are made but immediately followed up with alternatives, a Plan B, C and even D due to Winter’s unpredictability and life’s curve balls. Well, this past weekend, Sunday to be more specific, Winter did its usual dance of unpredictability and life threw us another curve ball, but this time it was in the form of a random warm and sunny day. Yes, from the snow filled streets of New York, we arrived back in Atlanta to a city basking in sunshine. No snow, no freezing winds. No sleet or rain. Just warm and toasty, happy to be alive sunshine.

Having not seen one of these days in god knows how long, I was overcome with the urge to shoot, with my camera that is. My shutter finger was itchy and this day was too nice not to take it outside and shoot something or someone, so I shot my husband, with my camera. I can’t say he was 100% up for it, but with the need for new head-shots looming over him, he knew his options were very slim and with that, we went to work.

So world let me introduce you to “The Husband”. My husband. Paul Doyle. My other half. My better half. Seriously. He really is the better side of our relationships. He is the rational to my irrational. The calm in my sometimes fiery Irish temper. He gets my sarcasm and my twisted way of thinking. He doesn’t swear, just kidding, of course he swears, he lives with me :) He is logic to my emotionally driven often illogical way of thinking. He lets me dream then forces me to act on it. He offers another perspective. He’s selfless, the kind of guy you want and would be lucky to have on your team. If you ask me, the man is a saint. If he walked into a pub in Ireland, the entire place would offer to buy him a pint.

And while its true my opinions maybe a little on the biased side, I still believe The Husband, can turn out a very handsome photo.

The serious shot.

Now this is more like him. Smiling, happy, natural.

Am I allowed to say he looks cute? No? Not a manly statement huh?

Now this shot is all business. Total corporate pose.

And as we all know, I’m a sucker for the “outtake” shots. Cos believe it or not, photo shoots, like life are not perfect and random stuff is always going on between shots and behind the camera and some times its nice to get a glimpse.

Fintan was very curious about our project but preferred to observe it all from this safety spot.

Until his curiosity got the better of him.

Crooked on the other hand is about as subtle as a brick and was so excited by what was going on that he wanted in on the action.